Turkish Baby Names

Most Popular Turkish Girls, Boys Names» Modern Turkish Baby Names That Sound English & Meanings

Turkey also called ancestry of All Muslims as Ottoman empires is a gorgeous country due to beautiful landscapes, well developed cities and most attractive for tourism, It’s strategically located in a important region between Eastern Europe and Western Asia with the population of 75 million Kurd, Muslims people. Ankara is the capital city as political center of Turkish. Turkey is also a fusion of  old traditions, outstanding architecture and well known a land of great Prophets.

Popular Turkish Baby Names: If you like and want naming your kids a modern Turkish baby name that is blended of Asian and European influences. And you may prefer popular Turkish baby girls and boys names that sound English with charming meanings. Turkish children are given one unique name or two surnames with specific & regal meanings.

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M/F Turkish Baby Names Turkish Baby Names With Meanings Origin
M Abbas religious martyr Turkish
M Adem earth Turkish
M Ahmad praiseworthy Arabic
M Ahmed praiseworthy Turkish
M Ahmet praiseworthy Turkish
F Ahu bright and beautiful Turkish
F Akila intelligent Arabic
F Aliye high and exalted Turkish
M Alp brave Turkish
F Altair a bird Arabic
M Altan dawn Turkish
M Arash hero Persian
M Arif wise Turkish
F Arka friend Turkish
M Arkados friend Turkish
F Aruba she loves her husband Arabic
F Asli genuine Turkish
M Ata ancestor Turkish
M Aydin enlightened Turkish
F Aygul moon rose Turkish
M Aykut arctic moon Turkish
F Ayla moonlight Turkish
F Aylin moon halo Turkish
F Ayse alive Turkish
F Aysel like the moon Turkish
F Aysen beautiful like the moon Turkish
F Aysu moon water Turkish
F Aysun beautiful as the moon Turkish
F Badia elegant Arabic
M Bagatur warrior Turkish
M Baghadur warrior Turkish
M Baghatur warrior Turkish
M Bahadir arctic moon Turkish
M Bahi splendid Arabic
M Baki gallant Turkish
M Bari it finally happened Turkish
M Baris peace Turkish
F Basak wheat Turkish
M Basir intelligent; discerning Turkish
M Bedir full moon Turkish
F Belgin clear Turkish
F Bercu sweet-smelling Turkish
M Berk solid; strong Turkish
M Berkant solid oath Turkish
M Berker solid man Turkish
F Berna young Turkish
F Bilge wise Turkish
M Bora hurricane Turkish
M Bulut cloud Turkish
M Cagatay historical figure Turkish
F Cagdas contemporary man Turkish
M Cagri message Turkish
M Cahit hard working Turkish
M Cairo capital city of Egypt Arabic
M Can life Turkish
F Canan beloved Turkish
M Candan sincerely Turkish
F Cari flowing like water Turkish
F Cemal beauty Turkish
M Cengiz strong Turkish
F Ceren young gazelle Turkish
M Coskun enthusiastic Turkish
F Deniz sea Turkish
F Derya ocean Turkish
F Dija premature baby Arabic
F Dilara lover Turkish
F Dilek wish Turkish
M Direnc resistance Turkish
F Dolunay full moon Turkish
F Duygu emotion Turkish
F Ebru the art of marbling Turkish
F Ece queen Turkish
M Ediz high Turkish
F Ekin harvest Turkish
F Elif thin from top to bottom Turkish
F Elma sweet fruit Turkish
F Elmas diamond Turkish
F Emel desire Turkish
M Emin honest Turkish
F Emine reliable; trustworthy Turkish
M Emre ruler of the household Turkish
M Engin vast Turkish
M Enver very bright; handsome Turkish
M Erdem virtue Turkish
M Erdogan a son is born Turkish
M Eren saint Turkish
M Erol brave Turkish
F Esen wind Turkish
F Eser achievement Turkish
F Esin inspiration Turkish
F Esma attributes of God Turkish
M Evner house Turkish
F Eylem active Turkish
M Eyup the patient one Turkish
M Fadahunsi royalty has favored me Arabic
F Fairuza turquoise Turkish
M Faruk distinguishes the truth Turkish
F Fatimah daughter of the prophet Arabic
M Fatin clever; smart Arabic
F Fatma daughter of the prophet Turkish
F Feride unique Turkish
M Feza universe Turkish
F Fidan sapling Turkish
F Filiz young bud Turkish
F Fusun charming; fascinating Turkish
F Gizem mystery Turkish
M Goker man of the sky Turkish
F Gonca flower bud Turkish
F Gonul desire Turkish
F Gozde favorite Turkish
M Guül rose Turkish
M Guülbahar spring rose Turkish
F Guülistan land of roses Turkish
F Gulsen joyous rose Turkish
M Guven trust Turkish
M Hakan emperor Turkish
M Hakeem wise doctor; ruler Arabic
M Halil dear friend Turkish
M Halim mild; gentle Turkish
F Halime mild; gentle Turkish
M Halit continuous Turkish
F Hande smile Turkish
F Harika beautiful Turkish
M Hasad reaper; harvester Turkish
F Havva alive; living Turkish
F Hazan autumn Turkish
M Himmet support; help Turkish
M Hud a Prophet’s name Arabic
F Hulya daydream Turkish
F Huri heaven’s maiden Turkish
M Husamettin sharp sword Turkish
M Ibrahim father of multitude Turkish
M Ihsan compassion Turkish
M Ilhami inspiration Turkish
M Ilhan prince; emperor Turkish
M Ilker first man Turkish
M Ilkin first Turkish
F Inci pearl Turkish
F Irmak river Turkish
M Iskander defender of mankind Turkish
M Iskender defender of mankind Turkish
M Ismet honor Turkish
M Jadallah God’s prosperity Arabic
F Jamilia beautiful Arabic
M Jebran greatness Arabic
M Kabil spear; gatherer Turkish
M Kadim eminent person Turkish
M Kadir green crop Arabic
F Kadira good at many things Arabic
M Kahraman hero Turkish
M Kebir greatness Turkish
F Kelebek butterfly Turkish
M Kemal highest honor Turkish
M Kerem noble; kind Turkish
F Ketifa to harvest fruit Arabic
M Khalid eternal Arabic
M Khan prince Turkish
M Kiral king; supreme leader Turkish
M Koray ember moon Turkish
M Kudret might; power Turkish
F Kuva power; forces Turkish
M Kuvet strength; power Turkish
F Lale something desirable Turkish
F Lamya pretty dark lips Arabic
M Levent the lions Turkish
M Madarik intelligence Arabic
F Maja splendid Arabic
F Makbule received by joy Turkish
M Mamun who is trustworthy Arabic
F Maysun beautiful Arabic
M Mehmed praiseworthy Turkish
M Mehmet praiseworthy Turkish
M Mehr sun; love Persian
F Melek angel Turkish
F Melika beauty Turkish
F Merak curious one Turkish
F Meryem beloved Turkish
M Messut happiness Turkish
M Mesud is happy Turkish
M Mesut happy Turkish
M Metin strong Turkish
M Mihriban affectionate Turkish
F Muge lily Turkish
M Mukhtar chosen Arabic
F Mukkerren honorable Turkish
M Murat desire; wish Turkish
M Muzaffer victory Turkish
F Nada generous Arabic
F Naila successful Arabic
M Naji safe Arabic
F Najila brilliant eyes Arabic
M Nazik kindness Turkish
M Nche hope Turkish
F Nebia holy one Arabic
M Necati salvation Turkish
F Nergis daffodil Turkish
F Neshe joy Turkish
F Neshele joy Turkish
F Nesrin wild rose Turkish
F Neylan fulfilled wish Turkish
F Nildag blue mountain Turkish
F Nilufer water-lily Turkish
F Nuray bright moon Turkish
M Ohannes God is gracious Turkish
M Ömer living Turkish
M Onan prosperous Turkish
M Onur honor Turkish
M Osman crane-like game bird Turkish
M Ottmar servant of God Turkish
M Oz bard Turkish
F Ozcicek flower essence Turkish
F Ozge different; other Turkish
F Ozgur free Turkish
M Ozkan blood of the family Turkish
F Ozlem yearning Turkish
M Ozqur lifelong happiness Turkish
M Ozturk pure; genuine Turkish
F Pembe pink Turkish
F Pinar springtime Turkish
M Qamar moon Arabic
F Quibele the goddess mother Turkish
F Rabia breeze Arabic
M Rakin respectful Arabic
M Ramadan ninth month of Muslim year Arabic
F Rasha young gazelle Arabic
F Reyha sweet-smelling flower Turkish
F Reyhan sweet-smelling flower Turkish
F Sabiya morning; eastern wind Arabic
F Sahara a desert Arabic
M Said happiness Arabic
M Salik devotee to religion Turkish
F Samira entertaining Arabic
F Sarila waterfall Turkish
M Savas war Turkish
F Sayan worthy; deserving Turkish
F Sebnem dew Turkish
M Selim safe Turkish
F Sema heaven; divine omen Turkish
F Semaj heaven; divine omen Turkish
F Sempa mind; the knower Turkish
F Semra dark beauty Turkish
M Sener bringer of joy Turkish
M Serhat frontier Turkish
M Serkan rush of blood to head Turkish
F Sevgi love Turkish
M Sevilen beloved Turkish
M Sevim love Turkish
F Shakela pretty Arabic
M Shakir thankful one Arabic
F Shaza perfumed woman Arabic
F Simge symbol Turkish
M Sinan great architect Turkish
M Soner last man Turkish
F Su water Turkish
M Sukru grateful Turkish
M Sukuru gratitude Turkish
M Suleiman man of peace Turkish
M Suleyman man of peace Turkish
M Tabari Muslim historian Arabic
M Tabib physician Turkish
F Talih good fortune Turkish
F Tarbula square; block Arabic
F Taze fresh; new Turkish
M Temel basic; fundamental Turkish
M Temin to make safe Turkish
M Tevfik accordance Turkish
M Thabit firm Arabic
M Tolga helmet Turkish
M Tugay bridge Turkish
F Tulay new moon Turkish
F Tulaya veil of the moon Turkish
M Tunc bronze Turkish
M Turan lank of Turks Turkish
M Turgay bird lark Turkish
M Ufuk horizon Turkish
F Umay hopeful Turkish
M Umit hope Turkish
F Umita hope Turkish
F Umut hope Turkish
M Uner famous Turkish
F Unjo one who is a leader Turkish
M Volkan volcano Turkish
M Xerxes ancient king Persian
F Yagmur rain Turkish
M Yavuz grim; stern Turkish
F Yaz summer Turkish
F Yesenia flower Arabic
F Yesim jade Turkish
F Yeter enough; sufficient Turkish
F Yildiz star Turkish
F Yonca clover Turkish
M Yurcel sublime Turkish
M Zeheb gold Turkish
F Zehiya radiant person Arabic
M Zeki intelligent Turkish
F Zerdali wild apricot Turkish
F Zerrin golden Turkish
M Ziya luminous Turkish
M Zuhayr bright Arabic
F Zulma healthy and vigorous Arabic