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125 Kannada Baby Names For Girls And Boys » Popular Kannada Kids Names A To Z With Meanings

Kannada Baby Names For Child: Karnataka, a state of India is mainly called the door of 38 million native Kannada speakers as well official language of Kannadigas but it’s also spoken in some others different Indian regions. Kannada people has varied cultural heritage where traditionally naming a baby is in two steps, First Kannada baby name is given as parents like but Second Kannada baby name is used the name of dad to develop their personality traits and identity.

125 Top And Unique Kannada Baby Names: If you’r exciting and looking for most popular Kannada baby names that have great reflection in pronouncing & meanings but you are yet feeling difficult, Right. We at Getnames has sorted 125 beautiful Kannada baby names for girls, boys along Hindi meaning for your best solution to have names in time.

GirlAabharanaAabharna signifies valuables, jewels, ornaments.Kannada
BoyAadeshwarAadeshwar means the one who is in a high position of authorityKannada
BoyAagarthe word aagra means a person having interest in MusicKannada
GirlAagarnathe word signifies the person having natural, born abilities of musicKannada
GirlAashiryaCreative & strong personality from land of GodKannada
GirlAasindifferent meaning like a driver, lucky in lifeKannada
BoyAbezagThe one is clean, pure and blessedKannada
BoyAkalapathiLord Shiva and it is the name of flexibility and intellect to male childKannada
BoyAkalendraA potential worker destined to express wonderful organizational skill.Kannada
BoyAkalesvaraIt means strength gained through experience, success after test and trialsKannada
BoyAkandaEasygoing GentlemanKannada
BoyGandhikaVery nice and sweet smell.Kannada
BoyNatkunamThe one who possess best moral qualities.Kannada
GirlPrakruthiA name meaning weather and natureKannada
BoyPranaamA name thaat means NamaskaraKannada
BoyPrasiddhiOne of many accomplishemnts and a great fameKannada
BoyPratapavatA person who is known for his valorKannada
UnisexPrathishOne who was born to rule due to his or hers good behavior and beautyKannada
BoyPraverA person who in charge of thingsKannada
BoyPrinitA very pleased and gratified personKannada
BoyPudhumaiOne with an inovative and creative mindKannada
BoyPujeshA worshiped objectKannada
BoyPuliOne who is like a tigerKannada
BoyPurnayanOne who is born full of his parents traitsKannada
BoyPurvanshuA given Kannada baby Boy nameKannada
BoyPurvithA male name of Kannada originsKannada
GirlRhyahA woman who is the Queen of the SunKannada
BoyRuchiparvHe who is filled with beauty.Kannada
GirlRupalekhaVedic hymnKannada
GirlRupamanjariMade of silverKannada
GirlRupinaA beautiful womanKannada
BoyRushikLord of earthKannada
GirlRushikulyaSprout of beautyKannada
BoyRusyendraName of an asceticKannada
BoyRuthvikSeasonal sacrificerKannada
BoyRutwaakA sageKannada
GirlSuvritaA well behaved womanKannada
GirlSuvyuhaAn angel, pure as angelKannada
BoySuyashasGlorious fameKannada
BoySvaramayaHe who is good lookingKannada
BoySvojasHe who is very strong and powerfulKannada
BoySwabhiramHe who is very delightfulKannada
BoySwabhuSelf bornKannada
GirlSwapnasundariA woman of dreamsKannada
GirlSwardhuniRiver of heavenKannada
GirlSwarnalaxmiA name of Goddess ParvatiKannada
GirlSwarnamalaGarland of goldKannada
GirlSwarnaprabhaGolden lightKannada
GirlSwetambariAn angel dressed in whiteKannada
GirlTaamraparneeCopper leavesKannada
GirlThrithikaMeeting of the three goddessesKannada
GirlTokiniA birdKannada
GirlTrineshaFlower opening on the third day.Kannada
BoyTurvashOverpowering and victoriousKannada
BoyTurvitiSuperior and overpoweringKannada
GirlTushnimsaraFine drops of waterKannada
BoyTuvikshName of Lord Indra’s bow. It means powerful.Kannada
BoyTuvishtamCreator of living being, the heavenly builder.Kannada
BoyTvashtaHe who is strongestKannada
GirlTvesinShe who is impetuousKannada
BoyUpshobhinHe who is brilliant and brightKannada
BoyUrjamedhHe who is strong and intelligentKannada
BoyUruthiranA name of Lord ShivaKannada
BoyUsakiranaThe first light of dawn.Kannada
GirlUshadeviGoddess of morning or dawnKannada
GirlUsharviRaga in the morningKannada
GirlUttaragitaEnthusiasm and zealKannada
GirlUttarikaCrossing riverKannada
BoyVasantamalikaGarland of springKannada
BoyVeeramaniHe who is brave and confidentKannada
GirlVivikaAlive, or war FortressKannada
GirlVivitsaDesire of knowledgeKannada
GirlVrikaThe moonKannada
BoyVyombhaHeaven likeKannada
BoyVyustaDawn or daybreakKannada
GirlVyustiThe first gleam of dawn.Kannada
BoyYaminichandraA name of Lord VishnuKannada
BoyYatharthComplete, truthKannada
BoyYatheeshLeader of the devotedKannada
BoyYerrappaRed manKannada
BoyYeshwanthA Person who attains fame and gloryKannada
BoyYogadhipaThe Lord of MeditationKannada
BoyYogajArising from MeditationKannada
BoyYoganandDelighted with MeditationKannada
BoyYoshiBetter or best among the restKannada
BoyYudhisterRepresent the truthfulKannada
BoyYugapBest of the EraKannada
GirlYulagamahadeviYoung girlKannada
GirlYulaganayakiThe earthKannada
GirlYuvakshiOne with beautiful eyes.Kannada
BoyYuvanathLord or Prince of youthfulnessKannada
GirlYuvasriA beautiful womanKannada
GirlYuvraaniA young princessKannada
GirlZikshitaOne who is full of prideKannada