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A South Asian country India is extraordinary fertile land of many cultures, religions, languages, legends and more a wonderful home that provides a huge amount of modern and unique Indian names for baby girls & boys due to serving over 1.2 billion people under one roof. India has always been a land of ancient civilization with earliest evidence of humans that starts two million years ago.

Indian Baby Names: Do you want a comprehensive list of most popular Indian baby names to welcome a cute newborn baby in your family and would like to give a famous, traditional and ancient Sanskrit name? We at Getnames has compiled a list of latest Indian kids names with meanings to reflect their ethnicity that’s why you may be enough familiar with all regions names as Sanskrit names, Punjabi names, Tamil names, Gujarati names & West Bengali names. Naming your little baby is now our task to have favorite names.

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M/F India Baby Names   Indian Baby Names With Meanings Origin
F Aad in the beginning Sikh
F Aashiyana beautiful home Hindu
M Abhiroop pleasant Sikh
F Achraj wondrous Sikh
M Adil sincere Hindu
M Advaita lord Chitanya’s associate Hindu
F Agochar unfathomable Sikh
M Ajaipal cared for by the lord Sikh
M Akaar to form Sikh
F Akalsimar honoring the eternal Sikh
M Akash vast as the sky Sikh
F Akhil all Sikh
F Akshara letter Hindu
F Alima knowledgeable one Muslim
M Alyas brave one Muslim
M Amandev protector of peace Sikh
F Amardeep immortal light Sikh
M Ameen loyal Muslim
F Amithi unique Hindu
M Amrit nectar Hindu
M Anaad without a beginning Sikh
F Anandjot light of bliss Sikh
F Aneel immaculate being Sikh
M Anirvan undying Hindu
M Anmol priceless Hindu
F Antarjot spiritual light Sikh
M Apnaa our own; my own Sikh
M Armaan wish; desire Sikh
F Arshia divine Hindu
F Ashia life Muslim
F Asma precious Muslim
M Atma soul Hindu
M Avijit invincible Hindu
F Ayushi long life Hindu
F Bahadurjit victory of the brave Sikh
F Bala damsel Hindu
M Bali monkey king Hindu
F Ban to become Sikh
M Bankebihari lord Krishna Hindu
F Basanti spring Hindu
F Beant limitless; boundless Sikh
M Behrooz lucky Muslim
M Bhagwan god Sikh
F Bhanumati famous Hindu
F Bhava ecstasy Hindu
F Bhumika earth Hindu
F Bijli lightening Hindu
M Bir courageous Hindu
M Bishr joy Muslim
M Braj sacred land of Braj Hindu
F Cala fortress Muslim
M Chakir chosen one Muslim
F Chanandeep light at god’s feet Sikh
F Chandi goddess Durga Hindu
M Charan a humble person Sikh
M Chetan perceptive Hindu
M Chiranjiv immortal Sikh
M Dabir secretary; teacher Muslim
M Dalmeet team friend Sikh
F Darpreet love of god’s door Sikh
M Dawud beloved Muslim
M Deenpal protector of the helpless Sikh
M Dev divinity Hindu
F Devi goddess Hindu
M Dhairya patience Hindu
M Dharamdev god of faith Sikh
M Dhimant intelligent Hindu
F Diksha initiation Hindu
M Disai seems to be Sikh
M Door far; away Sikh
M Eckjeet the only victorious Sikh
M Ekagrah focused Hindu
F Ekantika singly focused Hindu
M Eqbal glory; destiny Sikh
F Fadila generous Muslim
M Fanibhusan Hindu god Shiva Hindu
F Farimah joyful; cheerful Muslim
M Fatik crystal Hindu
F Fukayna knowledgeable Muslim
M Gajendra elephant king Hindu
M Gangesh Hindu god Shiva Hindu
F Gatsharan to shelter with a guru Sikh
M Gautam of the lord Buddha Hindu
F Gharchet one who meditates Sikh
M Gilad camel hump Muslim
M Gopal protector of cows Hindu
F Grishma warmth Hindu
M Gundeep lamp of excellences Sikh
M Gurbaksh blessed by the guru Sikh
F Gurgian knowledge of guru’s word Sikh
M Gurkirat praises of the guru Sikh
F Gurshant word of the guru Sikh
M Gyan knowledge Sikh
M Hanbal school of thought Muslim
M Harbinder absorbed in god Sikh
F Hardit given by god Sikh
F Harinder god Sikh
F Harjinder life granted by god Sikh
F Harmeet god’s devotee Sikh
M Harsh joy Hindu
M Hasmukh full of cheer Hindu
M Hibah gift Muslim
F Hukam command; authority Sikh
M Ikam one; united Sikh
M Inderdeep light of the lord Sikh
M Indrajeet conqueror Hindu
M Isar Hindu god Shiva Hindu
M Izz al din might of the Faith Muslim
F Jag creation of the world Sikh
M Jagdish lord of world Hindu
M Jaidayal victory of kindness Hindu
M Jaiveer victorious Hindu
F Jamilah beautiful Muslim
M Janu soul; life force Hindu
F Jas praises; glories Sikh
M Jasnam singing glories of Naam Sikh
M Jatinder conquered the five evils Sikh
M Jed the hand Muslim
F Jibon life Hindu
F Jodh warrior Sikh
M Kaaj deed; deeds Sikh
M Kailaschandra Hindu god Shiva Hindu
F Kalinda sun Hindu
F Kamala lotus Hindu
M Kanen Hindu god Krishna Hindu
F Karam mercy or god’s grace Sikh
F Karma fate; destiny Hindu
M Kasim divided Muslim
M Kavin handsome; beautiful Hindu
F Kenzi my treasure Muslim
F Khadijah trustworthy Muslim
M Khoury priest Muslim
M Kirit crown Hindu
M Kiv how Sikh
M Kul family; relative Sikh
M Kushanu fire Hindu
M Lakh hundred thousand Sikh
M Lalit fine Sikh
F Lavanny beautiful Hindu
F Lilly of the night Muslim
M Lokesh Hindu god Brahma Hindu
M Madan delightful; enchanter Hindu
F Madhubala little girl of honey Hindu
M Mahaniya worthy of honor Hindu
M Mahindra king Hindu
M Majdi glorious Muslim
M Malik master; king Muslim
F Manar guiding light Muslim
M Manik ruby Hindu
M Mannan thought Hindu
M Marid rebellious Muslim
F Maskeen the humble one Sikh
F Maya the material universe Muslim
F Meen fish Sikh
M Mehpreet mind filled with love Sikh
M Mihir sun rays Hindu
M Mitul friend Hindu
M Mousa saved from the water Muslim
F Mumtaz distinguished Muslim
M Nabendu new moon Hindu
F Nadima friend; companion Muslim
M Nagendra Hindu god Sesh Hindu
M Naizak shooting star Muslim
M Nakshatra star Hindu
M Namdev Hindu god Vishnu Hindu
F Nanak the first sikh guru Sikh
M Narendra king Hindu
M Nasser victorious Muslim
M Navbir the new warrior Sikh
F Navjeev the ever fresh life Sikh
M Nayakan hero Hindu
F Nedira rare Muslim
M Nikash horizon Hindu
F Nimm bitter fruit tree Sikh
M Nirav silent Hindu
M Nirmay pure Hindu
M Nitnam ceaselessly remembers god Sikh
M Omkar primordial sound Hindu
M Omrao king Hindu
F Padmaja born of lotus Hindu
M Pallav leaf Hindu
M Parag pollen Hindu
F Paramgeet highest song of bliss Sikh
M Paran life Hindu
F Pargat blossoms forth into fame Sikh
M Parthasarathi Arjuna’s charioteer Hindu
M Pavitar pure individual Sikh
M Phalguni born in month of Falgun Hindu
M Prabal strong Hindu
F Prabhleen absorbed in god’s love Sikh
F Pradnya wisdom Hindu
M Pramod joy Hindu
M Prathipaal looks after the world Sikh
F Prem love Sikh
M Prithvi earth Hindu
M Punit holy Hindu
F Qawaya strong one Muslim
F Raanana beautiful; fresh Muslim
F Radha lord Krishna Hindu
F Rafa happy; prosperous Muslim
M Rahul strong bond Hindu
M Rajas mastery; fame Hindu
F Raji hope Muslim
M Rakin respectful Muslim
M Ramanjit victory of beloved Sikh
F Ramjeet winner of god’s love Sikh
F Randa sweet-smelling tree Muslim
M Rani looks forward Muslim
M Rasbir elixir of courage Sikh
F Rasjog elixir of Naam Sikh
M Raushan famous person Sikh
F Rayya thirsty no longer Muslim
F Rhea singer Hindu
F Rishima moonbeam Hindu
M Rohit sun Hindu
F Roshni brighteners Hindu
F Rupa silver Hindu
F Saarah princess Muslim
F Sachdev genuinely godly Sikh
F Sachpreet true love of god Sikh
M Sadbhuj six-armed lord Rama Hindu
M Sadiq friend Muslim
M Sagar ocean Hindu
M Sahat strong Hindu
M Saipraasad blessing Hindu
M Saket Hindu god Krishna Hindu
M Salil water Hindu
F Sameera entertaining Hindu
F Samrath all powerful Sikh
M Sanjit who is always victorious Hindu
M Santa exalted person Sikh
F Sarabjeet winning all Sikh
F Sarika melodious bird Hindu
M Sarsour bug Muslim
M Satkeerat praises the true one Sikh
F Satvi existence Hindu
F Saura sun worshipper Hindu
F Sevita devoted to serving others Hindu
F Shahira famous Muslim
F Shakila beautiful Hindu
M Shallal waterfall Muslim
M Shanyu benevolent Hindu
F Sharmila happy; modest Hindu
F Sheetal cool Hindu
F Shivani life and death Hindu
F Shrimayi fortunate Hindu
F Siana wise Sikh
M Simarleen remembrance of god Sikh
F Sitara star Hindu
F Somendra goddess Indra Hindu
M Soor sun; godly Sikh
M Sthir focused; stationary Hindu
F Sudaya good; kindness Hindu
M Sukhbir warrior of peace Sikh
F Sukhjot light of peace Sikh
M Sukhveer warrior of peace Sikh
F Sumati unity Hindu
M Sunay wise Hindu
M Surinderjit victory over the gods Sikh
F Sushila good character Hindu
M Syon gentle Hindu
F Taija crown Hindu
M Taksheel strong character Hindu
F Tamanna wish; desire Hindu
F Tanaya daughter Hindu
F Taobra plays a small drum Muslim
M Taraksh mountain Hindu
M Tarif rare; uncommon Muslim
F Tarunika young one Hindu
M Tazim glorification Muslim
F Tekia worshipper Muslim
M Tilak mark used on forehead Sikh
M Tripurari lord Shiva Hindu
F Turanya swift Hindu
M Udayan king of city of Avanti Hindu
M Udyan garden Hindu
F Ulima wise Muslim
M Umed hope Hindu
F Unnati progress Hindu
F Upkaar favor Sikh
F Usha sunrise; dawn Hindu
M Uttamjodh the exalted warrior Sikh
F Vachya talking Hindu
F Valini stars Hindu
F Vanalika sunflower Hindu
M Vapar trade; vocation Sikh
F Varsha rain; verdant life Hindu
M Vasudev lord Krishna’s father Hindu
M Vedavrata vow of the Vedas Hindu
F Venya lovable Hindu
F Vija thunder Hindu
F Vimal pure Sikh
F Vipanchi lute Hindu
M Vishvanath lord of universe Hindu
M Vrishab excellent Hindu
M Waleed newborn Muslim
M Yadunandan heir of Yadu dynasty Hindu
M Yajna fire offering Hindu
M Yamir moon Hindu
F Yashica success Hindu