Children Names With A

Children Names With A

  • Alanzo

    Form of Alphonse: see Alfonso.
  • Alao

    Fair; handsome. Also both a (noble, bright) and an abbreviation of names beginning with Al-.
  • Alaois

    Famous in war.
  • Alapai

    Counselor; advisor.
  • Alaqua

    Sweet gum tree.
  • Alarbus

    The Tragedy of Titus Andronicus’ Son to Tamora.
  • Alard

  • Alaric

    Noble ruler, noble ruler. Old German. King Alaric I conquered Rome in the early 5th century.
  • Alarica

    Universal ruler.
  • Alarice

    Rules all. Feminine of Alaric.
  • Alaricia

    Universal ruler.
  • Alarick

    Noble leader.
  • Alarico

    Rules all.
  • Alarik

    Leader of all.
  • Alasd

  • Alasdair

    A Scottish Gaelicfrom the Greek meaning defender of man.
  • Alastair

    Defender of man.
  • Alaster

    Defender of man.
  • Alastor

  • Alastrina

    Defends mankind.

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