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M/F Christian Meaning of Names Meaning of Name Origin
M Aaris mighty in the faith 1 Tim. 6:12
M Aaron enlightened; messenger Exod. 4:14
M Abbas the Lord is my father Isaiah 9:6
M Abe exalted father Psalm 92:1
M Abel breath; meadow Gen. 4:2
M Abijah the Lord is my father 1 Chron. 7:8
M Abner father of light 1 Sam. 14:50
M Abraham father of many nations Gen.17:5
M Abram father of many nations Gen. 11:27
M Absolom father of peace 1 Kings 15:2
M Adam man, or mankind Gen. 3:17
M Adonijah the Lord is my God 2 Sam. 3:4
M Alexander defender of mankind Mark 15:21
M Amaziah the strength of the Lord 2 Kings 12:21
M Amos burdened, troubled Amos 1:1
M Ananias he who has the grace of God Acts 5:1
M Andrew manly Matt. 4:18
M Apollos manly Acts 18:24
M Aquila an eagle Acts 18:2
M Asa physician; healer 1 Kings 15:9
M Asaph the one chosen by God 1 Chron. 6:39
M Asher happy; blessed Gen. 30:13
M Ashton eastern town Gen. 12:8
M Azariah the Lord sustains me 1 Kings 4:2
M Barak lightning bolt Judges 4:6
M Barnabas son of the missionary Acts 4:36
M Christian Meaning of Names Bible Verse
M Bart son of Talmaí 1 Corin. 1:11
M Bartholomew son of Talmaí Matt. 10:3
M Baruch blessed Nehem. 3:20
M Benaiah son of my right hand 2 Sam. 8:18
M Benjamin son of the my hand Gen. 35:18
M Billy determined guardian Judges 16:4
M Boaz swift; strong Ruth 2:1
M Bradley broad meadow Acts 19:27
M Cain spear; gatherer Gen. 4:1
M Caleb faithful dog Numb. 13:6
M Callum dove Acts 9:36
M Carmelo vineyard, garden Acts 24:24
M Charles farmer Gen. 2:8
M Christian follower of Christ Acts 11:26
M Christopher Christ-bearer Gen. 2:8
M Claudius lame Acts 11:28
M Connor wise Luke 1:5
M Cornelius horn-colored Acts 10:1
M Dan God is my judge Gen. 14:14
M Daniel God is my judge 1 Chron. 3:1
M David beloved 1 Sam. 16:13
M Demetrius lover of the earth Acts 19:24
M Dylan of the sea Esther 2:7
M Ebenezer foundation stone 1 Sam. 4:01
M Efrem fruitful Gen. 3:20
M Elan tree 1 Corin. 13:13
M Eleazar God has helped me Exod. 6:25
M Eli uplifted 1 Sam. 1:3
M Elijah a the Lord is my God 1 Kings 17:1
M Eliott the Lord in my God Gen. 16:1
M Eliphaz the endeavor of God Gen. 36:4
M Elisha God is my salvation 1 Kings 19:16
M Eliya God is my Lord 1 Sam. 1:2
M Elkanah God is jealous Exod. 6:24
M Elnathan the gift of God 2 Kings 24:8
M Emmanuel God is with us Isaiah 7:14
M Enoch dedicated; consecrated Gen. 4:17
M Ephraim fruitful Gen. 41:52
M Esau rough; hairy Gen. 25:25
M Esdras helper, strong Exod. 28:20
M Ethan strong; firm 1 Kings 4:31
M Ewan born to nobility Provbs. 20:15
M Ezekiel the strength of God Ezekiel 1:3
M Ezer helper, strong Luke 8:3
M Ezra helper; strong Ezra 7:1
M Fidias unhurried, calm Hebrews 1:9
M Finley blond-haired soldier Rom. 16:15
M Frederick peaceful ruler Gen. 25:1
M Christian Meaning of Names Bible Verse
M Gabriel devoted to God Daniel 9:21
M Gera combat; dispute Gen. 46:21
M Geremia exalted by God Matt. 27:56
M Gershon banished to exile Gen. 46:11
M Gideon tree cutter Judges 6:11
M Goliath exalted one Matt. 1:16
M Habakkuk he that embraces Hebrews 1:1
M Hagar forsaken; stranger 1 Sam. 18:20
M Haggai feast; solemnity Ezra 5:1
M Harrison son of Harry Acts 27:5
M Harvey army warrior Ruth 1:2
M Henry ruler of the household Gen. 8:11
M Hershel deer Judges 6:11
M Hiram noblest; most exalted Judges 6:11
M Hosea salvation Hosea 1:1
M Hur liberty; whiteness Exod. 17:10
M Hyrum noblest, exalted Acts 13:9
M Ichabod glory is gone Acts 18:2
M Ike he will laugh Acts 18:2
M Immanuel God is with us Isaiah 7:14
M Ira watchful 2 Sam. 20:26
M Isaac he will laugh Gen. 17:19
M Isaiah God is my salvation 2 Kings 19:2
M Ishmael God will hear us Gen. 16:11
M Israel prince of God Song of Sol. 2:1
M Issachar reward; recompense Gen. 30:18
M Ithamar island of palms Exod. 6:23
M Izak he who laughs Exod. 28:17
M Jabez sorrow; trouble 1 Chron. 2:55
M Jack supplanter or substitute Acts 5:1
M Jacob supplanter; son of Isaac Gen. 25:26
M Jad God has heard us Gen. 17:15
M Jael mountain goat Psalm 3:2
M Jaiden God has heard us Gen. 46:17
M Jair God enlightens Numb. 32:41
M Jairus God enlightens Mark 5:22
M James supplanter Matt. 4:21
M Jamie supplanter 1 Chron. 7:24
M Japheth handsome Gen. 5:32
M Jared descending Exod. 1:15
M Jason healer Acts 17:5
M Javan son of Japheth Gen. 10:2
M Javon son of Japheth Luke
M Jazael perceives God Acts 9:36
M Jed friend of God Mark 5:41
M Jedidiah friend of God Gen. 38:6
M Jeremiah God will uplift 2 Chron. 36:12
M Jeremy God will uplift 2 Chron. 36:12
M Jeriah Jehovah has seen Numb. 33:27
M Christian Meaning for Names Bible Verse
M Jeshua God is my salvation Numb. 26:33
M Jesse wealthy 1 Sam. 16:1
M Jethro abundant Exod. 3:1
M Jevan son of Japheth 1 Chron. 7:8
M Joab God is father 1 Sam. 26:6
M Joash one who despairs Judg. 6:11
M Job afflicted; one who weeps Job 1:1
M Joe God will add Exod. 2:21
M Joel God is willing 1 Sam. 8:2
M John God is gracious Matt. 3:1
M Jonah dove Jonah 1:1
M Jonathan gift of God Judg. 18:30
M Jordan descending Gen. 13:10
M Jorey God is exalted Isaiah 12:2
M Joseph God will increase Gen. 30:24
M Joses raised; who pardons Matt. 27:56
M Joshua God is my salvation Exod. 17:9
M Josiah fire of the Lord 1 Kings 13:2
M Jotham king of Judah Judg. 9:5
M Judah praised Psalm 9:1
M Judas praised Matt. 10:4
M Jude praised Jude 1:1
M Justus just Acts 1:23
M Kaleb doggedly faithful Psalm 118:21
M Kayron one of purity Matt. 5:8
M Kedrick holy Psalm 118:14
M Kevin one of kindness Ephes. 4:32
M Khalil good friend John 15:14
M Laban white in appearance Gen. 24:29
M Lawrence victorious one 1 Corin. 15:57
M Lazarus God has helped me Luke 16:20
M Lemuel devoted to God Provbs. 31:1
M Leo lion Isaiah 12:2
M Lev one of youthful strength Psalm 27:1
M Levi joined in harmony Gen. 29:34
M Lian an alliance with God Psalm 18:2
M Lionel little lion Provbs. 28:12
M Lot hidden, covered Gen. 11:27
M Lucas bringer of light Col. 4:14
M Luke bringer of light Col. 4:14
M Macall strong in the faith 1 Tim. 6:12
M Mackenzie radiant one Matt. 5:16
M Macon one of strength Psalm 62:7
M Magruder watchful one 2 Tim. 4:5
M Malachi angel of God Mala. 1:1
M Manasseh he who forgets everything Gen. 41:51
M Marcus martial; warlike Acts 12:12
M Mark martial, warlike Acts 12:12
M Mathias gift of God Psalm 118:21
M Christian Meaning for Names Bible Verse
M Matt gift of God Ephes. 2:8
M Matthew given; a reward Matt. 9:9
M Matthias gift of God Acts 1:23
M Max greatest 1 Corin. 13:13
M Maxwell greatest 1 Corin. 13:13
M Medford one of strength Isaiah 40:31
M Meshach artist Daniel 12:3
M Micah who is like God? Judg. 17:1
M Micaiah who is like God? 1 Kings 22:8
M Michael who is like God? Numb. 13:13
M Mikah who is like God? 2 Sam. 22:36
M Misael who is like God? Psalm 16:11
M Mishael who is like God? Exod. 6:22
M Mordecai martial; warlike Esther 2:5
M Morgan sea warrior Psalm 139:14
M Moses taken out of the water Exod. 2:10
M Nabor the prophet’s light Provbs. 20:15
M Nadiv generous & noble Psalm 13:6
M Nahum comforter; penitent Nahum 1:1
M Nate gift of God James 1:17
M Nathan gift of God 2 Sam. 5:14
M Nathanael gift of God John 1:45
M Nathaniel one of the Twelve Apostles John 1:45
M Nehemiah compassion of Jehovah Nehem. 1:1
M Nekoda painted; inconstant Ezra 2:48
M Nicodemus conqueror of the people John 3:1
M Nima thread; blessing Psalm 119:2
M Noah peaceful; restful Gen. 5:29
M Norwood guardian; protector Ephes. 6:16
M Obadiah servant of God 1 Kings 18:3
M Odus diligent to listen Psalm 118:21
M Olaf pine tree Isaiah 26:3
M Omar highest Gen. 36:11
M Osbert of Godly brightness Matt. 5:16
M Othniel lion of the Lord Joshua 15:17
M Owen mighty warrior Psalm 29:1
M Ozias God’s strength Psalm 18:32
M Palti God liberates 2 Chron. 29:11
M Paul small Acts 13:9
M Peter stone Matt. 4:18
M Philemon loving Philip. 1:2
M Philip lover of horses Matt. 10:3
M Phineas oracle Exodus 6:25
M Phinehas oracle Exodus 6:25
M Pilan dark-skinned Psalm 96:4
M Quasi special child Psalm 139:14
M Quentin fifth in order Job 5:8
M Randal protector Psalm 62:7
M Randolph protector Joshua 1:9
M Ransay royal nobility 1 Peter 2:9
M Christian Name Meanings Bible Verse
M Ransom redemption Isaiah 53:6
M Rashaad noble ruler 2 Sam. 22:36
M Raun mighty ruler Psalm 18:35
M Reuben behold a son Gen. 29:32
M Rhys swift moving stream Psalm 86:12
M Robert famous brilliance Hebrews 13:20
M Rockford pride in strength Psalm 18:2
M Ruben behold a son Isaiah 9:6
M Rufus redhead Mark 15:21
M Ryan little king Psalm 16:11
M Sabre to rest Matt. 11:28
M Sacha helper of mankind Hebrews 13:21
M Samieh heard God Psalm 118:21
M Sammy heard God Psalm 118:21
M Sampson like the sun Matt. 5:16
M Samson like the sun Judges 13:24
M Samuel asked of God 1 Sam. 1:20
M Saul asked for; borrowed 1 Sam. 9:2
M Sebastian one of reverence Psalm 96:6
M Sebastian venerable; revered Psalm 96:6
M Seraphim the ardent of God Philip. 3:14
M Seth appointed Gen. 4:25
M Sevon victory and protection 2 Tim. 6:12
M Shadrach god; god-like Daniel 1:7
M Shayne God is gracious Psalm 18:35
M Sheldon beautiful thoughts Philip. 4:8
M Shem name; reputation Gen. 5:32
M Sherman shearer of cloth Psalm 93:1
M Sherwin a shining friend John 15:14
M Shiloh tranquil and peaceful Isaiah 26:3
M Shurlan from the strong fortress Psalm 91:2
M Silas forest dweller Acts 15:22
M Silvester forest dweller Psalm 119:35
M Simeon he heard Gen. 29:33
M Simon he heard Matt. 4:18
M Sinclair the sanctified and shining Daniel 12:3
M Solomon peaceful 2 Sam. 5:14
M Stephen crowned Acts 6:5
M Talor clothed with salvation Isaiah 61:10
M Ted blessed protector Psalm 62:7
M Tenley courageous leader Psalm 18:35
M Terence tenderhearted one Ephes. 4:32
M Thaddaeus courageous Matt. 10:3
M Theophilus loved by God Luke 1:3
M Thomas twin Matt. 10:3
M Timothy honoring God Acts 16:1
M Tinsley from the hill Psalm 125:1
M Titus giant; hero 2 Corith. 2:13
M Tobby God is good Psalm 100:5
M Tobiah God is good Ezra 2:60
M Christian Name Meanings Bible Verse
M Tobias God is good Ezra 2:60
M Todd watchful one 2 Tim. 4:5
M Tolbert proclaims the truth Rom. 10:15
M Tommy one of equality John 3:16
M Tucker master weaver Coloss. 3:23
M Tyrone an absolute ruler 2 Sam. 23:3
M Uday prosperous one Joshua 1:8
M Ulriah ruler over all 2 Sam. 23:3
M Uzziah strength of the Lord 2 Kings 15:13
M Vernon the abundant one 1Tim. 1:14
M Victor victor conqueror 2 Tim. 2:5
M William bold protector Ephes. 6:10
M Winston a firm friend John 15:14
M Wolfgang guardian and protector Joshua 1:9
M Woodrow dweller by the woods 1 Chron. 16:33
M Yahweh Jehovah in the highest Psalm 113:4
M Yale from the fertile upland Psalm 119:105
M Yoram God is exalted Psalm 18:46
M Yusef He shall increase Deuter. 16:15
M Zacchaeus innocent; pure Luke 19:2
M Zachariah God remember me 2 Kings 14:29
M Zebadiah God is might and just 1 Chron. 8:15
M Zebedee God’s gift Matt. 4:21
M Zebulun exalted and honored Gen. 30:20
M Zechariah God remembered 2 Kings 14:29
M Zedekiah God’s gift 1 Kings 22:11
M Zephaniah treasured by God 2 Kings 25:18