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Cute Italian Baby Girl Names With English Meaning And Origin

List of  cute Italian baby girl names with meaning: Get Names is a well famous place to find out cute Italian baby girl names with good meaning and origin, Europe is a more popular name rather than other due to it’s history and old stories and naming traditions is also one of them. Most Italian family prefer to select some Italian classic names for babies and some parents prefer foreign popular celebrities names. Recently most famous Italian girls have short and simple names like Aurora, Alessia, Chiara, Martina, Sara, Sofia.

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M/F Cute Italian Girl Names Meaning of Name Origin
F Miah Mia; mine Italian
F Michel who is like God? Italian
F Michele who is like God? Italian
F Michelina who is like God? Italian
F Micheline who is like God? Italian
F Milan from Milan, Italy Italian
F Milana from Milan, Italy Italian
F Mirabel beautiful Latin
F Modesta modest Italian
F Myra fragrant ointment Latin
F Neoline born at Christmas Latin
F Nicola victorious people Italian
F Noel Christmas Latin
F Noleta unwilling Latin
F Nolita unwilling Italian
F Nydia nest Latin
F Olethea truthful Latin
F Ona one, united Latin
F Ora prayer; gold Latin
F Orazia keeper of time Italian
F Orlena golden Latin
F Orquidea beautiful as a flower Italian
F Ortensia gardener Italian
F Otavia eighth Italian
F Paciana peaceful woman Latin
F Paola small Italian
F Passion passion Latin
F Patrizia noblewoman Italian
F Paulette small Latin
F Peramata very loving Latin
F Perlita pearl Italian
F Phoenix phoenix – a legendary bird Latin
F Pia devout Italian
F Pila pillar, column Italian
F Piscina water Italian
F Placida serene Latin
F Poppy poppy flower Latin
F Precila ancient Latin
F Primavera spring Italian
F Priscila ancient Latin
F Prudence cautious; discreet Latin
F Quartilla fourth Latin
F Quintilia born in the fifth month Latin
F Raine queen, queen’s advisor Latin
F Refugio refuge Latin
F Restituta restitution Latin
F Ricadonna Ricarda + Donna Italian
F Ronica true image Latin
F Rosa rose; beautiful flower Italian
F Rosella rose; beautiful flower Latin
F Rosetta rose; beautiful flower Italian
F Rufa redhead Latin
F Sabina juniper tree Latin
F Salustiana healthy Latin
F Salvatora savior Italian
F Santi little saint Italian
F Savina ancient tribe in Italy Latin
F September born in the ninth month Latin
F Serotina dusk Latin
F Severina severe Italian
F Shilah blind; grey eyes Latin
F Silvia forest dweller Latin
F Stella a celestial star Latin
F Sylvana forest Latin
F Taesha joy Latin
F Teara crowned Latin
F Tera earth Latin
F Terrene smooth Latin
F Tiarra crowned Latin
F Tifani trinity Latin
F Tiffy trinity Latin
F Torcuata adorned Latin
F Traviata straying Italian
F Trish blessed, happy Latin
F Tristin bold & brave Latin
F Umbelina gives protective shade Latin
F Val strong Latin
F Valentia strong Italian
F Valli strong Latin
F Vedette sentry; scout Italian
F Venecia Venice, Italy Italian
F Veneranda worthy of veneration Latin
F Venetia from Venice, Italy Italian
F Venezia from Venice, Italy Italian
F Venice from Venice, Italy Italian
F Verbena sacred plants Latin
F Verita the truth Latin
F Veronika true image Latin
F Vi violet flower Latin
F Victory victory Latin
F Viktoria victorious Latin
F Virgilia rod bearer, staff bearer Latin
F Visitacion refers to the Virgin Mary Latin
F Vivalda brave in battle Latin
F Xabrina boundary line Latin
F Yoseline joyous Latin
F Zia a type of grain Latin
F Zinerva fair; light-haired Italian
F Zoila piece of earth Italian
F Zola the earth Italian

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