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Gujarati Baby Boy Names Starting With O, Top Namavali In Gujarati Boy

Top Gujarati Boys Names that start from O written in Gujarati language and English both at same time to have a most famous, unique and modern baby boy name with meaning in English. Gujarati baby boy names Namavali is an huge collection of baby names at Getnames to facilitate parents of Gujarat India to choose one of best cute Gujarati names.

Gujarati Boys Names:

Gujarati Girls Names:

Name Gujarati Name Meaning
Obalesh ઓબલેશ Lord Shiva
Oha ઓહા Meditation, true knowledge
Ohas ઓહસ Praise
Ojas ઓજસ Body strength
Ojayit ઓજયિત Courageous
Om ઓમ The sacred syllable
Oma ઓમ Life giver
Omair ઓમૈર Problem solver
Omanand ઓમાનંદ Joy of Om
Omar ઓમર Elevated, an era
Omarjeet ઓમરજીત
Omeir ઓમિર Long living
Omesa ઓમેસા Lord of OM
Omesh ઓમેશ Lord of the Om
Omeshwar ઓમેશ્વર Lord of the Om
Omja ઓમ્જા Born of cosmic unity
Omkar ઓમકાર The sound of the sacred syllable
Omkarnath ઓમકારનાથ Lord of Omkaar, Shiva
Ompati ઓમપતિ Master of OM
Omprakash ઓમપ્રકાશ Light of Om
Omran ઓમરન Solid structure
Omswaroop ઓમસ્વરૂપ Manifestation of divinity
Oni ઓની Shelter, cover
Oojam ઊજમ Enthusiasm
Oorjit ઊર્જિત Powerful
Oppilmani ઓપ્પિલમણિ Purest of gems
Ori ઑરી Charitable king
Orion ઓરિઓન Son of Fire
Ossama ઓસામા One of the names of the lion.
Ottakoothan ઓત્તકૂથન Poet
Oviyan ઓવિયાન Artist

Gujarati baby boy names in Hindi, Selecting a sweet baby name is really tough in saying but we at Getnames have compiled a latest list of Gujarati boys with their meanings, Gujarati writing names that start from “O” in Hindi. Baby boy names of Gujarat with their rich culture and heritage, A beautiful land is incomparable and unique due to it’s origin.

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