Most Popular Baby Names A

Most Popular Baby Names A

  • Aefentid

  • Aefre

  • Aegaea

    From the Aegean sea.
  • Aegaeus

    From the Aegean sea.
  • Aegates

    From the Aegates.
  • Aegelmaere

  • Aegelweard

    Noble protector.
  • Aegeon

    The Comedy of Errors’ A merchant of Syracuse.
  • Aegeria

  • Aegeus

    From the Aegean sea.
  • Aegidius

    A Latin name based on the Greek word for kid or goatskin.
  • Aegileif

    Daughter of Hrolf Helgason.
  • Aegina

    Mother of Aeacus.
  • Aeginae

    Mother of Aeacus.
  • Aegion

    The Comedy of Errors’ Father to the twin brothers Antipholus of Ephesus, and Antipholus of Syracuse.
  • Aegir

    Of the gods.
  • Aegis

    Zeus’ shield, which was made of goatskin. Also the name of the second husband of Medea.
  • Aegisthus

    Cousin of Agamemnon.
  • Aegyptus

    King of Egypt; father of the Danaides.
  • Aeker

    From the oak tree.

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