Muslim Boy Names Starting With A

Muslim Boy Names Starting With A And English Meanings So For Pakistani, Indian Boys Arabic Names

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Muslim Boys Names:

Muslim Girls Names:

1. Aabid


2. Aadam

The first prophet of Allah(swt)

3. Aadil

Just, Moderate, Upright

4. Aafaq

The place where the Earth and Sky meet

5. Aahil


6. Aakif


7. Aalam


8. Aalamgir

Conqueror of the world.

9. Aalee

Sublime, high

10. Aali

High, tall.

11. Aalim

Religious Scholar

12. Aameen

Faithful , Trustworthy,

13. Aamer

Ordering person

14. Aamil

Doer, Work man

15. Aamir


16. Aaqib


17. Aaqil


18. Aarib

Handsome, healthy.

19. Aarif

Knowing, aware

20. Aariz

Respectable man

21. Aarzam

War, battle, quarrel.

22. Aarzo

Wish, hope, love.

23. Aasaal

Evening Time, Real, Pure

24. Aashif

Bold, courageous

25. Aashiq

Adorer, lover, suitor.

26. Aashir


27. Aasif

An able minister

28. Aasim

Protector, guardian

29. Aasir

Captivating, fascinating.

30. Aatif

Kind Affectionate

31. Aatif

Compassionate, Sympathetic

32. Aatiq

Free, independent

33. Aatish


34. Aazad

Independent, Free

35. Aazam

Greatest, Greater

36. Aazim


37. Abad

Father , Priest

38. Abaid

Worshipper of God.

39. Aban

Old Arabic name

40. Abasi


41. Abasin

The Indus popular River in Pakistan

42. Abbaas

Grim-faced, lion

43. Abbad

A great worshipper of Allah

44. Abbas

Description of a lion

45. Abbasi

Pertaining To Abbas

46. Abbood

Devoted worshipper of Allah.

47. Abbud

Worshipper of Allah

48. Abd al aziz

servant of the powerful.

49. Abd al hamid

servant of the praised.

50. Abd al kader

Variant transcription of ABD-AL-QADIR

51. Abd al karim

servant of the generous.

52. Abd al latif

servant of the gentle.

53. Abd al malik

servant of the king

54. Abd al qadir

servant of the capable, powerful

55. Abd al rahman

servant of the merciful

56. Abd al-ala

Slave of the High

57. Abd allah

servant of God

58. Abd khayr

Khayr is all kinds of goodne

59. Abdah

Nick name of Abdur – Rehman

60. Abdallah

Slave of God

61. Abdud daar

Servant of the Depriver

62. Abdul aakhir

Servant of the Last

63. Abdul aalee

Servant of the Most High

64. Abdul adal

Servant of the Just

65. Abdul adl

Servant of the Just

66. Abdul afuw

Slave of the one who pardons

67. Abdul ahad

Servant of the One

68. Abdul aleem

Servant of the Omniscient

69. Abdul ali

Slave of the High one

70. Abdul alim

Servant of the Omniscient

71. Abdul aliyy

Servant of the Most High

72. Abdul awwal

Slave of the First One

73. Abdul azeem

Servant of the Mighty

74. Abdul azeez

servant of the most powerful

75. Abdul azim

Servant of the Mighty

76. Abdul aziz

Servant of the Powerful (Dear) One

77. Abdul baari

Servant of the Creator

78. Abdul baasit

Servant of the Extender and Creator

79. Abdul badee

Slave of the originator

80. Abdul badi

Servant of the Incomparable

81. Abdul bais

Slave of the one who raises

82. Abdul baith

Servant of the Resurrector

83. Abdul baqi

Servant of the Everlasting

84. Abdul bari

Servant of the Creator

85. Abdul barr

Servant of the Source of All Goodness

86. Abdul baseer

Slave of the All-seeing

87. Abdul basir

Servant of the All Seeing

88. Abdul basit

Servant of the Extender

89. Abdul batin

Slave of the unseen

91. Abdul fattah

Servant of the Opener (of the gates of sustenance)

92. Abdul ghaffar

Servant of the Forgiver

93. Abdul ghafoor

Servant of the Forgiver

94. Abdul ghafur

Servant of the Forgiving

95. Abdul ghani

Servant of the Self Sufficient

96. Abdul haafiz

Servant of the Guardian

97. Abdul hadi

Servant of the Guide

98. Abdul hafeez

Slave of the Protector

99. Abdul hafiz

Servant of the Protector

100. Abdul hakam

Servant of the Arbitrator

101. Abdul hakeem

Servant of the Wise

102. Abdul hakim

Servant of the Wise One

103. Abdul haleem

Servant of the Mild and Patient

104. Abdul halim

Servant of the Patient One

105. Abdul hameed

Servant of the Praiseworthy and the Ever-Praised

106. Abdul hamid

Servant of the Praised One

107. Abdul hannan

Slave of the Merciful

108. Abdul haq

Servant of the Truth

109. Abdul haqq

Servant of the Truth

110. Abdul haseeb

Servant of the Respected and Esteemed

111. Abdul hasib

Servant of the Respected, Esteemed

112. Abdul hayy

Servant of the Living

113. Abdul jabaar

Servant of the Mighty

114. Abdul jabbar

Servant of the Compeller

115. Abdul jaleel

Servant of the Great and Revered

116. Abdul jalil

Servant of the Great

117. Abdul jame

Servant of the Gatherer

118. Abdul jamil

Servant of the Beautiful (Al

119. Abdul jawwad

Slave of the Bountiful

120. Abdul kabir

Slave of the Great

121. Abdul kafi

Slave of the All-sufficient

122. Abdul kareem

Servant of the Noble and Generous

123. Abdul karim

Servant of the Noble, Generous One

124. Abdul khabir

Servant of the Aware

125. Abdul khafiz

Slave of the Descender

126. Abdul khaliq

Servant of the Creator

127. Abdul lateef

Servant of the Kind

128. Abdul latif

Servant of the Kind One

129. Abdul maajid

Slave of the Excellence

130. Abdul maalik

Slave of the Master, the Lord

131. Abdul maane

Servant of the Withholder

132. Abdul majeed

Servant of the Glorious

133. Abdul majid

Servant of the Glorious One

134. Abdul malek

Servant of the Sovereign

135. Abdul malik

Servant of the Master (or King)

136. Abdul mani

Slave of one who prevents

137. Abdul mannan

Slave of the Benefactor

138. Abdul mateen

Slave of the Firm

139. Abdul matin

Servant of the Firm, Strong

140. Abdul moakhir

Servant of the Retarder

141. Abdul moez

Servant of the Honourer

142. Abdul mohsi

Slave of the Surrounder

143. Abdul momit

Servant of the Death-giver

144. Abdul moqit

Servant of the Energizer

145. Abdul mubdee

Slave of the Originator

146. Abdul mubdi

Servant of the Originator

147. Abdul mueed

Slave of the Restorer, the Reproducer

148. Abdul mughni

Servant of the Enricher

149. Abdul muhaimin

Servant of the Protector

150. Abdul muhaymin

Slave of the Protector

151. Abdul muhsi

Servant of the Reckoner

152. Abdul muhsin

Slave of the Benefactor

153. Abdul muhyee

Slave of the one who gives life.

154. Abdul muhyi

Servant of the Giver of Life

155. Abdul muid

Servant of the Restorer

156. Abdul muiz

Servant of the Giver of Might and Glory

157. Abdul muizz

Servant of the Giver of Glory and Might

158. Abdul mujeeb

Servant of the Responder

159. Abdul mujib

Servant of the Responder

160. Abdul mumin

Servant of the Giver of Faith

161. Abdul munim

Slave of the Generous

162. Abdul muntaqim

Slave of him who punishes wrongdoings and seizes retribution

163. Abdul muqaddim

Servant of the Expediter

164. Abdul muqeet

Slave of the Sustainer

165. Abdul muqsit

Slave of the Just

166. Abdul muqtadir

Servant of the Powerful

167. Abdul musawwir

Servant of the Fashioner

168. Abdul mutaal

Servant of the Most High

169. Abdul mutakabbir

Servant of the Superb

170. Abdul mutali

Servant of the most High

171. Abdul muti

Slave of the Giver

172. Abdul muttalib

Name of the grand father of the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH)

173. Abdul muzanni

Narrator of Hadith

174. Abdul nafi

Servant of the Benefactor

175. Abdul naseer

Slave of the Helper

176. Abdul nasir

Servant of the Helper, Protector

177. Abdul nasser

Servant of the Victorious One

178. Abdul noor

Slave of the one who is Light

179. Abdul nur

Servant of the Light

180. Abdul qaadir

Servant of the Capable

181. Abdul qabiz

Servant of the Withholder

182. Abdul qadeer

Slave of the Powerful

183. Abdul qadir

Servant of the Capable

184. Abdul qahaar

Servant of the Subduer and the Almighty

185. Abdul qahhar

Servant of the Almighty

186. Abdul qahir

Servant of the Subduer

187. Abdul qawi

Servant of the Most Strong

189. Abdul qayyum

Servant of the Self Subsisting

190. Abdul quddus

Servant of the Most Holy

191. Abdul qudoos

Servant of the Most Holy

192. Abdul raafi

Servant of the One Who Raises (intellect, esteem), One who Elevates

193. Abdul rabb

Slave of the Lord

194. Abdul rafi

Servant of the One Who Raises, Elevates (intellect, esteem)

195. Abdul raheem

Servant of the Most Compassionate

196. Abdul rahim

Servant of the Merciful

197. Abdul rahman

Servant of the Beneficent

198. Abdul raqib

Slave of the Vigilant

199. Abdul rashid

Servant of the Rightly Guided One

200. Abdul rauf

Servant of the Compassionate

201. Abdul razzaq

Servant of the Maintainer, the Provider

202. Abdul sabur

Servant of the Patient

203. Abdul salam

Servant of the Peace

204. Abdul samad

Servant of the Eternal

205. Abdul sami

Servant of the All Hearing

206. Abdul sattar

Servant of the Protector

207. Abdul shahid

Servant of the Witness

208. Abdul shakoor

Servant of the All-thankful

209. Abdul shakur

Servant of the Most Thankful

210. Abdul tawwab

Servant of the Forgiver

211. Abdul vajed

Servant of the Finder

212. Abdul vakil

Servant of the Implementor

213. Abdul waali

Slave of the Governor

214. Abdul waase

Servant of the Vast

215. Abdul wadood

Servant of the All-loving

216. Abdul wadud

Servant of the Loving

217. Abdul wahhab

Servant of the Giver

218. Abdul wahid

Servant of the Unique One

219. Abdul wajid

Servant of the Finder

220. Abdul wakil

Servant of the Trustee

221. Abdul wali

Servant of the Governor

222. Abdul waliy

Servant of the Protecting

223. Abdul waris

Servant of the Survivor

224. Abdul warith

Servant of the Supreme Inheritor

225. Abdul wasi

Servant of the All Embracing

226. Abdul zahir

Servant of the Manifest

227. Abdulaziz

A slave of God

228. Abdulfattah

Servant of the openergod

229. Abdullah

Servant of God

230. Abdulmunim

Slave of the benefactor

231. Abdulrahman

Servant of allah

232. Abdun naafe

Servant of the Giver of Gains

233. Abdun nasir

Servant of the Helperah

234. Abdun noor

Servant of the Light.

235. Abdur rab

Servant of the Lord.

236. Abdur rafi

Servant of the Exalted

237. Abdur rahim

Servant of the most Merciful

238. Abdur rahman

Servant of the most Gracious

239. Abdur raoof

Servant of the Compassionate

240. Abdur raqib

Servant of the Observer

241. Abdur rasheed

Servant of the Right-minded

242. Abdur rashid

Slave of the Guide

243. Abdur rauf

Servant of the most Kind

244. Abdur razzaq

Slave of the provider

245. Abdus saboor

Servant of the Patients

246. Abdus sabur

Slave of the Forbearing

247. Abdus salaam

Slave of the Giver of Peace

248. Abdus salam

Servant of the All-peaceable.

249. Abdus samad

Slave of the Eternal

250. Abdus sami

Slave of the All Hearing

251. Abdus sattar

Slave of the one who conceals faults

252. Abdus shafi

Slave of the Healer

253. Abdus subbooh

Slave of the Extremely pure

254. Abdus subhan

Servant of the Glory.

255. Abdus subooh

Slave of the Extremely pure.

256. Abdus-shakur

Servant of the Appreciative

257. Abdush shafi

Slave of the Healer.

258. Abdush shaheed

Servant of the Witness

259. Abdush shahid

Slave of the Witness

260. Abdut tawwab

Servant of the most forgiving

261. Abduz zahir

Servant of the Overt

262. Abed


263. Abeel


264. Abid

Worshipper, adorer

265. Abidin

Worshippers, adorers

266. Abidullah

Worshipper of Allah(swt).

267. Abood

Worshiper of Allah

268. Abrad

Hail, Mail

269. Abram

Strong grip.

270. Abrar


271. Abrash

Spotted, Speckled

272. Abraz

Show, unfolded divulged myst

273. Abreeq

Glittering sword.

274. Absar

Vision, sight.

275. Absat

Vast, spacious,Wide.

276. Absham

A tree which has scent.

277. Abteen

Father of Faridoon (a king).

278. Abthi

One who lives in Abtah, a place near Makkah

279. Abu al khayr

One who does good

280. Abu ayyub

A well-known Sahabi

281. Abu bakr

Name of one of the Prophets companions

282. Abu darda

Famous Sahabi of Prophet Mohammad(peace be upon him)

283. Abu dawud

Author of one of the Sahih Hadith book (Abu dawud)

284. Abu hanifa

Founder of the Hanafi school

285. Abu hurairah

A great Sahabi

286. Abu huzaifah

A famous Sahabi of Rasoolullah

287. Abu isa

Father of Isa.

288. Abu juhafa

A Sahabi of the Holy Prophet

289. Abu mahzoorah

Name of one companion of the Holy Prophet

290. Abu masood

Popular Sahabi name

291. Abu moosa

A well-known Sahabia Rasool

292. Abu saeed

Father of dignified

293. Abu talha

Sahabi name

294. Abu talib

Father of seeker

295. Abu turab

An attributive of Caliph Ali

296. Abu ubaidah

A great Sahabi of the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH)

297. Abu yousuf

Name of a great jurist

298. Abu zar

A great Sahabi of the Prophet

299. Abualkhayr

One who does good

300. Abubakr

Father of the young camel

301. Abul alaa

Father of glory.

302. Abul barakat

Father of blessings.

303. Abul bashar

Father of mankind.

304. Abul farah

Father of the joy

305. Abul faraj

Possessor of comfort

306. Abul fath

Father of victory, victorious.

307. Abul fazl

Endowed with bounty, grace.

308. Abul haisam

A Sahabi

309. Abul hasan

Father of Hasan.

310. Abul husain

Father of Husain (Hazarat Ali)

311. Abul kalam

Father of speech, eloquent.

312. Abul khair

Father of good work, virtuous.

313. Abul khayr

One who does good

314. Abul mahasin

Father of virtues, merits.

315. Abul qasim

Father of Qasim, an attribut

316. Abul yumn

Father of happiness, happy.

317. Abul yusr

A great Sahabi who participa

318. Abul-hassan

The Son Of Ali

319. Abulbashr

Father of mankind

310. Abulfazl

Father of bounty, Endowed with bounty, Grace,

311. Abulkhayr

One who does good

312. Abutalib

Father of seeker

313. Abyad

A narrator of hadith

314. Abyan

Eloquent, clear

315. Abyaz

White, bright, brilliant.

316. Abzari

Seeds, spice, seedsman, one who sows

317. Adal

Nobel, Precious

318. Adam

A Prophets Name

319. Adan

Garden of Paradise, Heaven

320. Adawi

Grandson of Sayyidina Umar

321. Add sabeeh

A narrator of Hadith.

322. Adeeb

A literary Person

323. Adeel


324. Adeem


325. Adel

Honorable Judge, One who Judges Fairly

326. Adem

Earth man, Warrior

327. Adham

Black or dark

328. Adheen

Follower, devotee.

329. Adib

Cultured, well mannered one

330. Adil

Just, Honest

331. Adli

Judicial, juridical

332. Adnan

A tribal ancestor of the Quraysh.

333. Adrish


334. Aduz zahir

Slave of the Manifest

335. Aduzahir

Slave of the Manifest.

336. Aduzzahir

Slave OF the Manifest

337. Adyan

A nabee was named by this name

 338. Aejaz

A person who does miracles

339. Aetisham

Preserving oneself from sin.

340. Afaaq

The place where Earth & Sky meet

341. Afandi

Noble, master, lord.

342. Afaq

The place where Earth and Sky meet

343. Afdaal


344. Afdal

excellent, good, better

345. Afeef

Chaste, modest

346. Afeef

Pure, Chaste, Pious

347. Affan

Forgiving person

348. Afhaam

Understanding, Intelligence

349. Afham


350. Afif

Chaste, Modest

351. Afkar

Destitute, poor.

352. Aflah

Gaining success-but the Prop

353. Afrand

Splendor, Glory

354. Afrasiab

Name of popular King

355. Afraz

Very Learned In Divine Law?

356. Afridi

A cast of Afghans.

357. Afrose

Illuminating. Enlightening

358. Afroze

Lightening, enlightening.

359. Afsah


360. Afsaneh

A fairy tale.

361. Afsar


362. Afsar-ud-din

Officer of the religion.

363. Afsaruddin

Crown of the religion (Islam)

364. Afshar

Companion, friend, partner

365. Afshin

Afshin is a Persian and Turkish name

366. Afsoon

Deception, incantation, bewitching

367. Aftab


368. Aftab-ud-din

Sun of the religion (Islam).

369. Aftabuddin

Sun of the religion (Islam)

370. Aftar

Breakfast the east.

371. Afuww

The Pardoner, He who pardons

372. Afzaal

Kindness, grace, favours

373. Afzal

Best, top most

374. Agha

Honorable Person

375. Agharr

Handsome, beautiful

376. Aghlab

Superior, supreme.

377. Agrim

Always ahead

378. Ahad

The one, The names of Allah

379. Ahdaf

Pl. of Hadaf, aim, goal

380. Ahkam

Strong, durable.

381. Ahmad

Most highly adored

382. Ahmadullah

I praise Allah.

383. Ahmar

Red Coloured

384. Ahmed

Most highly adored, or most praised

385. Ahmed

The most praised

386. Ahnaf

Name of one of the narrators of hadith

387. Ahraz

Protection, piety.

388. Ahsab

Nobler, more respected

389. Ahsan

The best of all

390. Ahsanullah

Favor of God.

391. Ahtesham


392. Ahwas

Having narrow, contracted or squinting eye

393. Ahyan

Eras, epoch, age.

394. Ahzab

Name of one of the narrators of Hadith

395. Aibak

Slave Messenger, Ghulam ka naam

396. Aijaz

The Miracle, Astonishment

397. Aimal


398. Aiman


399. Aiyaz


400. Aizaad

Extension, excess.

401. Ajaam

Forest, Tree

402. Ajawid

Pl. of Jawwad, open-handed

403. Ajeeb


404. Ajer


405. Ajib


406. Ajlah

A narrator of hadith

407. Ajmal

Beautiful, handsome

408. Ajmar


409. Ajmel


410. Ajr


411. Ajtaba

Favourite, selected.

412. Ajwaad

Intelligent, Talented,

413. Ajwad

Better, more generous.

414. Akbar

Highest, great, most senior.

415. Akeem


416. Akhas

A narrator of hadith

417. Akhdan

Best Friend

418. Akhfash

There have been several men of this name

419. Akhil

World, complete

420. Akhlaq

Behavior, characters

421. Akhlas

Sincerity, purity, faithfulness

422. Akhmas

Brave, valiant.

423. Akhram

Clever, active.

424. Akhtar

A Star, good man

425. Akhyar

Good, Better, Best, Excellent

426. Akhzar


427. Akif


428. Akil

Intelligent, thoughtful, one who uses reason

429. Akmal

More complete and more perfect.

430. Akram

Most generous, forgiving

431. Al amin

An epithet of the Prophet Muhammad (saw)

432. Al bara

Wholesome With Innocence

433. Al burhan

The proof, argument

434. Al faiz

Name of a Fatimid Caliph.

435. Al hakam

The Arbitrator, The Judge

436. Al harith

The Plowman

437. Al mamoon

Seventh Abbasid Caliph

438. Al rafi

One of the names of Allah.

439. Al safi

Clear, pure, fine.

440. Al siddiq

The truthful

441. Al tahir

Nickname of Abdullah

442. Al tayyib

Nickname of Abdullah

443. Ala-ud-din

Glory of religion

444. Alaa

Height, elevation.

445. Alaa udeen

Excellence of Religion

446. Alaaldin

Nobility of faith

447. Alaaudeen

Excellence of Religion

448. Alabbas

Description of a lion

449. Aladdin

Nobility of faith

450. Alaleem

He who knows all Things

451. Alam


452. Alamgir

World conqueror.

453. Alamulhuda

Banner of guidance

454. Alamzeb

World Beauty.

455. Albara

Wholesome with innocence

456. Aleef

Friendly, Sociable, Likeable

457. Aleem

Learned, expert, scholar

458. Aleem-ul-huda

Banner of guidance.

459. Aleemuddin

A learned person in religion.

460. Alhakam

The arbitrator, the judge

461. Alhan

Eloquence, good voice.

462. Alharith

The plowman

463. Alhasan

The handsome, the good

464. Alhazar

Sos, help.

465. Alhusain

Diminutive Of the Handsome, The Good

466. Alhusayn

Diminutive of the handsome, the good

467. Ali

The highest, greatest, noble

468. Alif

The first character in Hijaiyah

469. Alim

Wise or learned

470. Alin

Nobility Of Faith

471. Allah bakhsh

Gift of Allah.

472. Allal


473. Allama

Very learned

474. Almahdi

Guided to the right path

475. Alman

Kind, willing and wiseman

476. Almas


477. Almir


478. Alparslan


479. Alsafi

Clear, pure, fine

480. Altaaf


481. Altaam


482. Altaf


483. Altaf Hussain

Kindness of Husain.

484. Altair

The flying eagle

485. Altamash

Front-line army.

486. Altayyib

The good one

487. Altijani


488. Altufail

Old Arabic name

489. Aluf

Friendly, Faithful, Devoted

490. Alvi

Fan of Hazrat Ali (RA)

491. Alwaz

Light, brightness.

492. Alyasaa

A Prophet of Allah

493. Amaad

Pillar, post, support.

494. Amaan


495. Amaar

One who prays 5 times and fasts

496. Amail


497. Amal

Hope, aspiration.

498. Amala

Hope, Aspiration

499. Amam

Safety, Protection

500. Aman

Security, peace, safety

501. Amanat


502. Amani


503. Amanuddin

Trust of religion (Islam).

504. Amanullah

care of Allah

505. Amar

Work, problem, order

506. Ameen

Faithful, Trustworthy

507. Ameer

Commander, Prince, Khalifah

508. Amer


509. Amerulla


510. Amid


511. Amiduddawlah

Support of the state

512. Amin

Faithful, trustworthy, custodian

513. Amine


514. Aminuddin

Trustworthy in religion (Islam)

515. Amir

Ruler, Prince, Rich

516. Amjaad

Glory, honour.

517. Amjad

More glorious

518. Ammaar

Name of the Sahabi , one of the early muslims with strong Iman.

519. Ammar

Builder, Constructor

520. Amro

Old Arabic name

521. Amrullah

The order of Allah swt

522. Anahid


523. Anam


524. Anan


525. Anas

Very sociable

526. Anasah

The freed slave of the Prophet had this name

527. Anass

Variant transcription of ANAS

528. Andam


529. Aneen

Good, Hello.

530. Aneeq


531. Anees

Intimate, friendly

532. Angar


533. Anif


534. Aniq


535. Anis

Close friend

536. Anise


537. Aniya

Concern, Loving

538. Anjam


539. Anjuman


540. Anna


541. Anosha


542. Anouar


543. Ansaar

Supporters, Followers

544. Ansar

Friends, Supporters, Followers

545. Ansari

Relation through ancestry

546. Antar

Hero in a story of chivalry.

547. Antarah


548. Anwaar

Light, glow, gleam

549. Anwar

Radiant, full of light

550. Anwarulkarim

Lights of the Beneficent

551. Anwer

Variant transcription of ANWAR

552. Anzar

To Views, Seer

553. Aqdas

Most holy

554. Aqeel

Wise, Intelligent, sensible

555. Aqeeq

Valuable stone

556. Aqib

Successor, vice

557. Aqil

Old Arabic name

558. Aqleem

Government, realm.

559. Aqmar

Bright, brilliant, luminous,

560. Aqrab

Near, close.

561. Arab

Peaceful, tranquil

562. Arad

Name of an angel.

563. Arafat

To know, At the foot of a mountain in the north of Mecca, a field name

564. Araiz

National leader.

565. Aram


566. Arash

A hero in Persian folklore

567. Arbaaz


568. Arbab


569. Arbad

Masters, Lords

570. Ardalan

Ardalan is An Iranian Kurdis

571. Ardam

Brave, boldman.

572. Areeb

Skillful, Adroit

573. Areeb

wise, intelligent, expert

574. Areef


575. Areej

Fragrant, sweet-smelling.

576. Arees

Peasant, farmer.

577. Areez


578. Aref

Wise, intelligent.

579. Arfaa

Very high

580. Arfan


581. Arfeen


582. Arhab

open-minded, gracious.

583. Arham


584. Arib

Brilliant, strong

585. Arif

Aquainted, knowledgable

586. Arifin


587. Arikah

Decorated throne.

588. Arjmand


589. Arkaan


590. Arkan

Members of worship

591. Armaan

Desire, hope

592. Arman

Desire, hope

593. Armeen

A character in Shahnameh.

594. Arqam

Writer, the best recorder

595. Arsal

The one who was sent

596. Arsalaan


597. Arsel

To send, to ship, dispatch.

598. Arshad

Better guided, honest

599. Arshan

Strong and Brave man

600. Arshaq

Handsome, well proportioned

601. Artah

A narrator of the hadith

602. Arwah

More delicate, more gracious.

603. Arwarh

more delicate, more gracious

604. Aryan

Of Utmost Strength.

605. Arzan


606. Arzang

An ancient wrestler.

607. Asad

Happy, fortunate, lucky,Virtuous, Lion

608. Asadel

Most prosperous one

609. Asadullah

Lion of Allah, Title of Hazrat Ali

610. Asar

Fourth Prayer of the day

611. Asbaat

Steady, firmly fixed

612. Asbagh

Coloured animal, huge flood, dyer

613. Asbat

A narrator of hadith

614. Aseed

A narrator of Hadeeth

615. Aseel

Evening time, a time between evening and morning

616. Aseer

Preferred, noble, exquisite.

617. Asfa

Tanned sun burned, Bin Asla

618. Asgar

Shorter, Junior

619. Asghar

Shorter, Smaller, Junior

620. Ashaas

Scattered, Spread about

621. Ashaath

Scattered, Spread about, humble

622. Ashab

Lion, Diffcult, Strict.

623. Ashaj

Abu ad-Dunya al-Maghrabi

624. Ashar

One who has wisdom

625. Ashaz

Name of a sahabi.

626. Asheem


627. Ashfaq

Compassionate friend

628. Ashhal

Having bluish-black eyes

629. Ashhar

Famous, popular.

630. Ashim


631. Ashiq


632. Ashiqul islam

Love the religion(Islam)

623. Ashir


634. Ashkan

Healthy, hearty.

635. Ashmath

Correct path, Straight path

636. Ashnad


637. Ashour

Strongest assyrian king

638. Ashraf

Most honorable

639. Ashras

Abu al-Hasan az-Ziyat a narr

640. Asif


641. Asil

Of noble origin, highborn

642. Asim


643. Asir

captivating, fascinating

644. Asiruddin

Honoured (person) of the religion (Islam)

645. Asjad

Gold, Jewel.

646. Askar


647. Askari


648. Aslam


649. Asooda

Prosperous, jolly, happy.

650. Asra

Travel to night.

651. Asrar

Secrets, mysteries

652. Astaan

Threshold, gateway.

653. Aswad

Black color

654. Ata


655. Ata al rahman

Gift of the Beneficent

656. Ata allah

Gift of God

657. Ataa


658. Ataallah


659. Ataalrahman


660. Atabuk

Protector, guard.

661. Atah


662. Atal

Hero, Leader, Guide.

663. Atash


664. Ataubaq

Handsome, beautiful, helpful

665. Ataullah

Gift of Allah.

666. Ataur rahman

Gift of the mercifulah

667. Ateeb

Very pious

668. Ateeq


669. Athar

Neat, Clean

670. Athazaz

Unknown, Mystery, Maze

671. Athir

Favored, preferred

672. Atif

United, Joined, Together

673. Atiq

Ancient, Noble

674. Atir

Fragrant, aromatic.

675. Attaar

Perfumer, perfume vendor.

676. Attar

Fragrance Seller.

677. Attiq


678. Atuf

Affectionate, kind-hearted,

679. Atyab

Scrupulously clean, refined,

680. Aula

Another name for Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

681. Aurangzeb

Ornament of the throne

682. Ausaf

Virtues, merits.

683. Awad

Reward, Compensation

684. Awais

Name of a saint

685. Awaiz


686. Awalmir

Prime Chief.

687. Awan

Friend, supporter.

688. Awanah

Middle-aged, fierce.

689. Awwab

Returning (to Allah)

690. Awwad


691. Awwal

First. Al-Awwal, the first:

692. Ayaan

Gift of God

693. Ayaat

Pl. of Ayat, sign

694. Ayaaz

Name of Sultan Mahmood’s famous royal servant

695. Ayad

Blessings, profit

696. Ayan


697. Ayat

Sign, revelation

698. Ayatullah

Sign of Allah.

699. Ayaz

ayaaz-slave [Persian]

700. Aybak

Ibn-Aybak was a leading historian

701. Aydi

Power, capability

702. Aydin

Brilliant, Intelligent, Light of the moon

703. Ayham


704. Aymaan


705. Ayman


706. Aynuddin

Source of the faith (Islam)

707. Aynul hayat

Fountain of Life.

708. Aynulhayat

Spring (fountain) of life

709. Aynun naim

Fountain of blessing.

710. Ayoob

A Prophets name

711. Ayser

Easy in dealing, wealthy

712. Ayub

Companion of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

713. Ayyash

Bread seller

714. Ayyub

Ayyub was a Prophet of Allah.

715. Azaad

Free, liberated.

716. Azaam

Submission, prostration.

717. Azaan

Call for the prayer

718. Azab

Touring, travelling, wandering

719. Azad


720. Azain


721. Azam

Greater, greatest

722. Azan

Pukarny Wala

723. Azbak

Independent, autonomous.

724. Azeem

Great, greater

725. Azfaar

Victories, Fragrances

726. Azfar

Success, victory, winner.

727. Azfer


728. Azghan


729. Azhaan

Geniuses, Intellects, Abilities

730. Azhaar

Pl. of Zahra, flower, blossom.

731. Azhaf

Courageous, elite

732. Azhar

Most shining, luminous

733. Azharan

The sun and moon alike

734. Azhmeer


735. Azim

Defender, referring to one of Gods ninety nine qualities

736. Azim


737. Azimushshan

Of mighty concern

738. Aziz

Might, strong

739. Azizullah

Dear to Allah.

740. Azlan


741. Azli

From the beginning.

742. Azmaray

Varient for Zmaray (Lion).

743. Azmat

Respect, honor

744. Azmeer


745. Azmi

One who fulfils his promise.

746. Azraf

More elegant, more graceful

747. Azraq

Blue, name of a companion of the Prophet

748. Azud

Upper arm, strength, power

749. Azududdin

Support of religion (Islam).

750. Azzaam

Determined, Resolved

751. Azzam

Determined, resolved

752. Azziz

liked, dear.

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