Muslim Boy Names Starting With D

Muslim Boy Names Starting With D And English Meanings So For Pakistani, Indian Boys Arabic Names

Muslim Boys Names From D: Finding a beautiful Muslim boy name for boy is pretty great task for new parents who mostly wander online for modern and trendy Islamic baby boys names in Arabic. We at Getnames present you all an huge list of Muslim boy names starting with “d” and meanings in English to make your search easy at one place of famous children names.

List OF Islamic Boys Names: Don’t forget to let your relative know about most popular Islamic boy names in Arabic. As Arabic baby names for boys is first priority for every Muslim couple to have an eye. We at Getnames may lead you toward a newly updated list of Muslim baby names for boys in Arabic to pick your unique & cute Arabic kids name begins with “d”.

Arabic Baby Names Dictionary: Let’s have just one visit to note some uncommon Arabic names for boys with meaning according to Arabic dictionary of 12000 Arabic baby names. You will be pleased by looking numerous Islamic boys names with similar sound, pronunciation and meanings in Urdu, English, Hindi, Tamil, Arabic, Malayalam, Bengali languages. Pick up your favorite Islamic baby names that are starting from d alphabet in English.

Muslim Boys Names:

Muslim Girls Names:

1. Daafi

One who keeps away

2. Daai

Daai Halimah

3. Daamin

Guarantor, Surety

4. Daanaa

Wise, Learned

5. Daanish

Wisdom, Learning, Science

6. Dabbah

Latch, door lock

7. Dabir


8. Daboor

Morning breeze.

9. Dafiq

Jubilant, buoyant, active.

10. Dagar

Open Space / Battle Field.

11. Daghfal

Name of first Islamic geologist

12. Dahbal

This ws the name of Wahb Ibn

13. Dahhaak

Sahabi who participated in the battle of Badr

14. Dahhak

One who laughs much.

15. Dahi

Lion, rapid.

16. Daib

Happy fellow.

17. Daiyan

A mighty ruler, judge

18. Dakheel


19. Dakhil

Foreigner, stranger

20. Dalaj

A mufti of Baghdad

21. Daler

Brave, valiant.

22. Dalil

Guide, model, leader, example.

23. Dameer

Heart, Conscience

24. Damian


25. Damurah

Sparkle of light, fire

26. Dana

Wise, learned.

27. Dani

Near, close

28. Daniel


29. Danish


30. Danish ara

Endowed with wisdom, learning.

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