Muslim Boy Names Starting With S

Muslim Boy Names Starting With S And English Meanings So For Pakistani, Indian Boys Arabic Names

Muslim Boys Names From S: Finding a beautiful Muslim boy name for boy is pretty great task for new parents who mostly wander online for modern and trendy Islamic baby boys names in Arabic. We at Getnames present you all an huge list of Muslim boy names starting with “s” and meanings in English to make your search easy at one place of famous children names.

List OF Islamic Boys Names: Don’t forget to let your relative know about most popular Islamic boy names in Arabic. As Arabic baby names for boys is first priority for every Muslim couple to have an eye. We at Getnames may lead you toward a newly updated list of Muslim baby names for boys in Arabic to pick your unique & cute Arabic kids name begins with “s”.

Arabic Baby Names Dictionary: Let’s have just one visit to note some uncommon Arabic names for boys with meaning according to Arabic dictionary of 12000 Arabic baby names. You will be pleased by looking numerous Islamic boys names with similar sound, pronunciation and meanings in Urdu, English, Hindi, Tamil, Arabic, Malayalam, Bengali languages. Pick up your favorite Islamic baby names that are starting from s alphabet in English.

Muslim Boys Names:

Muslim Girls Names:

1. Saaadat

(Saadat) Fortune, blessings, victory.

2. Saabiq

The first in a race, Name of a Sahabi (RA) who was the servant of the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him).

3. Saabir

One who patienly and stoically edures al hardships and diffichlties, title of Ayyoob(peace be upon him).

4. Saabit

(Thaabit), Name of a Sahabi(RA).

5. Saad

Good luck

6. Saadah


7. Saadat

Blessing, Honour

8. Saadi

Happy, lucky, blissful

9. Saadiq

True, sincere, faithful, veracious, a man of his word.

10. Saaduddin

Success of the religion (Islam)

11. Saadullah

Blessings or Blessed of Allah.

12. Saafi

Pure, clear, crystal.

13. Saafir

Ambassador, handsome

14. Saahib

Friend, colleague.

15. Saahir


16. Saahirah

Earth, moon, a spring which flows constantly.

17. Saaib

Name of a Sahabi who took part in the battle of Badr.

18. Saaid

Name of a Sahabi (RA).

19. Saaim

Name of a Sahabi who took part in the battle of Badr.

20. Saajid

One who makes sajdah (prostration).

21. Saalif

Name of a Sahabi (RA).

22. Saalih

Virtuous, chaste, righteous, name of a well-known prophet fo Allah.

23. Saalik


24. Saalim

Name of a Sahabi (RA), a famous jurist.

25. Saami

Eminent, exalted, high-minded

26. Saamir

Fruit-bearing, fruitful

27. Saamit

Name of a Sahabi (RA).

28. Saaqib


29. Saarim

brave,Sharp Minded

30. Saariyah

Clouds at night

31. Sab


32. Sabaahat

Beauty, gracefulness, comeliness.

33. Sabah


34. Sabahat

Beauty, Grace, Handsomeness

34. Sabaque

One who surpasses or excels.

35. Sabat

Firmness, stability, certain

36. Sabawoon


37. Sabbaah

Fair complexioned

38. Sabeeh

A narrator of Hadith

39. Sabeel

Path, way

40. Sabeer

Patient, tolerant.

41. Sabih

Coming or arrival

42. Sabiq

First, winner.

43. Sabir

Patient, persevering

44. Sabit

Strong, well-established

45. Saboor

Patient, tolerant, forbearing.

46. Sabri

Of patience, perseverence

47. Sabuh

Shining, brilliant.

48. Sabur

Patient, perservent

49. Saburah

A narrator of Hadith

50. Sad al din

Good of the Faith

51. Sadaan

Happier, Blessed, luckier.

52. Sadaaqat


53. Sadaat

Princes, lords, chiefs title

54. Sadad

Right thing to do, lucky hand

55. Sadaldin

Good of the Faith

56. Sadan

Happy, fortunate

57. Sadaqat


58. Saddam

one who confronts in Arabic.

59. Sadeed

Relevant, Pertinent

60. Sadeem

The mentioning of Allah

61. Sadeeq

Friend, colleague.

62. Sadi

fortunate, lucky in Arabic.

63. Sadid

Relevant, correct, right

64. Sadik


65. Sadin

Desert greenery.

66. Sadiq

Sincere, truthful

67. Sadir

Ordered, pasted, appointed.

68. Sadit

Hard working and strong

69. Sadooq

Honest, truthful, sincere

70. Sadr

Chest, breast, forefront

71. Sadruddin

Person at forefront

72. Saduh

Singer, singing.

73. Sadul khalq

Blessing for the creation.

74. Sadun


75. Saee

One who makes effort.

76. Saeeb

Right, appropriate.

77. Saeed

Blissful, auspicious

78. Saeeduz zaman

Luckiest of the age.

79. Saeel


80. Safa

Friendship, pure, love

81. Safdar

Brave, a violent warrior.

82. Safeenah

Name of an Ahl As-Suffah

83. Safeer


84. Saffah

Killer, blood shedder.

85. Saffar

An authority of Hadith

86. Safi

Pure, clear

87. Safi al din

a perfection of the Faith.

88. Safir

Ambassador, mediator

89. Safiuddin

The pure (one) of the faith

90. Safiullah

The pure (one) of Allah.

91. Safiy

Best friend

92. Safiy al din

Best friend of the faith

93. Safiy-allah

Allahs chosen one

94. Safiyaldin

Best friend of the faith

95. Safiyyullah

The Choice of Allah swt

96. Saft

Good habit, plus point

97. Safuh


98. Saful islam

Sword of Islam

99. Safulislam


100. Safwaan

A rock, Name of a Sahabi (RA)

101. Safwah

The best, the chosen

102. Safwan

Rock, solid, pure

103. Safwat

The best, the chosen

104. Safwat

Supreme, good friend, purity

105. Safyy

Chosen, Name of a Sahabi (RA).

106. Sagar

Ocean, sea.

107. Sagheer

Small, short

108. Saghir

Small, young, slender, tender.

109. Saghir ali

Little Ali.

110. Sahaab

Cloud, mist.

111. Sahar

Time before day break, bewti

112. Saheed

Lucky, Blissful

113. Saheim


114. Sahel

Beach, shore.

115. Saher


116. Sahib


117. Sahil


118. Sahim


119. Sahir


120. Sahjeeah

Brave, bold, courageous.

121. Sahl

Easy to deal with

122. Sahm

Arrow, dart

123. Sahmir

Entertaining companion

124. Saib

Appropriate, correct

125. Said


126. Saidah


127. Saif


128. Saifaldin

Sword of the faith

129. Saifan

Sword of Allah

130. Saifee

Concerning sword.

131. Saifiyy

Name of a Sahabi (RA)

132. Saifuddin

Sword of the religion (Islam).

133. Saiful

First part of compound Arabic names beginning with (Sayf al) meaning “sword of the” (such as SAIF-AL-DIN).

134. Saiful azman

Sword of eras.

135. Saiful baari

Sword of the Creator.

136. Saiful islam

Sword of Islam.

137. Saifulazman


138. Saifulislam

Sword of Islam

139. Saifullah

Sword of Allah.

140. Saifulmulk

Sword of the kingdom.

141. Saihaan


142. Saim


143. Sair

Walking, going on foot

144. Sairah


145. Saja

A pleasant face, eloquent.

146. Sajal

Promise, vow, pledge, commit

147. Sajeel


148. Sajid

One who worships of God

149. Sajidur rahman

One who prostrates to the Merciful (Allah).

150. Sajjaad

Prostrating in the prayer, one who makes Sajdah in the Salah

151. Sajjad

One who to worship God(Allah)

152. Sakha

Generosity, liberality.

153. Sakhan


154. Sakhawat

Generosity, liberality, open-handness

155. Sakher


156. Sakhi


157. Sakhir

He who wins heart.

158. Sakhr


159. Sakoot

Silence, peace, calm, satisf

160. Salaah

Goodness of state or condition, prosperity, piety. Name of a Sahabi who took part in the battle of Badr.

161. Salaahddinn

The righteousness of the faith

162. Salaam


163. Salaamah

Salvation, peace, free from blemish, ease, name of a Sahaabi (RA)

164. Salaamat


165. Salabah

B. Abdullah was a narrator

166. Salabat

Strong, majesty, dignity

167. Salah


168. Salah al din

Righteousness of the Faith

169. Salah udeen

The righteousness of the Faith

170. Salah-ud-din

Rectitude of the faith (Islam).

171. Salahaldin

Righteousness of the Faith

172. Salahudeen

The righteousness of the Faith

173. Salam


174. Salama

Peace of Salam.

175. Salamah


176. Salamat


177. Salamatullah

Security of Allah.

178. Salar


179. Salarjung

Army leader in war

180. Saleem

Sound, Unimpaired, Sane, Sincere

181. Saleem

Safe, healthy, whole, flawless

182. Saleemullah

Soundest (servant) of Allah.

183. Saleemuz zaman

Soundest (servant)

184. Saleet


185. Saleh

Righteous, Pious, Virtue.

186. Salem


187. Salif

Previous, Former

188. Salih

Safe, whole, flawless

189. Salihat

Good deeds

190. Salik


191. Salil

Drawn (sword), scion, son.

192. Salim

Secure, free

193. Salit

Strong, solid, firm, sharp.

194. Sallaam

Very safe, well, sound.

195. Salmaan

Name of a distinguished Sahabi (RA).

196. Salman

Healthy, safe, wholesome

197. Salsaal

Pure Water

198. Salsal

Pure Water

199. Sama

One who listens a lot.

200. Samad

Eternal, high, Al-Samad

210. Samah

Generosity, bounty

202. Samama

A companion of Prophet Muhammad

203. Saman

Price, Worth.

204. Samandar


205. Samar

Fruit, Outcome.

206. Samee

He who hear every thing.

207. Sameeah

Hearing, she who hears.

208. Sameen

Precious, invaluable.

209. Sameer


210. Sameer

Entertaining companion

211. Sameera

Entertaining companion

212. Sameh


213. Samen


214. Samer

The guy who chats at night

215. Sami

High, lofty, elevated

216. Samih


217. Samil


218. Samim

Sincere, genuine, pure, true

219. Samin

Valuable, precious, priceless.

220. Samiq

Another name for God, exalted, tall

221. Samir

Entertaining companion

222. Samit


223. Sammak

Abu al-Abbas Muhammad

224. Samman


225. Samsaam

Sword, name: Samsaamuddin.

226. Samshad

Long, Beautiful Tree

227. Samsor


228. Samurah

Name of a distinguished Sahabi

229. Sana

Praise, commendation, eulogy.

230. Sanad

Support, prop.

231. Sanaullah

Worshiper of Allah

232. Sanawbar

A cone-bearing tree, fir, Pine

233. Sangar

Battleground / Fighting Point.

234. Sangrez

Stone breaker.

235. Sani

brilliant, splendid in Arabic.

236. Sanie

Brilliant, majestic, exalted

237. Sanobar

Name of a popular tree.

238. Saood

Fortunate, Happy

239. Saqaf

To surpass in skill.

240. Saqeef

Proficient, sagacious

241. Saqeel

Strong, tough, robust

242. Saqer


243. Saqib

Shining Star

244. Saqif

Proficient, skilful.

245. Saqlain

Two worlds, world and Hereaf

246. Saqr


247. Saquib

Bright, luminous

248. Sarab


249. Sarae


250. Saramat

Chief, ruler, traveller.

251. Sarban

Caravan Leader

252. Sarbaz

Caravan Leader

253. Sardar

Chief, noble man

254. Saree


255. Sarfaraz


256. Sarfraz

Person sitting at a high place, Commander

257. Sari


258. Sarim

Lion, brave, big hearted

259. Sariyah

Clouds at night

260. Sarkar

Chief, overseer.

261. Sarmad


262. Sarosh


263. Sartor

Bear Headed.

264. Sarwar

Chief, leader, Joy, Delight

265. Sarwat

Wealth, Fortune, riches.

266. Sati

Shining, bright

267. Satih

Another name for God (Allah)

268. Sattar

Veiler (of sin). Al-Sattar

269. Satwat

Power, Authority, Majesty

270. Sauban

Two garments.

271. Saud


272. Saulat

Pomp, dignity, majesty.

273. Sawa

Equal, same

274. Sawad

Blackness, Skill

275. Sawlat

Influence, commanding, personality

276. Sawsan

Lily of the valley.

277. Sawwaaf

Wool merchant.

278. Sawwaf

Wool Stapler, Wool Dealer

279. Sayaam

Man with a alluring heart, one of a kind

280. Sayeed

Leader, Auspicious

281. Sayel


282. Sayf


283. Sayf udeen

Sword of the Faith

284. Sayfiyy

Concerning sword

285. Sayfudeen

Sword of the Faith

286. Sayfullah

The sword of Allah (swt)

287. Sayhan


288. Sayid

Lord, Master

289. Sayuj

United companion comrade

290. Sayyar

Mobile, Constantly on the move

291. Sayyid


292. Sedik


293. Seema

Mien, Expression, Countenance

294. Seif


295. Seif al din

Sword of the faith

296. Seifaldin

Sword of the faith

297. Selab


298. Selani

Free Flying Shah Sawar.

299. Shaaban

Eighth Islamic month

300. Shaady


301. Shaaf

One who gives health

302. Shaafi

Intercessor, mediator.

303. Shaan

Condition, business

304. Shaar

Habit, custom

305. Shaaz

Unique, One in many

306. Shabaan

Islamic Month

307. Shabab


308. Shabah


309. Shaban

Eighth month of the Islamic calendar.

310. Shabar


311. Shabb


312. Shabbeer

Appellation of Hazrat Imam Husaain (RA)

313. Shabbir

Son of Prophet Harun

314. Shabeeb

Young man,Handsome

315. Shabeeh


316. Shabeer

The son of Hazrat Haroon

317. Shabi

A leading scholar of his time

318. Shabib

A scholar who wrote about Quran

319. Shad


320. Shadab

Fresh, evergreen

321. Shadah

Pleasant, happy, jovial

322. Shadan


323. Shadeed


324. Shadi

Singer, enchanter

325. Shadid

Strong, intense

326. Shadin

Fawn, young deer

327. Shafaat


328. Shafaqat

compassion, pity in Arabic. Male and Female

329. Shafay

Intercessor, mediator.

330. Shafee


331. Shafeeq

Compassionate, Tender

332. Shafi


333. Shafin

He who cures

334. Shafiq

Compassionate, tender

335. Shafiq, shafeeq

Kind, compassionate, tender

336. Shafiulla

Compassionate of Allah or Purity of Allah

337. Shafqat


338. Shagufta

Blooming, Happy

339. Shaguftah

Blooming, Happy.

340. Shah


341. Shah alam

King of the world.

342. Shah jahan

King of the world.

343. Shah nawaz

Friend of king.

344. Shahab

Shooting Star, bright

345. Shahadat

Witness, Evidence

346. Shahalad


347. Shahan

Kings, pl. of Shah, king.

348. Shahan shah

King of kings.

349. Shaharyar


350. Shahbaz


351. Shaheed

Present, witness

352. Shaheem


353. Shaheen


354. Shaheer


355. Shahid


356. Shahin


357. Shahiq

High, towering, lofty, tall.

358. Shahir

Well known, famous

359. Shahmeer


360. Shahnaaz

Pride of a King

361. Shahnawaz


362. Shahram

servant of the king

363. Shahroz

Bright Face

364. Shahrukh

Concerning, monarchy

365. Shahwar

Very precious

366. Shahzad

Kings son

367. Shahzada


368. Shahzaib

Crown of a king, like a king

369. Shahzar

King of gold.

370. Shahzor

Extreme Power

371. Shahzore

Powerful, kingly, forceful

372. Shaibaan

Grayness, senility, old age.

373. Shaida

Greatly Attached.

374. Shaikh

Chief, an experienced man

375. Shaikhul islam

Leader of Islam.

376. Shaiq

Hopeful, wisher, lover, needy.

377. Shairyaar


378. Shajan

Long, lengthy.

379. Shajee

Bold, Courageous

380. Shaji

Courageous, bold, brave

381. Shakeeb


382. Shakeel

Handsome, Comely

383. Shakib

Present, gift, reward

384. Shakil

Well formed, handsome, comel

385. Shakir


386. Shakir


387. Shakoor

Thankful, Grateful

388. Shakur

Thankful, most grateful, one

389. Shalabh


390. Shalik

A sage

391. Shalin

Good manners

392. Shalina

Courteous, modest.

393. Shaline


394. Shallal


395. Shamal

Wind that comes from the north

396. Shamas


397. Shameem


398. Shamel

Comprehensive, complete

399. Shamil

All comprehensive

400. Shamim


401. Shammas

A companion of the Prophet

402. Shamoil

He name of a Prophet.

403. Shams

The sun.

404. Shams al din

Sun of the faith

405. Shams-ud-din

Son of the religion (Islam).

406. Shams-ul-haq

Appellation given to Indian and Pakistani Scholars

407. Shamsaldin

Sun of the faith

408. Shamshad

Tall and beautiful tree like pine

409. Shamsheer

The sword of honors

410. Shamsideen

Sun of religion

411. Shamsuddawlah

Sun of the kingdom

412. Shamsuddin

Sun of the religion (Islam)

413. Shamsudduha

Son of forenoon.

414. Shamsularifin

Sun of the saints

415. Shamsuzzaman

Sun of the age.

416. Shamuel

Banu Israil Prophet

417. Shan

Dignity, Splendour

418. Shanawar

Informed, knowing, aware of.

419. Shaoor

Wisdom, decorum.

420. Shaqeeq

Real brother

421. Shaquita


422. Sharaf


423. Sharafat


424. Sharafuddin

Honour of the religion (Islam).

425. Sharaheel

A narrator of Hadith

426. Shardul

The best

427. Shareef

The good

428. Shareek


429. Shariah

divine law, noble law in Arabic.

430. Sharif

Noble,Eminent,Chief of a tribe,Urbane

431. Sharif

Honest, noble, distinguished

432. Sharik

Radiant, Bright.

433. Shariq

Radiant, Bright

434. Sharique


435. Shaukat


436. Shawaiz

Melodious voice, speak melodious

437. Shawqi


438. Shayaan


439. Shayan


440. Shaybah

Grey-haired, aged

441. Shazad


442. Shazeb

Decorated king

443. Sheeraz

Management, Regulation, Method, Order

444. Shehroze

King of Roses

445. Shehryaar


446. Shehzaad


447. Sheraz

Loving, Caring, Daring

448. Sherif

Variant transcription of SHARIF Means “eminent, virtuous” in Arabic.

449. Shezan


450. Shibil

Young one in Arabic

451. Shibl


452. Shibli

Was a great Scholar and writer

453. Shihab

Flame, blaze

454. Shihab al din

Star of the Faith

455. Shihabaldin

Star of the Faith

456. Shihad


457. Shimah


458. Shiraz


459. Shoaib

A Prophets name

460. Shriranjan

Lord Vishnu

461. Shuaa

Beams, Rays

462. Shuaib

A Prophets name

463. Shuayb

A Prophets name

464. Shuja

Brave, bold, Valour

465. Shukrallah

The Thanks of Allah swt

466. Shukri


467. Shumayl


468. Shuneal


469. Shurahbeel

A narrator of Hadith

470. Shuraih


471. Shurayh

A narrator of Hadith

472. Shuraym

Split, Cleavage

473. Siddiq

Truthful, upright

474. Sideeq


475. Sifet


476. Siffat


477. Siham

Arrows, pl. of Sahm.

478. Sikandar

Name of a famous Sovereign

479. Silah


480. Silahuddin

Armour of the religion (Islam).

481. Silan

A diamond, part of sword whi

482. Silm


483. Simak

Arcturus (Star)

484. Sinan


485. Sinanuddin

Spear of the religion (Islam).

486. Siraaj

Lamp, Light

487. Siraj

Lighted torch

488. Siraj al din

Light of the faith

489. Sirajaldin

Light of the faith

490. Sirajud dawlah

Lamp of the state.

491. Sirajuddeen

Lamp of Islam, Lamp of the religion

492. Sirajuddin

Lamp of the religion (Islam).

493. Sirat


494. Siwar

Bracelet, Arm-ring

495. Siyaf

Sword player, swordsman.

496. Slaeet


497. Snobar

A cone-bearing tree

498. Snober

A cone-bearing tree, fir.

499. Sofian


500. Sofiane


501. Sohaib

Reddish or Sandy (Hair)

502. Sohail

Gentle, ease

503. Soham

I am

504. Sohil


505. Sohrab

Iranian wrestler Rustam son’s name

506. Somood

Steadfastness, firmness

507. Souban

A companion, Returning

508. Sozan


509. Sparlay

Spring Season.

510. Spinzar

White Gold.

511. Storay


512. Subah

Beautiful, graceful.

513. Subahuddin

Beautiful (person)

514. Subaih

Beautiful. Name of Sahabi

515. Subayah

Handsome, Comely.

516. Subbooh

Extremely pure

517. Subhan


518. Subhi

Early morning

519. Subhy

Early morning

520. Suboor

Patience, one who takes pity

521. Sufi

A mystic, someone believing

522. Sufian

Ship builder.

523. Sufyaan

Owner of many ships (Rich)

524. Sufyan

Old Arabic name

525. Suhaan

Very good

526. Suhaib

Of reddish hair or complexion.

527. Suhail

Canopus, the second brightes

528. Suhaili

A companion

529. Suhaim


530. Suhayb

A companions name

531. Suhayl

Canopus (Star)

532. Suhaym


533. Suheb


534. Suhrab

Son of the Iranian epic hero

535. Sulaiman

A Prophets Name

536. Sulaiman, sulayman

A Prophets name (Solomon)

537. Sulayk

Traveller, Walker

538. Sulayman

Name of a Prophet

539. Sulayt

Dominant, Strong.

540. Suleiman

Form of SOLOMON – peaceable

541. Sultaan


542. Sultan

Sultan, king

543. Sumamah

Millet (Plant).

544. Sumayya

Matyr of Islam

545. Sumrah


546. Suoud

Good luck

547. Suoud

Good luck

548. Suraqah

Name of a companion of the Prophet

549. Surayj

Name of an authority of Hadith

550. Surraq

Thieves, name of a distingui

551. Surur

Joy, happiness

552. Suud

Good Luck

553. Suwaybit

Roof over path, alley between houses

554. Suwayd


555. Swab

True, right.

556. Syed

Always in control

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