Nepali Baby Names

110 Cool Nepali Baby Boys, Girls Names » A Popular List Of Nepali Names For Girls, Boys In Lovely Nepal

Most Popular Nepali Baby Names: Are you in search of most cool and popular Nepali baby names with Meanings » Nepali boys and girls names in Nepal. Nepal with 26.4 million population, A gorgeous country of greenery and high mountains is located in Himalaya, Asia. It’s well known for foreign adventurers to climb Mount Everest and ancient history of their forefathers. We at Getnames have listed 110 unique, popular and sweet Nepali names baby names for girls and boys with English meanings and origin as well. Just put your cute glance to pick up your favorite and beautiful name for sweet Nepali male or female newborn children in order to bestow them first surprise in naming ceremony.

BoyAbiralNever endingNepali
BoyAhupathiFollower of the Prayer; A Devotee.Nepali
GirlBabiePrincess or queenNepali
BoyBaburamLeader of a Rebellion; Head of an uprisingNepali
GirlBaijanthiName of a flowerNepali
GirlBalapuspikaThe young blossom or the young flower.Nepali
BoyBallabhA variant of Vallabh, meaning beloved.Nepali
BoyBatsaBatsa is the Nepali variant of Vatsa and means son.Nepali
BoyBatsalA variant of Vatsal, meaning love or affection.Nepali
GirlBhavaroopaOne who is unique.Nepali
GirlBilhanaA woman of the dawn, of the morningNepali
GirlBinsaA woman who is fearless.Nepali
GirlBiswabanditaA name of Goddess DurgaNepali
GirlChaarumathiOne who is beautiful and intelligent.Nepali
GirlChahaLove, wish or desireNepali
GirlChatushkarniOne of the names of Goddess Lakshmi.Nepali
GirlChenbagamName of a flower.Nepali
GirlChirashreeA woman with everlasting beauty.Nepali
GirlChirasmiA long lifeNepali
BoyChitavakeThe eye of Lord Shiva.Nepali
GirlDaxaOne who is clever.Nepali
BoyDevancePart of god, presence of God, or a part of Lord Krishna.Nepali
GirlDevnaGodly or divine.Nepali
BoyDevnandA name of Lord Krishna.Nepali
GirlDexaTo teachNepali
GirlDhanviA woman who is rich and wealthy.Nepali
GirlDhritiOne who has courage and patience.Nepali
BoyDhyanshAttention or an attentive person.Nepali
GirlDityaA name of Goddess Durga. It means answer of prayers.Nepali
BoyDivsimarOne who remembers God.Nepali
GirlDruhiNepalese word, meaning daughter.Nepali
BoyDrupadhThe great king.Nepali
BoyDvarikaName of Lord Krishna’s capitalNepali
GirlEenakshiA doe eyed woman.Nepali
GirlEtishaBeginning after the end.Nepali
GirlFaalguneeThe day of full moon.Nepali
BoyFaneelSea wavesNepali
GirlFatehjitOne who is victorious in whatever he does.Nepali
GirlFebaThe source of light.Nepali
GirlFuliTo bloom like a flowerNepali
GirlGamyaA beautiful destiny.Nepali
BoyGarveshA name of Lord Ganesha. It means proud.Nepali
GirlGavyaGarden of GodNepali
GirlGeetuSomeone who’s very special.Nepali
BoyGianprakashLight of Devine Knoledge.Nepali
BoyGigyanshBeing curious about something.Nepali
BoyGirivardhanA name of Lord Venkateshwara.Nepali
BoyGirveshA name of Lord Shiva.Nepali
GirlGnapikaAn intelligent woman.Nepali
GirlGrivaA woman with a beautiful singing voice.Nepali
BoyGurratanThe diamond of God.Nepali
BoyGurrehmatKindness or mercyNepali
GirlHanitA beautiful diamond.Nepali
GirlHankaGrace or favorNepali
BoyHarnoopThe beautiful person of God.Nepali
BoyHartajThe crown of God.Nepali
BoyHekshithMade up of gold or diamond.Nepali
BoyHiranjanThe one who delights his parents.Nepali
BoyHiranshA part of diamond.Nepali
BoyImayOne with an independent natureNepali
BoyIndragopGlow or lightNepali
GirlIshyaThe season spring.Nepali
BoyJuddhaWar. A variant of the name Yuddha.Nepali
GirlKaneilaBeautiful like a rose.Nepali
GirlKopishaAn intelligent and wise woman.Nepali
GirlLinikshaA lovable woman.Nepali
GirlLogaratchagiA woman with bright eyes.Nepali
BoyNugaḥHeart, a man who thinks from the heart.Nepali
BoySananiA creative man.Nepali
GirlSanjiyaLove, beauty and brilliance.Nepali
GirlSanjonaThe creator.Nepali
BoySejunA charming man.Nepali
BoyShalvaAn honest and peaceful man.Nepali
GirlShanoliOne who is kind hearted.Nepali
BoySoumyNepalese version of Soumya. It means soft natured.Nepali
GirlSrevaA good natured woman.Nepali
BoyTaralBrilliant, shining or splendid.Nepali
BoyTejBright and radiant.Nepali
BoyTilanjalA pure substance used to worship.Nepali
BoyToofanWind or storm.Nepali
BoyTribhuvanThe tree worlds.Nepali
BoyTribikramThe Holy Trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh.Nepali
BoyTsheringLong lifeNepali
BoyTyagSacrifice, a person who doesn’t hesitate to sacrifice.Nepali
BoyUjeshThe one who gives light.Nepali
BoyUnnabhHighest, the peakNepali
BoyUnnatProgress or development.Nepali
BoyUtkarshAwakening or prosperity.Nepali
BoyUtkrishtathe bestNepali
BoyUtsargOne who is dedicated towards whatever he does, dedicating.Nepali
BoyVasavaA name of Lord Indra.Nepali
BoyYadavYadav is a name of Lord Krishna.Nepali