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Pakistani Boys names in Urdu meanings as well Pakistani baby girls names with Urdu writing names that start from A alphabetically. Now you can avail a to z Pakistani traditional Islamic names in Arabic and English meanings for boys and girls names at one spot that is called hub of Muslim kids names. Most popular Pakistani babies names with their meanings. Whether you wish to get meaning of local cute Punjabi names, Pashto names, Sindhi names or Balochi names for boys and girls that are kept in beautiful Pakistan. Stay with hope for best naming of your little moon.

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Aabid name meaning in Urduعابد
 (Aabid) Worshipper, (Suitable combination) Muhammad Aabid Aabid-ur-Rahmaan.
 Aabidah name meaning in Urdu                                                                    عابدہ
Aabirah name meaning in Urduعابرہ
 Presser by, fragrant.
Aadam name meaning in Urduآدم
 The first prophet of Allah, and first human being sent to the earth.
Aadil name meaning in Urduعادل
 Upright, sincere, Just, attribute of the Holy prophet (peace be upon him).
Aafrin name meaning in Urduآفرین
 (Persian), Appreciation.
Aaisha name meaning in Urduعائشه
 Beloved wife of the prophet of Allah. Meaning,Well living woman.
Aakifah name meaning in Urduعاکفه
 A lady who worships Allah in solitude.
Aali name meaning in Urduعالی
 (Aalee) Sublime, high.
Aaliah name meaning in Urduعالیه
 Sublime , high woman.
Aalim name meaning in Urduعالِم
 Scholar, knowing.
Aalimah name meaning in Urduعالمه
 Woman scholar
Aamil name meaning in Urduعامل
 Doer, work man.
Aamilah name meaning in Urduعامله
 A woman, doing good deeds.
Aamina name meaning in Urduآمنه
 Secured ,safe woman, the mother of the Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him)
Aamir name meaning in Urduعامر
 Inhabited, populous, full, filled up, cultivated (of land), civilized, flourishing prosperous.
Aamirah name meaning in Urduعامرہ
 A woman inhabitig in a place.
Aanisah name meaning in Urduآنسه
 Young lady, virgin, unmarried or chaste woman, intact, maiden, friendly.
Aaqib name meaning in Urduعاقب
 Suckered, follower.
Aaqil name meaning in Urduعاقل
Aaqilah name meaning in Urduعاقله
 Intelligent woman.
Aarif name meaning in Urduعارف
 Knowing, skilled, recognizing Allah
Aarifah name meaning in Urduعارفه
 Knowing, skilled, recognizing Allah
Aarzoo name meaning in Urduآرزو
 (Urdu word) desire, wish.
Aasimah name meaning in Urduعاصمه
 A woman who saves others.
Aasiyah name meaning in Urduآسیه
 Pharaoh’s wife who embraced lslam
Aatikah name meaning in Urduعاتکه
 Name of one of the companions of the Holy prophet of Allah(Peace be upon him).
Aatiqah name meaning in Urduعاتقه
 Emancipated, a beautiful lady, of honourable family back ground.
Aatirah name meaning in Urduعاطرہ
 Of good fragrance, a connoisseur of fragrance.
Aauf name meaning in Urduعوف
 (Awf) Guest, fragrance, lion, Name of a Sahabi.
Aaus name meaning in Urduأوس
 Name of a number of Sahabah, e.g. Aus bin Thabit, ,Aus bin Saamil.
Aazim name meaningin Urduعازم
Abaan name meaning in Urduابان
 Name of a great Muahaddith scholar of Hadith.
Abbaad name meaning in Urduعبّاد
 Great worshipper.
Abbaas name meaning in Urduعبّاس
 Gloony look,The uncle of the Holy prophet (peace be upon him) and well-known Sahabi(RA).
Abdul-Ahad name meaning in Urduعبدالاحد
 Slave of the One, unique,without partner, Al Ahad is one of the attributes of Almighty Allah.
Abdul-Khaaliq name meaning in Urduعبدالخالق
 Slave of the Creator, one who creates things from non existence.
Abdul-Qadeer name meaning in Urduعبدالقدیر
 Slave of the Powerful, mighty
Abdul-Qayyoom name meaning in Urduعبدالقیوم 
 Slave of the Everlasting, Al Qayyom is an attribute, excessively applied to Allah Almighty.
Abdul-Quddoos name meaning in Urduعبدالقدوس
 Slave of the One who is free from any physical and moral defects, blessed, pious, and celestial person, Quddoos is an attribute applied to Allah.
Abdul-Wahhab name meaning in Urduعبدالوہاب
 Salve of the One who gives the charity etc. abundantly.
Abdullah name meaning in Urduعبدالله
 Slave of Allah, favorite name of the Holy prophet (peace be upon him).
Abdur-Rabb name meaning in Urduعبدالرّب
 Slave of the the Sustainer, master.
Abdur-Rahman name meaning in Urduعبدالرحمٰن
 Salve of the Rahman, the Most beneficent, the Holy prophet (peace be upon him) liked this name for the Muslim child.
Abdus-Samad name meaning in Urduعبدالصّمد
 Slave of the Eternal, Slave of the One who is need-free and the only being to apply to if one has any need to be completed or any troubles to be eliminated.
Abdus-Sattaar name meaning in Urduعبدالسّتار
 Salve of the One who conceals faults by the weil of his Mercy.
Aboo Mahdhoorah name meaning in Urduابو محزورہ
 (Abu Mahzoorah) Name of one companion of the prophet of Allah.
Abqurah name meaning in Urduعبقرہ
 Name of a Sahabiyah.
Abraar name meaning in Urduابرار
 P1. of birr, virture, piety.
Abtahi name meaning in Urduابطحی
 One who lives in Abtah, a place near Makkah.
Abu Ayyoub name meaning in Urduابو ایوب
 Popular Sahabi of the prophet of Allah, when the Holy prophet, peace he upon him, migrated to Madinah, He hosted him in his home for some days.
Abu Bakr name meaning in Urduابو بکر
 Famous Sahabi, First Caliph of the Prophet (peace be upon him ).
Abu Darda name meaning in Urduابو درداء
 Famous Sahabi of Rasoolullah(peace be upon him).
Abu Dhar name meaning in Urduابوزر
 (Abu zarr) Sahabi of Rasoolullah(peace be upon him).
Abu Hanifa name meaning in Urduابو حنیفہ
 A great scholar and jurist of Islamic law.
Abu Hudhaifah name meaning in Urduابوحزیفه
 (Abu huzaifah) A faomous Sahabi of Rasoolullah (peace be upon him).
Abu Hurairah name meaning in Urduابوھریرہ
 A greaat Sahabi who is the narrator of many Ahadith (traditions).
Abu Juhafah name meaning in Urduابوجحیفه
 A Sahabi of the Holy prophet (peace be upon him).
Abu Masood name meaning in Urduابو مسعود
 A great Sababi who particepated in the battle of Badr.
Abu Moosa name meaning in Urduابو موسیٰ
 A well-knowh Sahabi, his full name was Abu Moosa Al Ashari.
Abu Saeed name meaning in Urduابو سعید
 A well-known Sahabi, his full name was Abu sa‘eed Khudri.
Abu Taalib name meaning in Urduابو طالب
 The uncle of the Holy prophet peace he upon him, and the father of Hazrat Ali (R.H).
Abu Talha name meaning in Urduابو طلحہٰ
 A great Sahabi who particepated in the battle of Badr.
Abu Turaab name meaning in Urduابو تُراب
 One of the names of Hazrat Ali.
Abu Ubaidah name meaning in Urduابو عبیدہ
 A great Sahabi of the prophet (peace be upon him) One of the ten companions whom the Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him) has declared as the people of Jannah.
Abu Yousuf name meaning in Urduابو یوسف
 Name of a great jurist and pupil of Imaam Abu Hanifah (RA).
Abul Haitham name meaning in Urduابوالہیشم
 (Abul haitham) A Sahabi, also a great scholar of history.
Abul Kalaam name meaning in Urduابوالکلام
 A great scholar, wellknown politician.
Abul Yusr name meaning in Urduابوالیُسر
 A great Sahabi who patticepated in the baltle of Badr.
Ada name meaning in Urduادا
 (Urdu word) To perform, grace, elegance, charm.
Adeeb name meaning in Urduادیب
 Literary person.
Adeel name meaning in Urduعدیل
 Equal, Like.
Adhraa name meaning in Urduعزراء
 (Azraa’) Yourig lady, virgin, unmarried or chasre woman, intact, maiden.
Adi name meaning in Urduعدی
 A Sahabi of the prophet of Allah, and son of Haatim Taai, a Person famous for his in generosity full name was Adiyy ibn Haatim.
Adl name meaning in Urduعدل
Adnaan name meaning in Urduعدنان
 Name of a leader of the tribe of Quraish. The Holy prophet (peace be upon him) was from this tribe.
Afdaal name meaning in Urduافضال
 (Afzaal)Plu, of Fazl, superiority.
Afeef name meaning in Urduعفیف
 Pure, chaste, virtuous, modest, holy in life, of spotless character.
Afeefah name meaning in Urduعفیفه
 Pure, chaste, virtuous, modest, holy in life, of spotlrss character
Afeerah name meaning in Urduعفیرہ
 Covered with dust of a dusty colour name of A Snhabiyah who participated in the war of Yarmook.
Aflah name meaning in Urduافلح
 Having much prosperity and success in the world and hereafter.
Afraa name meaning in Urduعفراء
 Name of a Sahabiyyah.
Afreen name meaning in Urduآفرین
 Brave, Acclaim.
Afroze name meaning in Urduافروز
 (Persian)) Brightening.
Afshan name meaning in Urduافشاں
 (Persian) , Small golden particles used by women to adorne their face and hair.
Afuww name meaning in Urduعفُو
 The Pardoner, He who pardons all who repent sincerely as if they had no previous sin. It is an attribute of Allah, therefore the best combination is Abdul Affuww.
Afzaal name meaning in Urduافضال
 (Afdaal) Plu, of Fazl, superiority.
Afzal name meaning in Urduافضل
 (Afdal) Superior and excellent.
Ahad name meaning in Urduاحد
 The One, the best name is AbdulAhad.
Ahmad name meaning in Urduاحمد
 More praised, Name of the last prophet of Allah.
Ahmar name meaning in Urduاحمر
 Red coloured.
Ajmal name meaning in Urduاجمل
 The most beautiful, pretty.
Ajwad name meaning in Urduاجود
 More generous, bountifull, magnificent, gracious.
Akbar name meaning in Urduاکبر
Akhlaaq name meaning in Urduاخلاق
 Plu. of Khuluq, Behwior, comportment, conduct, deportmement.
Akhram name meaning in Urduاکرم
 Nobler, more distingushished, more preciuos, most honorable, most generous.
Akhtar name meaning in Urduاختر
 (persian) A star, a constellation, good omen, good lilck, good fortune.
Akmal name meaning in Urduاکمل
 Nobler, more distinguished, more precious, most honorable, most generous.
Alaa name meaning in Urduعلاء
 Hieght elevation, high rank, nobility, loftiness, sublimity.
Alam name meaning in Urduعالَم
 World (suitable combination) Muhammad Aalam, Fakhr ‘Alam.
Aleem name meaning in Urduعلیم
 The All knowing. He who has all knowledge. Name, Abdul Aleem.
Aleemah name meaning in Urduعلیمه
 Knowing, scholar, very learned woman.
Ali name meaning in Urduعلی
 The Most High, He who is the highest, an attribute applied to Allah, Name of famous copanion of the prophet(peace be upon him).Name, Abaul Ali, Muhammad Ali.
Almaas name meaning in Urduالماس
 A Diamond.
Amaan name meaning in Urduامان
 Safety, security, immunity, quarter, grace, mercy, protection.
Amah name meaning in Urduامته
 A female servant, a female slave, a handmaid, a maid sewan.
Amatullah name meaning in Urduامته الله
 Maid servant of Allah.
Amber name meaning in Urduامبر
Ameen name meaning in Urduامین
 Safe, secure, reliable, honest, trustworthy, faithful, loyal, (authorized) reprsentative or agent, trustee.
Ameenah name meaning in Urduامینہ
 Trust worthy, faithful honest
Ameer name meaning in Urduامیر
 Cmmander, emir, prince, commander of the Faithfull, caliph.
Ameerah name meaning in Urduامیرہ
Ammaar name meaning in Urduعمُار
 One who inhabits a place having long life, A famous Sahabi known as Ammaar ibn Yaasir.
Ammaarah name meaning in Urduعمّارہ
 Name of a Sahaabi.
Amr name meaning in Urduعمر
 Life (of a person, used in oaths only)
Amrah name meaning in Urduعمرہ
 Head gear, turban, (Egypt.) repair work, name of a Sahabiyah.
Anas name meaning in Urduانس
 A great Sahabi of the Holy prophet (peace be upon him) many traditions are narratted by him.
Anees name meaning in Urduانیس
 Intimate, friendly, sociable, civil, polite, close, intimate friend.
Aneesah name meaning in Urduآنیسه
 Compapnion, an affectionate friend, name of a Sahaabi.
Angbin name meaning in Urduانگبین
 (Persian word), Honey
Anizah name meaning in Urduعنیزہ
 She goat.
Anjum name meaning in Urduانجم
 (Persian) Star.
Anwaar name meaning in Urduانوار
 (Plu of Noor) Lights, brightness, glow, gleams.
Anwar name meaning in Urduانور
 Brighter, Luminous, radiant, shininis, enliphtening.
Aqeel name meaning in Urduعقیل
 Awise and intelligent man, a sensible man.
Aqueelah name meaning in Urduعقیله
 A wise and intelligent woman, a sensible woman.
Areeb name meaning in Urduاریب
 Skillful, adroit
Areebah name meaning in Urduاریبه
 Skillful woman The aunt (father’s sister) of the Holy prophet (pence be upon him).
Arjumand name meaning in Urduارجمند
 (Persian) Honorable, noble, worthy, blessed, possessing dignity, dear.
Arqam name meaning in Urduارقم
 Pen, speckled snack, and name of a Sahabi know as Arquam ibn abi Arquam.
Arsalaan name meaning in Urduارسلان
 (Turkish) Lion.
Arshad name meaning in Urduارشد
 Rightly guided, having the true faith, soberer, grave, most conscious, most sensible, intelligent, of full legal age.
Arshaq name meaning in Urduارشق
 Handsome,one with a befitting height and a well-proportioned body.
Arwaa name meaning in Urduاروا
 The aunt (father’s sister) of the Holy prophet (peace be upon him).
Asaad name meaning in Urduاسعد
 Happier, more lucky, gladder, felicitous, fortunate.
Asad name meaning in Urduاسد
Asbagh name meaning in Urduاصبغ
 Colored animal,a huge flood,dyer.
Asghar name meaning in Urduاصغر
 Shorter, smaller, tiniest, more diminutive.
Ashaath name meaning in Urduاثعث
 (Asba’as) Scattered, sprcad about irregularly, humble
Ashab name meaning in Urduاشعب
 Lion, difficult, strict.
Ashfaaq name meaning in Urduاشفاق
 (Pl. of Shafaq) Evenining twiilght.
Ashiq name meaning in Urduعاشق
Ashir name meaning in Urduعاشر
 Living. spending a life.
Ashraf name meaning in Urduاشرف
 Grant, Donation.
Asif name meaning in Urduآصف
 It was the name of the minister of Hazrat Sulaimnan, the prophet of Allah.
Asim name meaning in Urduعاصم
 Keeper, guardian, protector, name of a famous Quari.
Askar name meaning in Urduعسکر
Aslam name meaning in Urduاسلم
 Safer, more free, sounder, healtier.
Asmaa name meaning in Urduاسماء
 Heights, Name of a Sahabiyyah, the daughter ul Haunt Abu Bakar Siddique, and the mother of Abdullah ibn zubair.
Ata name meaning in Urduعطاء
 Grant, Donation.
Ateeq name meaning in Urduعتیق
 Old, antique, aged, free, emancipated.
Athar name meaning in Urduاطہر
 Cleaner/ Cleanest, pure, spotless.
Athilah name meaning in Urduاثیله
 (Asilah) Strengthened, consolidated.
Atif name meaning in Urduعاطف
 Kind, affectionate, compassionate.
Atiq name meaning in Urduعاطق
 Free, liberated, independent, Name: Aatiq Ali, Muhammad Aatiq.
Atiquah name meaning in Urduعتیقه
 (Feminine of Atique) Old, antique, free Old woman, a noble woman, a free woman.
Atiyyah name meaning in Urduعطیه
 Grant, Donation, gift.
Atyab name meaning in Urduاطیب
 Great, fine, nice, noble, better/ best.
Aun name meaning in Urduاون
Awwal name meaning in Urduاوّل
 (Al Awwal), the First, Name, Ahdul Awwal.
Ayman name meaning in Urduایمن
 Right, right hand, on the right, lucky.
Ayyoob name meaning in Urduایوب
 (Ayyub)A famous prophet of Allah, Ayyoob’s equivalent in English is Job.
Azam name meaning in Urduاعظم
 (Aazam) Greatest. intending, determining, resolved on, applying the mind to an undertaking.
Azeem name meaning in Urduعظیم
 (Adheem), Great, big, large.
Azhar name meaning in Urduازہر
 White, glittering, blooming, a face full of light.
Azheemah name meaning in Urduعظیمه
 (Azeemah), Great, encomassing, dignified.
Azhhar name meaning in Urduاظہر
 More visible, distinct, obvious, clear, evident.
Azhmat name meaning in Urduعظمت
 Greatness, Largeness, bigness, magnitude, amplitude.
Aziz name meaning in Urduعزیز
 Dear, beloved, resprcted, esteemed, precious, powerful, rare, an attribute of Allah Almighty Name, Abdul Azeez.
Azizah name meaning in Urduعزیزہ
 Dear, respected, esteemed precious, rare, powerful.
Azra name meaning in Urduعذراء
 (Adhraa) Young lady, virgin, unmarried or chaste woman, intact, maiden.