Popular Islamic Boy Names

Popular Islamic Boy Names That Start With A – Boy Names With English & Urdu Meaning

Popular Islamic boy names in Urdu & English. Urdu Pakistani Islamic baby boy names and Indian Muslim boys names are most common rather than other reign of globe. Her’s most famous and unique Islamic male names for boys are compiled in latest of Getnames to make it easy in meaning. You can choose one of top trendy Arabic origin name with meaning in Urdu, English as well at same time. New famous Muslim boy names that are stating with a English letter.

1:Aabid – عابد

Meaning: worshiper – عبادت کرنے والا

Origin: Arabic, Islamic, Urdu

2: Aabideen – عابدین

Meaning: Worshipers – عبادت کرنے والے
Origin: Urdu, Arabic, Quranic

3: Aadam – آدم

Meaning: Name of Prophet – پیغمبر علیہ السلام کا نام
Origin: Quranic, Islamic, Arabic

4: Aadeel – عدیل

Meaning: Just – عدل پسند
Origin: Pakistani, Arabic

5: Aadil – عادل

Meaning: Just – انصاف کرنے والا
Origin: Arabic, Urdu, Hindi

6: Aafeen – عافین

Meaning: Forgiver – معاف کرنے والا
Origin: Urdu, Hindi, Arabic

7: Aafi – عافی

Meaning: Forgiver – درگزر كرنے والا
Origin: Arabic, Quranic, Urdu

8: Aafreen – آفرین

Meaning: Beautiful – خوبصورت
Origin: Persian, Urdu, Hindi

9: Aafsar – عافسر

Meaning: Who works fast – تیزی سے کام کرنے والا
Origin: Urdu, Persian, Islamic

10: Aagha – آغا

Meaning: Owner – حاکم
Origin: Persian, Urdu, Hindi

Popular Quranic Boy Names

11: Aahid – عاہد

Meaning: promiser – وعدہ نبھانے والا
Origin: Arabic, Urdu, Hindi

12: Aaied – عائد

Meaning: Who comes back – پلٹ کر آنے والا
Origin: Arabic, Urdu, Quranic

13: Aaiez – عائز

Meaning: one who abstains -گناہوں سسے بچنےوالا
Origin: Quranic, Urdu, Islamic

14: Aaki – عاکی

Meaning: Who stays – قیام کرنے والا
Origin: Arabic, Urdu, Hindi

15: Aakif – آکف

Meaning: Given – منسلک
Origin: Hindi, Urdu, Islamic

16: Aalif – آلف

Meaning: Affectionate – شفقت کرنے والا
Origin: Arabic, Urdu, Islamic

17: Aamad – عامد

Meaning: Intended to – ارادہ کرنے والا
Origin: Urdu, Arabic, Hindi

18: Aameen – آمین

Meaning: Faithful – قبول کرنے والے
Origin: Arabic, Urdu, Quranic

19: Aamer – آمر

Meaning: Ruler – حکم دینے والا
Origin: Urdu, Persian, Hindi

20: Aamir – عامر

Meaning: Prosperous – کامیاب
Origin: Arabic, Indian, Urdu

Top Muslim Boy Names

21: Aaqib – عاقب

Meaning: Follower – پہروی کرنے والا
Origin: Arabic, Quranic, Urdu

22: Aarif – عارف

Meaning: Knowledgeable – پہچاننے والا
Origin: Islamic, Urdu, Hindi

23: Aarzam – ارزم

Meaning: War – لڑائی
Origin: Urdu, Persian, Islamic

24: Aarzu – آرزو

Meaning: Desire, خواہش
Origin: Urdu, Hindi, Persian

25: Aasaal – اسال

Meaning: Pure – خالص
Origin: Islamic, Arabic, Urdu

26: Aasaf – عاصف

Meaning: Clear – واضح
Origin: Arabic, Urdu, Hindi

27: Aasim – عاصم

Meaning: Protector – بچانے والا
Origin: Islamic, Urdu, Quranic

28: Aatazaz – اعتزاز

Meaning: Lovely – پیارا، محبوب
Origin: Hindi, Islamic Urdu

29: Aati – عاطی

Meaning: Giver – دینے والا
Origin: Quranic, Urdu, Arabic

30: Aayan – آیان

Meaning: God gifted – اللہ کا تحفہ
Origin: Islamic, Urdu, Muslim

Latest Islamic Boy Names

31: Aazam – اعظم

Meaning: Powerful – طاقتور
Origin: Arabic, Urdu, Hindi

32: Abaan – ابان

Meaning: Clear – واضح
Origin: Arabic, Urdu, Islamic

33: Abaid – عبید

Meaning: Small servant – چھوٹا غلام
Origin: Arabic, Turkish, Urdu

34: Aban – ابان

Meaning: Name of Angel – فرشتے کا نام
Origin: Persian, Urdu, Arabic

35: Abasi – عباسی

Meaning: Stern – بنو عباس سے تعلق
Origin: Old Arabic – Hindi, Persian

36: Abbas – عباس

Meaning: Stern, Lion – شیر، نڈر، دلیر
Origin: Arabic, Turkish, Islamic

37: Abd Al Ala – عبد الاعلی

Meaning:  Salve of the High – اعلی کے غلام
Origin: Urdu, Arabic, Hindi

38: Abd al Alim – عبد العلیم

Meaning: Servant of all knowing – سب کچھ جاننے والےکا بندہ
Origin: Arabic, Quranic, Islamic

39: Abdal Ati – عبد العطی

Meaning: Servant of God – اللہ کا بندہ
Origin: Muslim, Urdu, Arabic

40: Abdal Aziz – عبد العزیز

Meaning: Servant of the Mighty – طاقتور کا بندہ
Origin: Arabic, Hindi, Urdu

Modern Islamic Boy Names

41: Abd al Bari – عبد الباری

Meaning: Servant of Allah – اللہ کا بندہ
Origin: Urdu, Arabic, Islamic

42: Abdal Hadi – عبدالحادی

Meaning: Servant of Guider – ہدایت دینے والے کا بندہ
Origin: Arabic, Islamic, Urdu

43: Abdal Hakim – عبدالحکیم

Meaning: Servant of Wise – بڑے دانا کا بندہ
Origin: Urdu, Islamic, Hindi

44: Abdal Halim – عبد الحلیم

Meaning: Servant of Patient one – بہت صبر والے کا بندہ
Origin: Islamic, Urdu, Muslim

45: Abdal Hamid – عبد الحامد

Meaning: Servant of praiseworthy – قابلِ تعریف کا بندہ
Origin: Arabic, Urdu, Hindi

46: Abdal Jabbar – عبد الجبار

Meaning: Servant of the Mighty – بہت طاقتور کا بندہ
Origin: Islamic, Arabic, Quranic

47: Abdal Jawwad – عبدالجواد

Meaning: Servant of Noble one – بہت عظیم کا بندہ
Origin: Urdu, Islamic, Hindi

48: Abdal Kadir – عبد الکادر

Meaning: Servant of capable one – بہت طاقتور کا بندہ
Origin: Arabic, Urdu, Quranic

49: Abdal Karim  – عبد الکریم

Meaning: Servant of the Generous – بہت مہربان کا بندہ
Origin: Islamic, Arabic, Urdu

50: Abdallah – عبداللہ

Meaning: Servant of Allah – اللہ کا بندہ
Origin: Quranic, Islamic, Arabic

Muslim boy names in Urdu with Urdu meanings, Are you really in search of most top Islamic Urdu baby names that are starting from Alif letter and English letter A? Most of Islamic baby names are derived from Arabic roots, Persian and Quranic as well. We at Getnames have some unique Islamic baby boy names in Hindi and Arabic. Indian Muslim boy names from a with beautiful meaning. Search new Bangladeshi baby male names Islamic and their meaning in Bengali.

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