Popular Turkish Girl Names A

List Of Turkish Baby Girls Starting With A Alphabetically – Popular Turkish Girl Names English Meanings

Turkish girl names starting with a alphabetically along beautiful meanings and English sound Turkish names for baby girls. If you are willing and naming a traditional Turkish baby girl name, why not a list of 25 top modern Turkish female baby kids name with meaning in English. Turkey is a gorgeous country of beautiful Muslim people and is well known among all others of Muslim in World due to leading in khilafat usmania. Muslim Turkish girl names that sound in English with spelling and pronunciation are first selection of Turkish parents to make familiar their new born Turkish Islamic girl for bright dream in future. Pick up unique and popular Turkish girl names beginning from A letter in English, Arabic and Urdu.

Turkish girl names that are combination of Turkish-American names, Turkish English names and Turkish-German names are displayed by team of Getnames to facilitate Muslim guardian who have been living in Turkey or anywhere in the globe with unique traditions and civilization of Turkish ancestors. Have a look for top cute Turkish girl names. Popular Turkish girls names starting from A an English in order with Turkish meanings and writing.

26. Anber

A nice, fine fragrance

27. Anise

Sympathetic, approachable

28. Arcan

Honest or honorable, clean

29. Arıel

Clean hands, honest

30. Armağan


31. Armaghan

See ‘Armağan’

32. Asalet

Nobility, Grandeur

33. Asel


34. Asena

She wolf (a female wolf); beautiful girl

35. Aşkım

Love you, my love, darling

36. Aşkın

Excessive, more than, over, beyond

37. Asya

Name of a continent, asia

38. Aşina

We met, familiar

39. Atike

Free, noble, beautiful girl

40. Atiye

Giving, forgiveness

41. Atyeb

Very good, very nice

42. Avgan

Blue, the blueness of the sky, the blueness of the ocean

43. Avınca

Gracious, approachable, sympathetic, warm-hearted, lovable

44. Avi

Water color, watery

45. Ayal

Woman, wife

46. Ayanfer

The eyes’ light, light that hits the eyes creating a nice reflection of it

47. Aybike

Beautiful (like the moon) and untouched

48. Ayca

Like the moon, face as beautiful as the moon

49. Aycan

A person who is beautiful like the moon

50. Ayça

New moon, crescent