Quran Surah Names List

Quran Surah Names

List of Surah Names in The Holy Quran With Meaning In English

The final sacred book revealed by Allah S.W.A on last and final Prophet Muhammad S.A.W is The Holy Quran that is recited among 23 percent (1.6 Billion) Muslim of the world. There are total 144 chapters or surahs in the Quran and 20 small surah of Quran or top 10 shortest Islamic surah are to learn, read and memorize for namaz. Get Islamic surah pdf to download it in order for beginner learners. Surah Kausar is the shortest with three verses and Surah Baqarah is the longest surah containing with 286 in the Quran pak.

Do you know that how many surah, ruku, total verses are there of Quran and what does ruku and manzil mean in Islam?

Islamic Surah: 114 Quranic surahs are divided in 30 para to complete the whole holy book easily in one month for reader facilitation and there are basically 6236 ayat but if we include tasmiya (that means whole Bismillah) beginning of all surahs then verses of Quran are 6666 in Quran.

Total Ruku In Quran: The bigger Quran surah were divided into 540 smaller sections are called Rukus and 35 smaller surahs consist only on One Ruku that all was made in order to recite some part of Quran in one rakat of Salah without breaking any ayat or sentence.

In fact, The Quran that is being published in Arabic countries as book is out of ruku numbering but rukus in Quran that we find is mostly published in Pakistani, Indian or non Arabic regions as the period of Prophet Muhammad or Prophet companions, there were no any waqf signs (ramooz auqaf – stopping sings) Harkat signs nor ruku and manzil. That all done by hajjaj bin yousaf when people entered to Islam and they did not aware of Arabic for speaking or reading the holy Quran.

Manizil In Quran: There are 7 manazil in Quran for those Muslim who want to accomplish Quran surah within 7 days as one manizil for one day and that also was done by hajjaj ibn yusuf. List of Quran surah with meaning in Urdu and Hindi for Muslim of India and Pakistan, Click here

NoEnglish nameArabic nameMeanings
1al-Fatihahal-faatiHahThe Opening
2al-Baqarahal-baqarahThe Cow
3Al-Imranaali-`imraanThe Family Of Imran
5al-Ma’idahal-maa’idahThe Food
6al-An`amal-an`aamThe Cattle
7al-A`rafal-a`raafThe Elevated Places
8al-Anfalal-anfaalThe Spoils Of War
13ar-Ra`dar-Ra`dThe Thunder
15al-Hijral-HijrThe Rock
16an-Nahlan-naHlThe Bee
17Al-Israal-Isra’The Night Journey
18al-Kahfal-kahfThe Cave
20Ta HaTaa haaTa Ha
21al-Anbiya’al-anbiyaa’The Prophets
22al-Hajjal-HajjThe Pilgrimage
23al-Mu’minunal-mu’minoonThe Believers
24an-Nuran-noorThe Light
25al-Furqanal-furqaanThe Criterion
26ash-Shu`ara’ash-shu`araa’The Poets
27an-Namlan-namlThe Ant
28al-Qasasal-qasasThe Narrative
29al-`Ankabutal-`ankabootThe Spider
30ar-Rumar-roomThe Romans
32as-Sajdahas-sajdahThe Adoration
33al-Ahzabal-aHzabThe Allies
35FatirfaaTirThe Creator
36Ya Sinyaa seenYa Sin
37as-SaffataS-SaaffaatThe Rangers
39az-Zumaraz-zumarThe Companies
40GhafirGhafirThe Forgiving One
41FussilatFussilatRevelations Well Expounded
42ash-Shuraash-shooraaThe Counsel
43az-Zukhrufazl-zukhrufThe Embellishment
44ad-Dukhanad-dukhaanThe Evident Smoke
45al-Jathiyahal-jaathiyahThe Kneeling
46al-Ahqafal-aHqaafThe Sandhills
48al-Fathal-fatHThe Victory
49al-Hujuratal-HujuraatThe Chambers
51ad-Dhariyatad-dhaariyaatThe Scatterers
52at-TuraT-ToorThe Mountain
53an-Najman-najmThe Star
54al-Qamaral-qamarThe Moon
55ar-Rahmanar-raHmaanThe Merciful
56al-Waqi`ahal-waaqi`ahThat Which is Coming
57al-Hadidal-HadeedThe Iron
58al-Mujadilahal-mujaadilahShe Who Pleaded
59al-Hashral-HashrThe Exile
60al-Mumtahanahal-mumtaHanahShe Who is Tested
61as-Saffas-saffThe Ranks
62al-Jumu`ahal-jumu`ahThe Day of Congregation
63al-Munafiqunal-munafiqoonThe Hypocrites
64at-Taghabunat-taghaabunThe Cheating
65at-Talaq,aT-TalaaqThe Divorce
66at-Tahrimat-taHreemThe Prohibition
67al-Mulkal-mulkThe Kingdom
68al-Qalamal-qalamThe Pen
69al-Haqqahal-HaaqqahThe Inevitable
70al-Ma`arijal-ma`aarijThe Ladders
72al-Jinnal-jinnThe Jinn
73al-Muzammilal-muzammilThe Mantled One
74al-Mudathiral-muddaththirThe Clothed One
75al-Qiyamahal-qiyaamahThe Resurrection
76al-Insaneal-insaneThe Man
77al-Mursalatal-mursalaatThe Emissaries
78an-Naba’an-naba’The Tidings
79an-Nazi`atan-naazi`aatThose Who Pull Out
80`Abasa`abasaHe Frowned
81at-Takwirat-takweerThe Cessation
82al-Infitaral-infiTaarThe Cleaving Asunder
83Al-MutaffifeenAl-MutaffifeenThe Defrauders
84al-Inshiqaqal-inshiqaaqThe Rending
85al-Burujal-buroojthe Constellations
86at-TariqaT-TaariqThe Night-Comer
87al-A`laal-A`laaThe Most High
88al-Ghashiyaal-ghaashiyahThe Overwhelming Calamity
89al-Fajral-fajrThe Dawn
90al-Baladal-baladThe City
91ash-Shamsash-shamsThe Sun
92al-Laylal-lailThe Night
93ad-DuhaaD-DuHaaThe Early Hours
94ash-Sharhash-SharhThe Expansion
95at-TinaT-TeenThe Fig
96al-`Alaqal-`alaqThe Clot
97al-qadral-qadrThe Majesty
98al-Bayyinahal-bayyinahThe Proof
99Az-ZalzalaAz-ZalzalaThe Shaking
100al-`Adiyatal-`aadiyaatThe Assaulters
101al-Qari`ahal-qaari`ahThe Terrible Calamity
102at-Takathurat-takaathurWorldly Gain
104al-Humazahal-humazahThe Slanderer
105al-Filal-feelThe Elephant
106al-Quraishal-quraishThe Quraish
107al-Ma`unal-maa`oonThe Daily Necessaries
109al-Kafirunal-kaafiroonThe Unbelievers
110an-Nasran-naSrThe Help
111Al-MasadAl-MasadThe Palm Fibre
112al-Ikhlasal-ikhlaaSThe Unity
113al-Falaqal-falaqThe Daybreak
114an-Nasan-naasThe Men