Top Gender Names With A

Top Gender  Names With A

  • Aesir

    Of the gods.
  • Aesoburne

    Lives near the ash tree brook.
  • Aeson

    Father of Jason in ancient Greek mythology.
  • Aethelbald

    A king of Mercia.
  • Aethelbeorht

  • Aethelbeorn

    Noble warrior.
  • Aethelberht

    Noble or bright.
  • Aethelbert

    Noble or bright.
  • Aethelflaed

    Sister of King Edward.
  • Aethelfrith

    Name of a king.
  • Aethelhard

  • Aethelhere

    Name of a king.
  • Aethelind

    An Old English name from an Old German name meaning noble snake.
  • Aethelisdun

    From the noble’s hill.
  • Aethelmaer

    Noble or famous.
  • Aethelmaere

  • Aethelred

    Name of a king.
  • Aethelreda

    Noble maiden.
  • Aethelstan

    Name of a king.
  • Aethelstun

    From the elfs home.

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