Turkish Boys Names A

Turkish boy Names Starting With A – Modern Turkish Boy Names Meanings And Sound In English

Top Turkish baby names for boys -A special blog for Muslim baby names in Turkey, may create an interest to select most popular and modern Turkish boys names starting with a alphabetically and English sound names with meanings. Let’s check list of 30 unique Turkish baby boys names that sound you in English to pronounce a Turkish kid name correctly. We at Getnames can help you to find international Turkish boy names and greet you to remain blessed by God forever.

1. Abbas

Lion, the hero

2. Abbaz

Fins, swimmer

3. Abdi

Obedience doer

4. Abdulkerim

Slave of the generous

5. Abdullah

Servant of Allah (God)

6. Abidin

Worshippers, adorers

7. Abuzer

Golden water, shiny as a golden water

8. Acahan

Uncle, honourable, big

9. Acar

The brave, resourceful

10. Acun

Universe, world

11. Adem

The Turkish form of ‘Adam’. Name of a prophet

12. Adil

Fair, honest-acting

13. Affan

One who stays at a distance from the forbidden things or one
who keeps away from sins

14. Ağca

Color near white, like white by pale

15. Ahmed

Turkish form of ‘Ahmad’. Variation of the name ‘Muhammed’.Most highly adored, or most praised.

16. Ahmet

See ‘Ahmed’

17. Ahsen

Handsome, beautiful, good-looking

18. Aka

Big, respectable (estimable, honorable) person, master or an Islamic title for a military commander or important officer; Turkish chief

19. Akalp

Honest and a courageous person. Straightforward, brave

20. Akant

White vows (Clean oaths)

21. Akarca

Flowing water, fistula, rivulet, streamlet

22. Akay

Near a full moon or the illuminating light of full moon, full moon

23. Akbaran

White or clean power

24. Akbatu

Clean and powerful

25. Akbatun

Gallant, brave men

26. Akbatur

Honorable and courageous (brave)

27. Akbay

Honourable, respectable, wealthy, estimable, clean person

28. Akcan

Clean soul or life, Good-hearted, sincerity, sincerely believing

29. Akcebe

Wearing a white armor

30. Akdemir

A wrought or forged iron