African Baby Names A

African Baby Names Starting With A & Popular African Boy, Girl Names

African baby names including Muslim, Christian, Jewish names for boys and girls with meanings. Unique and most popular African baby names starting from “A” English letter. Choose your African baby names that have deep roots in rich traditions, beauty of incomparable land and great warrior heritage. Cute African baby names with full of meaning.

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 African Boy Names -&- African Girl Names

Baby Names A M\F  African Names Meaning Origin
Aba F Born on Thursday Ghana
Ababuo F A child that keeps coming back Ghana
Abagbe F We begged to have this one to lift up Nigeria
Abam F Second child after twins Ghana
Abayomi F She brings joy Yoruba
Abayomi M Born to bring me joy Nigeria
Abdalla M Servant of God East Africa
Abdu M Worshiper of God Swahili
Abebi F We asked for her Nigeria
Abeeku M Born on Wednesday Ghana
Abeje F We asked to have this child Yoruba
Abejide M Born during winter Yoruba
Abeke F We asked for her to pet her. Nigeria
Abena F Born on Tuesday Ghana
Abeni F We asked for her Yoruba
Abeo F Her birth brings happiness Nigeria
Abidemi F Born during the father’s absence Nigeria
Abikanile F Listen Malawi
Abimbola F Born to be wealthy Yoruba
Abiodun M Born at the time of war Nigeria
Abiola M Born in honor Nigeria
Abiona F Born on a journey Yoruba
Adamma F Child of beauty Nigeria
Addae M Morning sun Ghana
Ade M Royal Nigeria
Adebayo M He came in a joyful time Nigeria
Adeben M Twelfth-born Akan
Adebola F Honor is hers Yoruba
Adedagbo F Happiness is a crown Nigeria
Adeleka F Crown brings happiness Nigeria
Adelola F Crown brings honor Nigeria
Adesimbo F Noble birth Nigeria
Adesina F This child opens the way Nigeria
Adesola M The crown honored us Nigeria
Adia F Present of God East Africa
Adika M The first child of a second husband Ghana
Adio M Be righteous Nigeria
Adisa M One who makes himself clear Nigeria
Adofo M Warrior Ghana
Adom M Help from God, God’s blessing Akan
Adowa F Born on Tuesday Ghana
Aduke F Beloved, cherished Nigeria
Adunbi M Born to be pleasant Yoruba
Adusa M Thirteenth-born Ghana
Afafa F The first child of the second husband Ewe
Afafa F The first child of the second husband Ghana
Afiya F Health Swahili
Afryea F Born during happy times Ghana
Afua F Born on Friday Ewe
Ahmed M Praiseworthy East Africa
Aina F Difficult birth Nigeria
Aisha F Life Swahili
Aiyetoro F Peace on earth Nigeria
Ajani M The victor Nigeria
Akanke F To know her is to love her Yoruba
Akanni M Our encounter brings possession Nigeria
Akiiki M Friend Uganda
Akilah F Intelligent North Africa
Akinlabi M We have a boy Nigeria
Akinlana M Valor Yoruba
Akins M Brave boy Yoruba
Akono M It is my turn Nigeria
Akosua F Born on Sunday Ewe
Akua F Born on Wednesday Ghana
Akwete F First born of twins Ghana
Akwokwo F Younger of twins Ga
Akwtee M Younger of twins Ghana
Alaba F Second child born after twins Yoruba
Alake F One to be petted and fussed over Nigeria
Ali M Exalted Swahili
Alile F She weeps Malawi
Aluna F Come here Kenya
Ama F Born on Saturday Ewe
Amadi F Rejoicing Nigeria
Amadi M He seems destined to die at birth Benin
Aminah F Trustworthy East Africa
Anane M Fourth son Ghana
Andwele M God brought me Nyakyusa
Anum M Fifth-born Ghana
Apara M A child that comes and goes Nigeria
Asabi F She is of choice birth Yoruba
Asha F To live East Africa
Asim M Protector East Africa
Aswad M Black Arabic
Asya F Born during a time of grief East Africa
Atsu M Younger of twins Ghana
Atu M Born on Saturday Fante
Ayize M Let it happen South Africa
Ayo M Happiness Yoruba
Ayobami F I am blessed with you Nigeria
Ayobunmi F Joy is given to me Nigeria
Ayodele F Joy comes home Nigeria
Ayofemi F Joy likes me Yoruba
Ayoluwa F Joy of the people Yoruba
Ayoola F Joy is wealth Nigeria
Aziza F Precious East Africa
Azizi M Precious Swahili

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 African Boy Names -&- African Girl Names

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