African Baby Names A

African Baby Names

African Baby Names Starting With A & Popular African Boy, Girl Names

African baby names including Muslim, Christian, Jewish names for boys and girls with meanings. Unique and most popular African baby names starting from “A” English letter. Choose your African baby names that have deep roots in rich traditions, beauty of incomparable land and great warrior heritage. Cute African baby names with full of meaning.

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 African Boy Names -&- African Girl Names

Baby Names AM\F African Names MeaningOrigin
AbaFBorn on ThursdayGhana
AbabuoFA child that keeps coming backGhana
AbagbeFWe begged to have this one to lift upNigeria
AbamFSecond child after twinsGhana
AbayomiFShe brings joyYoruba
AbayomiMBorn to bring me joyNigeria
AbdallaMServant of GodEast Africa
AbduMWorshiper of GodSwahili
AbebiFWe asked for herNigeria
AbeekuMBorn on WednesdayGhana
AbejeFWe asked to have this childYoruba
AbejideMBorn during winterYoruba
AbekeFWe asked for her to pet her.Nigeria
AbenaFBorn on TuesdayGhana
AbeniFWe asked for herYoruba
AbeoFHer birth brings happinessNigeria
AbidemiFBorn during the father’s absenceNigeria
AbimbolaFBorn to be wealthyYoruba
AbiodunMBorn at the time of warNigeria
AbiolaMBorn in honorNigeria
AbionaFBorn on a journeyYoruba
AdammaFChild of beautyNigeria
AddaeMMorning sunGhana
AdebayoMHe came in a joyful timeNigeria
AdebolaFHonor is hersYoruba
AdedagboFHappiness is a crownNigeria
AdelekaFCrown brings happinessNigeria
AdelolaFCrown brings honorNigeria
AdesimboFNoble birthNigeria
AdesinaFThis child opens the wayNigeria
AdesolaMThe crown honored usNigeria
AdiaFPresent of GodEast Africa
AdikaMThe first child of a second husbandGhana
AdioMBe righteousNigeria
AdisaMOne who makes himself clearNigeria
AdomMHelp from God, God’s blessingAkan
AdowaFBorn on TuesdayGhana
AdukeFBeloved, cherishedNigeria
AdunbiMBorn to be pleasantYoruba
AfafaFThe first child of the second husbandEwe
AfafaFThe first child of the second husbandGhana
AfryeaFBorn during happy timesGhana
AfuaFBorn on FridayEwe
AhmedMPraiseworthyEast Africa
AinaFDifficult birthNigeria
AiyetoroFPeace on earthNigeria
AjaniMThe victorNigeria
AkankeFTo know her is to love herYoruba
AkanniMOur encounter brings possessionNigeria
AkilahFIntelligentNorth Africa
AkinlabiMWe have a boyNigeria
AkinsMBrave boyYoruba
AkonoMIt is my turnNigeria
AkosuaFBorn on SundayEwe
AkuaFBorn on WednesdayGhana
AkweteFFirst born of twinsGhana
AkwokwoFYounger of twinsGa
AkwteeMYounger of twinsGhana
AlabaFSecond child born after twinsYoruba
AlakeFOne to be petted and fussed overNigeria
AlileFShe weepsMalawi
AlunaFCome hereKenya
AmaFBorn on SaturdayEwe
AmadiMHe seems destined to die at birthBenin
AminahFTrustworthyEast Africa
AnaneMFourth sonGhana
AndweleMGod brought meNyakyusa
AparaMA child that comes and goesNigeria
AsabiFShe is of choice birthYoruba
AshaFTo liveEast Africa
AsimMProtectorEast Africa
AsyaFBorn during a time of griefEast Africa
AtsuMYounger of twinsGhana
AtuMBorn on SaturdayFante
AyizeMLet it happenSouth Africa
AyobamiFI am blessed with youNigeria
AyobunmiFJoy is given to meNigeria
AyodeleFJoy comes homeNigeria
AyofemiFJoy likes meYoruba
AyoluwaFJoy of the peopleYoruba
AyoolaFJoy is wealthNigeria
AzizaFPreciousEast Africa

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 African Boy Names -&- African Girl Names

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