Danish Baby Names

Danish Baby Names in 2018 – Old And Traditional Boy, Girl Names In Denmark

Denmark is a delightful and happiest country in the world. If you also want to get joy of pleasure by choosing traditional Danish baby names for boy and girl. Getnames serves a variety of old, unique and popular Danish boy, girl names with meaning, Especially Danish baby name in 2018. Old naming tradition and modern as Eva and Sofia for girls, William and Erik for Danish boys.

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List Of: Modern Danish Baby Names

M/F Baby Names Meaning of Names Origin
M Aage ancestors Danish
F Aase tree-covered mountain Danish
F Abeliona manly Danish
F Ailsa consecrated to God Danish
M Aksel father of peace Danish
M Anker manly Danish
F Anne grace Danish
F Anne-lise dear grace Danish
F Anne-mette little grace Danish
M Anton inestimable Danish
M Aren eagle; ruler Danish
M Argus watchful; vigilant Danish
M Arlan pledge Danish
M Arne eagle Danish
F Arvada eagle Danish
F Asta a star Danish
F Astrid divine strength Danish
M Axel Father of peace Danish
M Bardo ploughman Danish
M Bent blessed Danish
F Bente blessed Danish
M Berde glacier Danish
F Birgit strength Danish
M Bjarne bear Danish
M Bjorn bear Danish
M Bo commanding Danish
M Bodil commanding Danish
M Brede glacier Danish
F Britta strength Danish
F Caryn dear one; friend Danish
M Christian follower of Christ Danish
F Clady lame Danish
M Claus victory of the people Danish
M Clemens gentle or kind Danish
M Cort bold speech Danish
F Dagmar glory of the Danes Danish
F Dagny Dane’s joy Danish
M Dan God is my judge Danish
F Dana from Denmark Danish
M Dane from Denmark Danish
F Dania God is my judge Danish
F Dorothea gift from God Danish
F Ebba strong Danish
M Egon formidable Danish
F Elisabet consecrated to God Danish
F Ellen light Danish
F Elna light Danish
F Else consecrated to God Danish
M Erhardt honor Danish
M Erik ever powerful Danish
M Finn he who finds Danish
M Flemming from Flanders County, Belgium Danish
M Georg farmer Danish
M Gerard spear hard Danish
F Gerda protection Danish
M Gerold mighty with the spear Danish
M Gert fighter Danish
M Gregos vigilant Danish
F Grette a pearl Danish
F Gudrun divine wisdom Danish
M Gus watchful; vigilant Danish
M Gustaof staff of the gods Danish
F Hanne gracious Danish
M Hans God’s gracious gift Danish
M Harald war chief Danish
F Helga holy Danish
M Helge holy Danish
F Helsa consecrated to God Danish
M Hendrik ruler of an estate Danish
M Henerik ruler of an estate Danish
M Henning ruler of an estate Danish
M Hjalmar old Danish name Danish
M Homerus pledge Danish
M Ian God’s gracious gift Danish
M Ib oath of Baal – an ancient god Danish
F Inga-lise consecrated to God Danish
F Ingeborg the protection of Ing Danish
F Inger hero’s daughter Danish
F Iola lord value Danish
M Ivar archer Danish
M Jakob substitute Danish
M Jan God’s gracious gift Danish
M Jens born to nobility Danish
F Jensine God is gracious Danish
M Jeremias God will uplift Danish
F Jette coal black Danish
M Joen God’s gracious gift Danish
F Johanna gracious Danish
M John God’s gracious gift Danish
M Jorgen farmer Danish
M Jorn farmer Danish
F Kaarina pure; unblemished Danish
F Kaia-lise consecrated to God Danish
M Kaj earth Danish
F Kamma ceremonial attendant Danish
F Karan pure Danish
M Kareb pure; immaculate Danish
M Karel full grown; manly Danish
F Kasen pure Danish
F Kathrina pure Danish
F Kathrine pure Danish
M Kim ruler or chief Danish
F Kirsten follower of Christ Danish
M Klaus victory of the people Danish
M Knud knot; kind Danish
F Krista follower of Christ Danish
F Kristina follower of Christ Danish
F Laila night Danish
M Lars laurel Danish
M Leonhard bold lion Danish
F Leta gladness Danish
M Lief descendent; heir Danish
F Lillian lily Danish
F Lisbet consecrated to God Danish
F Lise consecrated to God Danish
M Lorens crowned with laurel Danish
M Lortiz laurel Danish
F Magda woman of Magdala Danish
F Margarethe a pearl Danish
F Marianne sea of bitterness Danish
M Marius warlike Danish
M Martinus warlike Danish
M Matthews gift of God Danish
F Meta pearl Danish
F Metta-lise little pearl Danish
F Mette sweet pearl Danish
M Mette a pearl Danish
M Michael who is like God? Danish
F Mikelena who is like God? Danish
M Mogens power Danish
F Nadia hope Danish
M Nicolaus victory of the people Danish
M Niels champion Danish
M Niles son of Niel Danish
M Nils champion Danish
M Oliver olive tree Danish
F Ovia egg Danish
M Peter stone Danish
M Poul little one Danish
M Preben stone Danish
F Ragnild warrior goddess Danish
M Rasmus amiable Danish
F Rigmor ancient Danish queen Danish
M Sören thunder; war Danish
F Saffi wise Danish
M Sakeri God remembered Danish
M Samson the sun’s man Danish
F Sigrid victorious counselor Danish
M Soren thunder; war Danish
M Steen stone Danish
M Stetson son of Stephen Danish
F Stinne follower of Christ Danish
M Svend young man Danish
M Tage day Danish
M Thor thunder god Danish
M Torquil Thor’s caldron Danish
F Vibeke little woman Danish
M Vilhelm resolute protector Danish