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Unique Swiss Baby Names » Traditional Boy And Girl Names In Switzerland

Swiss baby names for boys, girls. Do you want native and traditional Swiss baby names to steep and reflect in Swiss beauty and ancestry? Because Switzerland is a gorgeous country with amazing people. Mia, Elena and Emma are most famous Swiss girl names. And Noah, Luca and Liam are top trendy Swiss boy names according to Swiss statistics.

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List Of: Modern Swiss Baby Names

M/F Baby Names   Meaning of Names Origin
M Ásbjörn divine bear Swiss
F Åsa god Swiss
M Abelard nobly resolute Swiss
M Acke my father is peace Swiss
M Adalheid golden Swiss
F Addo happy Swiss
M Adelard nobly resolute Swiss
M Adolfus noble wolf Swiss
F Agda good Swiss
F Agnetta chaste; holy Swiss
M Aimon house Swiss
F Aldea rich Swiss
F Allard noble and brave Swiss
M Alvin noble friend Swiss
F Archer the archer Swiss
M Arnborg eagle; protection Swiss
F Aslaug betrothed woman Swiss
F Barbro foreigner; stranger Swiss
F Bayard red-brown hair Swiss
F Bengt blessed Swiss
F Berit exalted one Swiss
M Birger to help Swiss
F Birgitta exalted one Swiss
F Blanda dazzling Swiss
F Bodil best in battle Swiss
F Bothild best in battle Swiss
F Cajsa pure Swiss
F Carla is strong; woman Swiss
F Charlotta strong; brave Swiss
M Christer follower of Christ Swiss
F Edith rich gift; happy Swiss
M Elov ever-heir Swiss
F Emily rival Swiss
F Erika all-powerful ruler Swiss
M Falco bird of prey Swiss
F Floke guardian of the people Swiss
F Fredrika peaceful ruler Swiss
F Friede elf strength Swiss
M Gösta meditation staff Swiss
F Gerald ruler with the spear Swiss
F Gertrude spear maiden Swiss
F Gittan exalted one Swiss
M Gottfrid God’s peace Swiss
M Guido God is gracious Swiss
F Gunhild war; battle Swiss
F Gunnar bold warrior Swiss
F Guy guide; wood Swiss
F Hagan strong defense Swiss
F Haldis reliable; assistant Swiss
M Halvar rock defender Swiss
F Hardy strong Swiss
F Haydee noble sort Swiss
F Heidi noble sort Swiss
F Heilwig remains strong in battle Swiss
F Henning ruler of an estate Swiss
F Holden kindly; gracious Swiss
F Inge foremost one Swiss
F Ingegerd Ing’s enclosure Swiss
F Ingram Ing’s raven Swiss
M Isak he will laugh Swiss
M Jörgen earth-worker; farmer Swiss
M Janne God is gracious Swiss
M Jerk ever-ruler Swiss
F Johanna God is gracious Swiss
F Kai pure Swiss
F Kaja pure Swiss
F Karin pure Swiss
F Katherine pure Swiss
F Kelly farm by the spring Swiss
M Kettil cauldron; kettle Swiss
M Kjell cauldron; kettle Swiss
M Klemens gentle merciful Swiss
M Kristian follower of Christ Swiss
F Linn twin; flower Swiss
F Linnea twin; flower Swiss
M Love famous warrior Swiss
F Lovisa famous warrior Swiss
M MÅrten warlike; martial Swiss
F Magdalene woman of Magdala Swiss
F Margaret pearl Swiss
Maria beloved Swiss
F Marit pearl Swiss
M Martinus warlike; martial Swiss
F Mia beloved Swiss
F Mikael who is like God? Swiss
F Minka strong; resolute Swiss
F Nea twin; flower Swiss
M Nils victory of the people Swiss
M Nisse victory of the people Swiss
M Olle forefather’s heir Swiss
M Olov forefather’s heir Swiss
M Orel golden Swiss
M Oscar divine spearman Swiss
M Otto rich Swiss
F Paxton trader; town of peace Swiss
M Pelle rock; stone Swiss
M Petter rock; stone Swiss
F Rebecka snares or traps Swiss
F Roald fame power Swiss
F Rosalind horse serpent Swiss
M Sigfrid peaceful victory Swiss
M Sigmund victory shield Swiss
M Sigvard guardian of victory Swiss
F Solvig strong house Swiss
M Sten stone Swiss
F Stewart keeper of the estate Swiss
F Susann lily Swiss
M Sven boy Swiss
M Theodoric ruler of the people Swiss
M Thorbjörn Thor’s bear Swiss
M Torbjörn Thor’s bear Swiss
M Torkel Thor’s cauldron Swiss
F Tova peace of Thor Swiss
M Tycho hitting the mark Swiss
M Udo one with great forture Swiss
F Uland noble country Swiss
M Ulrich prosperity power Swiss
F Verena defender Swiss
M Walden mighty Swiss
F Waltraud rule strength Swiss
M Wendell a wend Swiss
M Wilbur bright resolve Swiss
M Willard bold resolve Swiss
M Willermus determined guardian Swiss
M Wolfgang wolf strife Swiss
F Yves archer Swiss