Modern Islamic Boys Names B

Modern Islamic Boys Names From Starting From B- Muslim Baby Names 2019 With New Trend

Muslim boy names in 2019 with beautiful meanings and Arabic origin, Modern Islamic baby names for boys is on top list in 2019 to get most famous baby names of Islam according to Quran and Hadith. As name is first identity of each baby after birth that play a great role for bright future. We at Getnames have listed new modern Islamic boys names which are originated from Arabic roots with handsome meanings? Let’s have a glance to see top Muslim boy names with their meanings in Urdu Arabic, Hindi, Bengali . Modern Muslim boy names starting from b or Baa for year 2019.

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Modern Islamic boys names starting from B English letter to pick favorite Muslim boys names at

  • Baber – بابر means: Courageous, Lion

  • Bakhtawar -بختاور means: Good luck

  • Basir – بصیر means: Bringer of glad tidings

  • Bakhtiyar – بختیار means: Good luck, Happy

  • Basharat – بشارت means: Good news

  • Basim – باصم means: Smiling, Happy

  • Beautiful Islamic Boys Names

  • Bashir -بشير‎ means: one who brings good news

  • Bilal – بلال means: Name of the Prophet’s Muezzin

  • Bilawel – بلاول means: Name of great Suffi

  • Burhan – برھان means: Proof

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