Muslim Boy Names Starting With M

Muslim Boy Names Starting With M And English Meanings So For Pakistani, Indian Boys Arabic Names

Muslim Boys Names From M: Finding a beautiful Muslim boy name for boy is pretty great task for new parents who mostly wander online for modern and trendy Islamic baby boys names in Arabic. We at Getnames present you all an huge list of Muslim boy names starting with “m” and meanings in English to make your search easy at one place of famous children names.

List OF Islamic Boys Names: Don’t forget to let your relative know about most popular Islamic boy names in Arabic. As Arabic baby names for boys is first priority for every Muslim couple to have an eye. We at Getnames may lead you toward a newly updated list of Muslim baby names for boys in Arabic to pick your unique & cute Arabic kids name begins with “m”.

Arabic Baby Names Dictionary: Let’s have just one visit to note some uncommon Arabic names for boys with meaning according to Arabic dictionary of 12000 Arabic baby names. You will be pleased by looking numerous Islamic boys names with similar sound, pronunciation and meanings in Urdu, English, Hindi, Tamil, Arabic, Malayalam, Bengali languages. Pick up your favorite Islamic baby names that are starting from m alphabet in English.

Muslim Boys Names:

Muslim Girls Names:

1. Maahi

To erase disbelieve, Another name for Prophet Muhammad

2. Maahir

Skillful, able, experienced.

3. Maajid

Glorious, honourable, generous, splended, Allahs attribute , Name Abdul Majid.

4. Maajid

glorious, honorable, generaous

5. Maajidah

Glorious, honorable, generous, splendid.

6. Maali

Noble, sublime, Excellency.

7. Maalik

Owner, proprietor, master

8. Maalikah


9. Maani

One who prevernts.

10. Maarij

The 70th Surah of the Quran

11. Maawiya

A young dog or fox (First Umayyad Khalifah)

12. Maaz

Brave Man

13. Maazin

Proper name

14. Mabad

A place of worship

15. Mabrouk


16. Mabruk

Blessed, prosperous.

17. Madan

Name of the tutor of the fam

18. Madani

Urban, civilized, modern

19. Madhat

Praise, lauding.

20. Madi

Past, sharp

21. Madih

Praised, commendable.

22. Magdi


23. Magid


24. Mahad

Great, nice

25. Mahasin

Beauty, qualities, virtues

26. Mahaz

The place, Location of war

27. Mahbeer


28. Mahboob

Dear, beloved.

29. Mahboub

the liked good

30. Mahbub

Beloved, dear

31. Mahbubullah

Beloved of Allah.

32. Mahd

The guided one

33. Mahdi

Guided to the right path

34. Mahdy

Guided to the right path

35. Maheen

Fine or thin texture, feeble voice, Like the moon

36. Maheer


37. Maher


38. Mahfooz

Safe, Secure, Protected

39. Mahfoozh

(Mahfooz), Secured, protected, safe.

40. Mahfoud


41. Mahfuz

Safe, protected by God

42. Mahfuzur rahman

Protected of the Beneficent

43. Mahib

Majestic, dignified, magnifi

44. Mahid

Another name for God

45. Mahir


46. Mahja

Place to sleep, quarters, lodgings

47. Mahjoob

Hidden, Covered

48. Mahjub

Concealed, veiled

49. Mahmood

Much Praised, commendable, praise, Name of the prophet Mohammad(PBUH).

50. Mahmudunnabi

Praised by the Prophet (PBUH)

51. Mahroof


52. Mahrus

Protected (by God)

53. Mahtab

Moon, moonlight.

54. Mahud

Another name for God

55. Mahzuz


56. Maimoon

Fortunate, auspicious, prosperous.

57. Maimun

Auspicious, prosperous, luck

58. Mairanay


59. Maisara

Ease, comfort.

60. Maisur

Easy, successful, fortunate,

61. Majaz

Path, Legal, Lawful

62. Majd


63. Majd al din

Glory of the Faith

64. Majd udeen

The glory of the Faith

65. Majdaldin

Glory of the Faith

66. Majdi

Glorious, praiseworthy

67. Majdi or majdy

Glorious, praiseworthy.

68. Majduddin

The glory of the religion (Islam)

69. Majdudeen

The glory of the Faith

70. Majdy


71. Majeed

Glorious, noble, exalted

72. Majha

Name of a sahabi who participated in the battle of badr.

73. Majid


74. Majid

Glorious, generous

75. Majid al din

Glory of the Faith

76. Majidaldin

Glory of the Faith

77. Makeen

Strong, Firm

78. Makhdoom

One who is served

79. Makin

Strong, firm, well founded

80. Makki

Pertaining to Makkah

81. Maknoonah

Hidden, concealed.

82. Makram

Noble trait, excellent

83. Malak


84. Malang


85. Maleek

Reigning, ruling.

86. Maleekah

Name of a Sahabiyyah (RA).

87. Malih

A reciter of Quran was so called

88. Malik

Master, king

89. Malikah

A queen.

90. Maloof

Familiar, Beloved

91. Maloofuddin

Lover of the religion (Islam)

92. Maloofulislam

Lover of Islam

93. Maluf

Familiar, popular.

94. Malyar


95. Mamar

One who lives long

96. Mamdooh

Praised, celebrated, famous

97. Mamdouh

One who is commended, Praised, Glorified

98. Mamduh

Person commended, praised

99. Mamnoon


100. Mamoon

Secure, fearless

101. Mamoor

Inhabited, civilized.

102. Mamun

Trustworthy, reliable

103. Manal

Attainment, acquisition

104. Mandhur

Vowed, consecrated to God

105. Manha

Gift of Allah.

106. Manhal

Fountains, spring of salubri

107. Mani

Strong, secure, well-fortifi

108. Mannan

Benevolent, bountiful

109. Mannat


110. Mansha

Resolution, accord, wish.

111. Manshoor

Prism, manifesto, law

112. Mansoor


113. Mansoorah

Aided, protected, defended, victorious, conquering, triumphant, succored.

114. Mansooruddin

Victorious in religion (Islam).

115. Mansour

Aided (by God), Victorious

116. Mansur

Divinely aided, victorious

117. Mansuruddin

Victorious in religion (Islam)

118. Manus

Friendly, sociable, polite.

119. Manzar

View, Sight

120. Manzhar

(Manzar) Asight, landscape, scene.

121. Manzhoor

(Manzoor) Agreed, approved, accepted.

122. Manzoor

Approve(d), Accept(ed)

123. Maqadar

Fate, destiny.

124. Maqbool

Accepted, admitted, lovely, favorite

125. Maqbul

Accepted, popular

126. Maqeem

Resident, residing, staying.

127. Maqil


128. Maqsood

Intended, aimed at, object.

129. Maqsud

Proposed, intended

130. Maram

Wish, desire, aspiration.

131. Maraqab

Ranks, praises.

132. Mareer

Strong, Powerful, Rope

133. Marghoob

Desirable, coveted, agreeable

134. Marghub

Desirable, coveted

135. Marid


136. Markooz


137. Maroof

Favour, kindness, kind act

138. Marsad

Ibn Abu Marsad al-Ghanavi was the companion of the Prophet PBUH who took part in the Badr Battle and had this name.

139. Maruf

Well known, good

140. Marufirah

Another name for the Quran

141. Marwan

Old Arabic name

142. Marzooq

Blessed (by God), fortunate,

143. Marzouq

Blessed (by God), Fortunate

144. Marzug

blessed by Allah

145. Marzuq

Blessed by God, fortunate

146. Masarrat

Happiness, delight, joy

147. Maseeh

One who is blessed with piet

148. Maseehuzzaman

Masih (Messiah) of the age.

149. Mashal


150. Masheer


151. Mashhood

Witnessed, present, manifest

152. Mashhoodah

Attested, proved, evidence, clear, manifest, present.

153. Mashhud

Clear, Manifest, Witnessed

154. Mashhur


155. Mashkoor

One who is worthy of thanks, deserving, commendable

156. Mashkur

Thankful, praiseworthy

157. Masir

Destiny, destination.

158. Masood

Blissful, fortunate, auspicious

159. Masoom

Innocent, sinless, infallibl

160. Masoud


161. Masroor

Happy person, joyfull

162. Masrur

Happy, joyful

163. Massoud

Fortunate, prosperous, happy, sahabi

164. Masud

Fortunate, happy, lucky

165. Masum

Innocent, infallible

166. Masun

Well protected, sheltered

167. Mateen

Solid, constant, tough, substantive

168. Matin

Strong,prosperous, powerful, solid

169. Matloob

Objective, goal

170. Mausoof

Worthy of description, endow

171. Mawahib

Pl. of Mauhiba, gift, talent.

172. Mawdood

Beloved, attached.

173. Mawdud


174. Mawhoob

Gifted, talented, endowed

175. Mawla

Helper, protector.

176. Mawsil

Name of Hanafi Jurist of Iraq

177. Maymun

Fortunate, blessed

178. Maysarah

Of comfort, ease

179. Mazhar


180. Mazid

Increase, excess, more.

181. Mazin

Old Arabic name

182. Mazkoor

Related, said of.

183. Meerab

Paradise Flower

184. Mehboob


185. Mehd

Instructor, Haadi

186. Mehdi

Variant transcription of MAHDI

187. Meherdad

Given by the sun

188. Mehmood

Variant transcription of MAHMUD

189. Mehmud

Variant transcription of MAHMUD

190. Mehrab

A character in Shahnameh

191. Mehran

Old name of a river sindh

192. Mehtab

The Moon

193. Mehul


194. Mekka

Name of Holy city

195. Mibsam

Smiling a lot

196. Micronesia

Glorious, praiseworthy

197. Miftah


198. Mifzal

Great and blessed person.

199. Mihammad

Variant transcription of MUHAMMAD

200. Mihran

Name of a companion of the Prophet

201. Mihyar

Name of a famous poet

202. Mika

Cool, sweet, intelligent

203. Mikaeel

Name of Allahs Angel

204. Mikail

One of Allahs angel

205. Mikayeel

One of the main Angels of Allah (SWT)

206. Mikhail

One of the main Angels of Allah (SWT)

207. Mimar

Mason, architect

208. Minhaj

Road, Path

209. Minhajuddin

Way of religion

210. Minnatullah

Gratitude owed to Allah.

211. Miqdad

Name of a Sahabi

212. Miqdam

In the forefront of battle

213. Mir jahaan

King of the world.

214. Mir wais

Home Lord.

215. Miraj

Ascension (to heaven)

216. Miran

Princes, pl. of Mir.

217. Mirsab

The sword of the Prophet (SAW)

218. Mirza

Son of a prince.

219. Misal


220. Misam

Smiling, happy.

221. Misaq

Agreement, covenant, contrac

222. Misbah

Light, Lamp

223. Misbahuddin

Lamp of the religion (Islam).

224. Mishal

Torch, light

225. Misid

Variant of MUSAD Related: MUSAD

226. Miskeen


227. Mistah

Instrument to level something

228. Miyaz

Distinguished, preferred

229. Mizan

Balance, scales.

230. Mizanur rahman

Balance of the most merciful

231. Mmoomin


232. Moalim


233. Moazzam


234. Moazzem

The one respected

235. Mobarak


236. Mobeen


237. Moeen

Helper, Supporter

238. Moemen

Believer and faithful to Allah

239. Mohamed

Variant transcription of MUHAMMAD

240. Mohammad

Name of final prophet (PBUH)

241. Mohammad saif

Mohammed Sword

242. Mohd aslam

243. Mohid

The one who believes in oneness of Allah Almighty

244. Mohsin

Helper, attractive

245. Moin

Fountain, spring.

246. Moinuddawlah

Defender of the state

247. Moinuddin

Supportive of religion (Islam)

248. Moinulislam

Supporter of the Islam

249. Moiz

One who gives protection.

250. Moktar

the selected one

251. Momin

Believer, One of the names of Allah

252. Moncef


253. Moosa

A Prophets name

254. Mosa

Taken from the water, prophet name

255. Mostafa

Variant transcription of MUSTAFA

256. Motabir

Trusted, accomplished.

257. Motasim


258. Motaz


259. Mounir

Light, sunlight

260. Mourad


261. Muaath


262. Muaath

protected, honored, sahabi name

263. Muad

A noted companion of the Prophet

264. Muadh


265. Muafa

Name of a man who travelled extensively to find Hadith

266. Mualla

A judge and follower

267. Muallim


268. Muammar


269. Muattib

It was the name of a companion

270. Muawin

Assistant, helper, supporter.

271. Muawwaz

Name of a Sahabi

272. Muawwiz

Companion who participated in the Battle of Badr

273. Muayid


274. Muayyad


275. Muaz


276. Muazzam

Exalted, glorified, honoured

277. Mubajjal

Glorified, exalted, honourable

278. Muballigh

Preacher, one who preaches and propagates Islam

279. Mubarak

Happy, blessed

280. Mubaraq


281. Mubarez

Army man, fighter, policeman.

282. Mubashir

Spreader of good news

283. Mubassir


284. Mubayyin

Another name for God

285. Mubeen

Clear, Plain

286. Mubid


287. Mubin

Clear, evident

288. Mubtasim


289. Mudabbir

One who plans

290. Muddassir

Wrapped in, enveloped, attri

291. Muddathir


292. Mudhakkir


293. Mudrik

Perceptive, intelligent

294. Mueen

One who helps

295. Mueez

One who gives protection

296. Mufaad

Profit, interest.

297. Mufaddal

One who is preferred

298. Mufakhar

Glorious, exalted.

299. Mufakkir

Thinker, one who meditates

One Who Is Preferred.

300. Mufallah

One who prospers

301. Mufarrij

Who helps in removing difficulties

302. Mufazzal

Preferred, chosen, favoured.

303. Mufeed

(from the verb fada to overflow)

304. Mufeed

Useful, helpful

305. Mufid


306. Mufiz

Giver-to the benefit

307. Muflih


308. Mufti


309. Mughis

Helper, assistant.

310. Mughith


311. Muhab


312. Muhaddas

Compiler of hadith.

313. Muhafiz

One who protects

314. Muhafiz-ud-din

Preserver of the religion

315. Muhaimin

Ruler, overlord

316. Muhair


317. Muhajir


318. Muhammad

Praiseworthy – name of the LAST Prophet (AS)

319. Muhammed

Variant transcription of MUHAMMAD

320. Muhanad


321. Muhanna

Happy, delighted

322. Muhannad


323. Muhanned


324. Muhanned


325. Muharram

First month of Islamic year

326. Muharrim

Another Name For Prophet Muhamm

327. Muhazzab

Polite, courteous, well-mann

328. Muhdee

One who presents

329. Muheet

That which embraces all round

330. Muhib

Noble, respected

331. Muhibb


332. Muhibuddin

Friend of the religion (Islam).

333. Muhibullah

Friend of Allah.

334. Muhit

Encompassing, ocean.

335. Muhiyuddin

Reviver of the religion (Islam)

336. Muhriz

Obtainer, winner, earner

337. Muhsin

One who does good,patron,benefactor

338. Muhsin

Beneficient, charitable

339. Muhtad

Rightly Guided

340. Muhtadi

Rightly guided

341. Muhtady

Rightly guided

342. Muhtashim

One has many followers

343. Muhyi

One who gives life, reviver.

344. Muhyi al din

Reviver of the faith

345. Muhyialdin

Reviver of the faith

346. Muid

Reviser, restore.

347. Muin

Supporter, helper

348. Muinuddawlah

Defender of the state.

349. Muinuddin

Helper of the religion (Islam).

350. Muinul islam

Supporter of Islam.

351. Muizz


352. Mujaahid

Fighter (in the way of Allah)

353. Mujab

One who accept the prayers.

354. Mujaddid

One who renews or renovates or refreshes

355. Mujahid

Fighter (in the way of Allah)

356. Mujammil

Adorner, beautifier.

357. Mujazziz

Name of a companion

358. Mujeeb


359. Mujib

Replier, answerer.

360. Mujibur


361. Mujid

One Who Renews Or Renovates Or Refreshes.

362. Mujir

Protector, defender, helper,

363. Mujtaba

The chosen one

364. Mujtahid

Diligent, industrious

365. Mukafih

Freedom fighter.

366. Mukammil

Perfecting, completing.

367. Mukarram


368. Mukhallad


369. Mukhlis

Faithful, sincere

370. Mukhtaar


371. Mukhtar


372. Mukhtarul haq

Chosen by the Truthah).

373. Mukhthar


374. Muktafi

Satisfied, contended.

375. Mulail

Name of a Sahabi who partici

376. Mulayl

A companion was so named

377. Mulham


378. Mulhim


379. Mulk

Kingdom, sovereignty, suprem

380. Mulla

A Persian construction proba

381. Mumin


382. Mummar

Given or granted long life

383. Mumtaz


384. Munadil

Fighter, defender.

385. Munaf

Exalted, inconsistent with contradictory to

386. Munahid


387. Munaim

Blessed, who charity gives to others

388. Munasir

Helper, protector, friend.

389. Munawwar

Enlightened, lighted.

390. Mundhir

Warner, cautioner

391. Muneeb

One who turns in repentance

392. Muneer


393. Muneer

Brilliant, shining

394. Munib


395. Munif

Exalted, excellent

396. Munim

Benefactor, donor, grantor.

397. Munir

Moons Light, Lamp

398. Muniruzzaman

Brilliant of the age.

399. Munis

Pleasant companion

400. Munjid


401. Munkadir

Name of an authority and ascetic of Hadith

402. Munna

Strength, power, vigour.

403. Munqad

One who is led, conducted, obedient

404. Munqiz

Saviour, rescuer, deliverer.

405. Munsif

Just, right

406. Muntaqim

The Avenger

407. Muntasir


408. Muntazar

Expected, prospective

409. Muntazir

The awaitting

410. Munthir

Warner, Cautioner

411. Munzir


412. Muqaddam


413. Muqaddas


414. Muqaffa

Name of Abdullah

415. Muqarrab

Intimate companion, friend

416. Muqas


417. Muqatadir

Name of an Abbasid Khalifah

418. Muqbil

Following, next

419. Muqeet

Provider. Al-Muqeet

420. Muqla

Eye, eyeball

421. Muqsit

Just, impartial

422. Muqtadi


423. Muqtadir

Able, powerful, mighty

424. Muqtafi

One who follows (another)

425. Muqtasid

One who is economical, thrifty

426. Murabbi

Superior, guardian

427. Murad

Wanted, desired

428. Murarah

Bitterness, innermost, heart

429. Mursal

Messenger, Prophet, Ambassador

430. Mursaleen

Messenger, Prophet, Ambassad

431. Murshid


432. Murtaad


433. Murtaaz


434. Murtada

Satisfied, contented

435. Murtadaa

Chosen one

436. Murtadhy

Satisfied, Content

437. Murtadi

Satisfied, content

438. Murtaza

The generous, The giving

439. Musa

A Prophets name

440. Musa, moosa

A Prophets name (Moses)

441. Musaab

Brave, sahabi (the first ambassador in Islam)

442. Musaaid


443. Musab

Old Arabic name

444. Musad

Unfettered camel

445. Musaddiq

Verified, Certified

446. Musaid

Helper, supporter

447. Musawwir

Shaper, fashioner.

448. Museeb

Apple in persian Also means great warrior

449. Musharraf

One who is honoured, exalted

450. Musheer


451. Musheeruddin

Advisor of the religion (Islam)

452. Musheerulislam

Advisor of Islam

453. Mushfiq

Friend, considerate

454. Mushir

The one of highest rank was used mostly in military in the past, now used to describe many things in arabic

455. Mushir-ul-haq

Counselor of the Truth

456. Mushtak

Homesick and there is another meaning to it miss you

457. Mushtaq

Longing, yearning

458. Musiq

One Who Confirms Or Verifies Another.

459. Musir

Prosperous, affluent, rich.

460. Musleh


461. Muslih

Conciliator, reformer

462. Muslihuddin

Reformer of the religion (Islam)

463. Muslim

Submitting oneself to God

464. Mustabshir

Seeker of good news

465. Mustaeen

The chosen one

466. Mustafa


467. Mustafa kamal

Founder of modern Turkey

468. Mustafeed

Profiting, gainful

469. Mustafiz

Profiting, one who is desiro

470. Mustahfiz

Guardian, protector

471. Mustahsan


472. Mustajaab

Approved, Acceptable, Heard

473. Mustajab

One who is heard

474. Mustakarim

Seeker of kindness, Seeker of mercy (from Allah)

475. Mustakim

Right Way

476. Mustali

High, elevated, superior.

477. Mustamsik

Composed, calm of mind

478. Mustaneer


479. Mustanjid

One who implores for help.

480. Mustansir

One who asks for help to fight.

481. Mustapha

Variant transcription of MUSTAFA

482. Mustaqeem


483. Mustaqim

Straight, upright.

484. Mustarshid

One who seeks direction.

485. Mustasim

He who holds fast.

486. Mustatab

Good, Delectable

487. Mustazhir


488. Mustazi

One who seeks light or advice

489. Muta


490. Muta ali

The Most Exalted A Name for Allah

491. Mutaa


492. Mutabassim

Smiling, Laughing

493. Mutad

Prepared, ready.

494. Mutahhar

Pure, clean, purified

495. Mutahhir

That which purifies.

496. Mutakabbir

The Majestic A Name for Allah

497. Mutakaffil

Guardian, Guaranteer

498. Mutali

Exalted, supreme.

499. Mutamad

Trustworthy, reliable, dependent

500. Mutamakan

Accomplished, perfect

501. Mutamid

One who relies upon Allah.

502. Mutamin

One who entrusts his affairs

503. Mutammim

Perfecting, completing.

504. Mutaqid

Confident, believer, faithful

505. Mutasim

Adhering (to faith, to God)

506. Mutawakkil

One who puts his trust

507. Mutawalli


508. Mutawassit

Moderate, average

509. Mutaygab

Son of Prophet Muhammad

510. Mutayyib


511. Mutazid

One who takes assistance

512. Mutazz

Proud, honorable

513. Mutee

Obedient, pious, devoted

514. Muthanna

Old Arabic name

515. Muti


516. Mutiul islam

Obedient (follower) of Islam.

517. Mutiur rahman

Obedient (servant)

518. Mutlaq

Free, unlimited, unrestricted.

519. Muttalib


520. Muttaqi

Righteous, one who fears Allah

521. Muttee


522. Muwafaq


523. Muwaffaq


524. Muwaffiq

Successful, prosperous, luck

525. Muyassar

Fortunate, facilitated

526. Muzaffar


527. Muzaffaruddin

Victorious of the religion

528. Muzahir

Protector, defender, support

529. Muzahiruddin

Defender of the religion (Islam)

530. Muzakkir


531. Muzammil

Wrapped, One who is wrapped in garments. Name of a Surah in the Holy Quran.

532. Muzhir

Witnessed, name of companion

533. Muzzammil

One who is wrapped up

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