Muslim Boy Names Starting With N

Muslim Boy Names Starting With N And English Meanings So For Pakistani, Indian Boys Arabic Names

Muslim Boys Names From N: Finding a beautiful Muslim boy name for boy is pretty great task for new parents who mostly wander online for modern and trendy Islamic baby boys names in Arabic. We at Getnames present you all an huge list of Muslim boy names starting with “n” and meanings in English to make your search easy at one place of famous children names.

List OF Islamic Boys Names: Don’t forget to let your relative know about most popular Islamic boy names in Arabic. As Arabic baby names for boys is first priority for every Muslim couple to have an eye. We at Getnames may lead you toward a newly updated list of Muslim baby names for boys in Arabic to pick your unique & cute Arabic kids name begins with “n”.

Arabic Baby Names Dictionary: Let’s have just one visit to note some uncommon Arabic names for boys with meaning according to Arabic dictionary of 12000 Arabic baby names. You will be pleased by looking numerous Islamic boys names with similar sound, pronunciation and meanings in Urdu, English, Hindi, Tamil, Arabic, Malayalam, Bengali languages. Pick up your favorite Islamic baby names that are starting from n alphabet in English.

Muslim Boys Names:

Muslim Girls Names:

1. Naabih

Noble, famous, eminent, dist

2. Naadhir


3. Naadir

Dear, Rare, Precious

4. Naail

Acquirer, Earner

5. Naajy


6. Naaqid

To criticism

7. Naase

Clear, pure, white.

8. Naasih


9. Naasir

Defender, Helper, One who helps render victorious, Friend

10. Naasiruddin

Defender of Islam, Defender of the religion

11. Naasiruddolah

Defender of the state

12. Naasirulislam

Defender of Islam

13. Naathim

Arranger, Adjuster

14. Nabeeh

Noble, Outstanding

15. Nabeel

Noble Man

16. Nabhan


17. Nabhan, nabih

Noble, outstanding

18. Nabi

Prophet sent by Allah

19. Nabi bakhsh

Gift of the Prophet.

20. Nabigh


21. Nabighah


22. Nabih


23. Nabil


24. Nabil

Noble, generous

25. Nabil, nabeel


26. Nabiullah

An epithet of the Prophet Nuh.

27. Nacer

triumphant victor

28. Nadeem

Friend, Companion, Friendly

29. Nader

Variant transcription of NADIR

30. Nader

Rare,Singular,Precious (in English lowest point)

31. Nadhir


32. Nadhr


33. Nadim

Friend, companion

34. Nadir

Dear, rare, precious

35. Nadira


36. Nadjib


37. Nadr


38. Naeem

Blessing, Ease

39. Naeemullah

Grace of Allah

40. Naef

Excess, surplus.

41. Nafasat


42. Nafees

Refined, pure, choice

43. Nafi


44. Nafis


45. Nagi

Variant transcription of NAJI

46. Nagib

Variant transcription of NAJIB

47. Naguib


48. Nahi

Another name for Prophet Muhammad,

49. Nahid


50. Nahyan


51. Naib

Deputy, Second in Command

52. Naif

High, excellent

53. Naif

Exalted, lofty, eminent

54. Naif nail

Aquirer, earner

55. Naifnail

Aquirer, earner

56. Nail

Acquirer, earner

57. Naim

Comfort, ease, tranquility

58. Naiyyir

Luminary, Bright star

59. Najaat

Rescue, salvation, deliveran

60. Najah


61. Najair

Little Star

62. Najam


63. Najeeb

Excellent, gracious

64. Najeed


65. Najeeh

Sound, good (opinion).

66. Naji

Safe,friendly, affectionate

67. Najib

Intelligent, Noble

68. Najib-ud-din

Distinguished (person)

69. Najibornajeeb

Of noble descent

70. Najibullah

Distinguished (servant)

71. Najid

Lion, brave

72. Najih


73. Najillah

Saved by Allah.

74. Najiullah

Intimate friend of Allah.

75. Najjar


76. Najji

Intimate friend, bosom friend.

77. Najm al din

Star of the faith

78. Najm udeen

The star of the Faith

79. Najmaldin

Star of the faith

80. Najmuddawlah

Star of the state.

81. Najmuddin

Star of the religion (Islam).

82. Najmudeen

The star of the Faith

83. Najmussaqib

Shining star

84. Nakir


85. Naman

Old Arabic name

86. Namdar

Renowed, famous.

87. Nameer

Pure, clear, healthy, good.

88. Namir

Good, pure, dear

89. Namood

Sample, model, paragon.

90. Nangial


91. Naqeeb


92. Naqi


93. Naqib

President, head, chief.

94. Naqid


95. Naqit

Salih bin Aasim had this name.

96. Naqqash


97. Narmin

Clean, Soft

98. Nasaar

Prose writer

99. Nasar

Help, Support

100. Naseeb

Name of Ibn Rabah al-Thaqati

101. Naseef

The just one

102. Naseeh

Preacher, Advisor

103. Naseem

Breeze,Fresh air

104. Naseer

One who helps

105. Naseeruddin

Defender of the religion (Islam)

106. Naseeruddolah

Defender of the state

107. Naseerulislam

Defender of Islam

108. Naser,nasir


109. Nashah

Growing up, youth

110. Nashat

Growing up, youth

111. Nasheet

Energetic, dynamic, lively

112. Nashir

One who publishes.

113. Nashit

Energetic, active

114. Nashwan

Exultant, bright

115. Nasib

Noble, relative

116. Nasif

Most just, equitable

117. Nasih

Advisor, counse

118. Nasihuddin

Counselor of the religion (Islam)

119. Nasik

Pious. Devotee.

120. Nasim

Fresh air

121. Nasim-ul-haq

Breeze of the Truth

122. Nasimuddin

Breeze of the religion (Islam).

123. Nasir

Protector, helper, supporter

124. Nasir al din

Protector of the faith

125. Nasirah

A companion of Prophet Muhammed

126. Nasiraldin

Protector of the faith

127. Nasiruddin

Defender of the faith (Islam).

128. Nasiruddolah

Defender of the state

129. Nasirulislam

Defender of Islam

130. Nasmi


131. Nasr

Help, victory

132. Nasrallah

The Victory of Allah swt

133. Nasri

Of victory

134. Nasruddin

Victory of the religion (Islam)

135. Nasrullah

Help of Allah.

136. Nassar


137. Nasser


138. Nasser


139. Nasser


140. Nasser udeen

Protector of the Faith

141. Nasserudeen

Protector of the Faith

142. Nassim


143. Nasuh

Sincere, faithful

144. Natheer


145. Natiq

Categorical (decision), talker, speaker, rational

146. Nauman

Flower Beds, Blood

147. Naushad


148. Naveed

Glad tidings

149. Navid

Iranian, Arabic Means “good news” in Persian.

150. Nawab

Barron, ruler.

151. Nawaf

High, lofty.

152. Nawaz

Prince, kind, loving and generous

153. Nawfal


154. Nayab

Rare, Precious

155. Nayef


156. Nayif

High, excellent

157. Nayyar

Bright Star

158. Nayyir


159. Nazakat


160. Nazar

The one who gives

161. Nazeef

Clean, neat

162. Nazeeh

Pure, Chaste

163. Nazeem


164. Nazeem

Arranger, adjuster

165. Nazeer

One who warns

166. Nazer

Bright, radiant, blooming.

167. Nazgul

Cute flower

168. Nazhif


169. Nazif

Pure, clean, neat, clean.

170. Nazih

Pure, chaste

171. Nazih, nazeeh

Pure, chaste

172. Nazim


173. Nazimuddin

Organizer of the religion (Islam)

174. Nazir

Helper,Friend,Name of a sahaabi

175. Nazir

Observer, supervisor

176. Naziruddin

Warner of Islam, Warner of the religion, Religious teacher

177. Nazirulislam

Warner of Islam, Religious teacher

178. Nazmi

Arranger, organizer

179. Nazzeer

Precedent, alike, equal to.

180. Nehad

Brave, Face challenge

181. Neima

Something that God has blessed you with

182. Nemat

Blessing, boon, favour

183. Niaz


184. Niazi

Petitioner, an afghan tribe.

185. Nibras

Lamp, light

186. Nidal


187. Nihaal

(Persian) A young, planet, pleased, happy, prosperous.

188. Nihal


189. Nihar

Dawn, morning, early day.

190. Nijad

Tall, dominant

191. Nilabh


192. Nimat

Blessing, boon, favour, grace, bounty, comforts of life.

193. Nimatullah

Blessing of Allah.

194. Nimr


195. Ninos

Assyrian king

196. Nisar

To strew, to sacrifice.

197. Nishaaj


198. Nishat

Mirth, ecstacy.

199. Nishtar


200. Nithar


201. Niyaz

Dedication, Offering

202. Nizal

Striving, contest

203. Nizam


204. Nizam-ul-mulk

The organization of the king

205. Nizamat

Organization, arrangement.

206. Nizami

Of or relating to Nizam.

207. Nizamuddin

Discipline of the religion

208. Nizar

Old Arabic name

209. Nizzar


210. Nokhez

Newly bloomed, arising.

211. Noman

Men with all blessings of Allah

212. None


213. Nooh

Name of Prophet

214. Noor

Attribute of Allah

215. Noor afshan

The Light Scatter

216. Noor muhammad

Light of the Prophet Muhammad.

217. Noor udeen

Brightness of the Faith

218. Noor-e-alam

Light of the world

219. Noorali

Light of Ali

220. Noordin

Light of Islam, Light of the religion

221. Noori

Light, luminous.

222. Noori

Shining, brightness

223. Nooruddin

Light of the religion (Islam).

224. Noorudeen

Brightness of the Faith

225. Noorul absar

Light of vision.

226. Noorul ayn

Light of the eye

227. Noorul haq

Light of the Truth i.e. Allah.

228. Noorul huda

Light of the right guidance

229. Noorulabsar

Light of vision

230. Noorulalam

Light of the world

231. Noorulislam

Light of Islam

232. Noorullah

Light of Allah.

233. Nooruz zaman

Light of the era.

234. Nooruzzaman

Light of the era.

235. Nouh


236. Nour

Light radiance

237. Nuaim

Name of several of the Prophets companions

238. Nuaimaan

Name of a Sahabi who participated in the battle of Badr.

239. Nuaym

One of narrators of Hadith

240. Nubaid

Beginning of joy

241. Nufail


242. Nuhaid


243. Numair


244. Numan


245. Nur al din

Brightness of the faith

246. Nur firdaus

Light of the Highest Paradise

247. Nur-ul-qiblatayn

Light of the two Qibla

248. Nuraldin

Brightness of the faith

249. Nurani


250. Nuraz

The Treasure Of Noor

251. Nurdeen

Light of the religion

252. Nurfirdaus


253. Nusayb

Name of a black slave who fought in the early wars of Islam

254. Nusayr

Narrator of Hadith had this name

255. Nushab

Water of life, Elixir

256. Nusrah

Help, support

257. Nusrat

Help, aid, assistance, suppot

258. Nusratuddin

Help of the religion (Islam).

259. Nuzayh

Pure, chaste.

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