Muslim Boy Names Starting With W

Muslim Boy Names Starting With W And English Meanings So For Pakistani, Indian Boys Arabic Names

Muslim Boys Names From W: Finding a beautiful Muslim boy name for boy is pretty great task for new parents who mostly wander online for modern and trendy Islamic baby boys names in Arabic. We at Getnames present you all an huge list of Muslim boy names starting with “w” and meanings in English to make your search easy at one place of famous children names.

List OF Islamic Boys Names: Don’t forget to let your relative know about most popular Islamic boy names in Arabic. As Arabic baby names for boys is first priority for every Muslim couple to have an eye. We at Getnames may lead you toward a newly updated list of Muslim baby names for boys in Arabic to pick your unique & cute Arabic kids name begins with “w”.

Arabic Baby Names Dictionary: Let’s have just one visit to note some uncommon Arabic names for boys with meaning according to Arabic dictionary of 12000 Arabic baby names. You will be pleased by looking numerous Islamic boys names with similar sound, pronunciation and meanings in Urdu, English, Hindi, Tamil, Arabic, Malayalam, Bengali languages. Pick up your favorite Islamic baby names that are starting from w alphabet in English.

Muslim Boys Names:

Muslim Girls Names:

1. Waad


2. Waadi


3. Waafir


4. Waafy


5. Waahid

One, without partner, unique, an attribute applied to Allah AJmighty.

6. Waail

One Who Returns For Shelter

7. Waajid

One whose wants are satisfied, wealthy, a lover or beloved.

8. Waali

The Governor

9. Waaqif

Acquainted, aware of, experienced, conversant with, knowing, learned, sensible.

10. Waarid

Coming, arriving, approaching, alighting, descending, happening, being present

11. Waarith

An heir, a master, a lord

12. Waasey

Capacious, wide, ample

13. Waasi

13. Waasif


14. Waasil

Joined, connected, coupled, arrived.

15. Waathiq

(Waasiq), Strong, firm, binding,confident, secure, confiding, Name of a caliph of Islam.

16. Wadaan


17. Waddah

Bright, brilliant

18. Waddood

Friend, companion, beloved

19. Wadee

Calm, Peaceful

20. Wadi

Calm, peaceful

21. Wadid

Favorable, devoted, fond

22. Wadood

Lover, warm-hearted, affecti.

23. Wadud

One of the ninety nine names of God

24. Wael

Seeking shelter

25. Wafa

Faithfulness, fidelity

26. Wafadar


27. Wafai

Associated with faithfulness.

28. Wafaqat

Friendship, closeness.

29. Wafeeq


30. Wafeeq


31. Wafi

Faithful, loyal

32. Wafiq


33. Wahaab

Gift, name of a Sahaabi(RA).

34. Wahab


35. Wahaj

Very sparkling, very bright.

36. Wahb


37. Wahbaan

Name of a Sahabi (RA).

38. Wahbi


39. Wahdat

Unity, oneness

40. Waheed

Unique, One of its kind

41. Wahhaaj

Shinning, illuminated.

42. Wahhab

To give, to donate

43. Wahhaj

Glowing, incandescent

44. Wahi

Another name for the Quran

45. Wahib

Liberal donor

46. Wahid

Singular, exclusive, unequalled

47. Wahiduddin

Unique (manifestation)

48. Wahiduzzaman

Unique (person) of the age.

49. Wail

Coming back (for Shelter)

50. Waiz

Preacher, Sermoniser

51. Wajaahat

High position, dignity, comeliness, respect, respectability,

52. Wajahat

Commanding, Personality, Dignity

53. Wajd

State of being single

54. Wajdan

Ecstacy, mirth, devotion.

55. Wajdi

Of strong emotion, passion and love

56. Wajeeh

Commanding Personality

57. Wajeeh


58. Wajeh

Someone who represent a group of people

59. Wajid

Smooth land

60. Wajih

Noble, notable, distinguished

61. Wajihuddin

Beauty of Islam, Beauty of the religion

62. Wakalat

Advocacy, Agency

63. Wakdar

Man of Authority.

64. Wakee

Bin al-Jarrah had this name.

65. Wakeel

Agent, Representative

66. Wakil


67. Waleed

Newborn Child

68. Wali


69. Wali uddin

Supporter of the faith.

70. Walid

Newborn child

71. Walif


72. Waliullah

Friend of Allah.

73. Waliy al din

Supporter of the faith

74. Waliy allah

Supporter of God

75. Waliyaldin

Supporter of the faith

76. Waliyallah


77. Waliyudeen

Supporter of the Faith

78. Waliyullah

Supporter of God (Allah)

79. Waliyy

The Protecting friend.

80. Wallad

Abu Al-Abbas al-Tamimi had this name. He was a grammarian of Basrah and egypt.

81. Wallid


82. Walliyullah

Supporter of God

83. Wamaq

Lover, paramour.

84. Waqaar


85. Waqar


86. Waqas


87. Waqf

Given in a trust

88. Waqi

Lofty, Forceful, Wise, Respectable

89. Waqid

Bin Abdullah al Tamimi RA was a companion of the Prophet PBUH.

90. Waqif

Acquainted, aware.

91. Waqqad

Sharp-minded, wise.

92. Waqqas

Old Arabic name

93. Waraqah


94. Ward

Blossoms, flowers

95. Warid

Arriving, Descending

96. Waris

Heir, inheritor, successor.

97. Warqa

to do with paper, leaf.

98. Warqah

Name of a Sahabi(RA).

99. Wasaf

full of qualities

100. Wasam

Medal, prize, honour

101. Wasay

Unlimited, All Encompassing, Boundless

102. Waseef

Page, Valet (domestic)

103. waseem


104. Waseeq

Solid, strong, secure.

105. Waseq


106. Wasey

Broad-minded, liberal

107. Wasfi

Eulogize, Praise highly.

108. Wasi

An executor, administrator

109. Wasidali


110. Wasif


111. Wasil

Considerate, inseperable friend

112. Wasilah

Bin al-Asqa RA had this name.

113. Wasim

Good looking

114. Wasimuddin


115. Wasiq

Confident, sure, certain.

116. Wasiyy

An executor, administrator (of a will), preceptor.

117. Watheq

Firm, reliable, confident

118. Wazeer

A minister of state.

119. Wazir

State minister

120. Wilaayat

An inhabited country, dominion, a foreign country, abroad, realm, possession, being master of anything, sovereignty, control, government, jurisdiction, guardianship, friend-ship, union(specially with God), sanctity, prophecy, the office of a saint.

121. Wilan

Friendship, affection.

122. Wilayat

Custody, guardianship.

123. Wildan

Boy in heaven

124. Wisam

Badge, Logo, like coat of Arms

125. Wissam


126. Wohayb

Something bestowed.

127. Wuhaib

A gift.

128. Wuhayb

Something bestowed.

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