Muslim Girl Names Starting With B

Muslim Girl Names Starting With B And Meanings Of Popular Arabic Names For Pakistani Girls Indian List

Pure Arabic Girl Names Meanings: Muslim means a person -woman, kid, man who submit all wishes and follow according to Islam, Mostly Muslim girl names are a part of Arabic dictionary and some Islamic girl names that are procured from disparate type of tribes and cast origins globally. Do you like to check the list of baby girls names Islamic that start with “B” similar to popular Arabic girl names -Baheera, Bakarah, Balqees, Batool, Bareerah.

New Names For Islamic Girl: No doubt, Newborn baby girl Islamic knocks as naimat – a great gift of God to become a family member in Islam, Parents invite relatives to welcome their princes with latest, modern Muslim girl name as cute as Beenish. We all like beautiful baby girl with a sweet Arabic name that keeps worth and values in meaning. Why not, a list of unique Islamic girl names starting from B English letter to look forward the final selection for name of little heart. Share your virtuous ambitious at Getnames for new names listing with meaning that you want such as Urdu.

Choosing a trendy Islamic girl name with English meanings is on your behalf but providing the online Islamic names dictionary as a book or pdf file, we’ll try to do better job. Here you go to get Muslim girls names that begin with B then next in order. We have Islamic Arabic girl names meanings in Urdu, Bengali, Hindi, Malay, Turkish, Spanish, English.

Muslim Boys Names:

Muslim Girls Names:

1. Baasima


2. Badai

Pl. of Badia, wonder, marvel.

3. Badeeah

Astonishing, amazing, marvel, wonder

4. Badia

Unprecedented, Admirable, Unique

5. Badia

Unprecedented,admirable, unique

6. Badiah

Unprecedented, amazing, admirable, unique

7. Badiha

Insight, perceptive faculty.

8. Badiyah


9. Badr

full moon

10. Badra

Full moon

11. Badriya

Resembling full moon

12. Badriyah

Resembling the full moon

13. Badriyyah

Resembling the full moon

14. Badrun nisa

Full moon of the women.

15. Badyah

Clear, knowledgeable person.

16. Baha

Value, Worth

17. Baha

Beautiful, magnificent

18. Bahaar


19. Bahar

Spring, Prime of life, Bloom of youth

20. Bahar bano

Blooming princess.

21. Baharbano

Blooming princess

22. Baheeja


23. Baheera

Dazzling, brilliant.

24. Baheera

Dazzling, brilliant

25. Bahia


26. Bahiga

Variant transcription of BAHIJA

27. Bahija

Glad, happy, joyful

28. Bahijah

Magnificent, splendid

29. Bahira

Dazzling, brilliant

30. Bahirah

Dazzling, brilliant, noble lady

31. Bahiya

Beautiful, Radiant

32. Bahiyaa

Beautiful, Radiant

33. Bahiyah

Beautiful, radiant

34. Bahiyya

beautiful in Arabic.

35. Bahja


36. Bahraa

Beautiful, shining

37. Baiza

White, bright, brilliant

38. Bajila

Honoured, dignified

39. Bakarah


40. Bakhita

Lucky, fortunate

41. Bakht

Lot, Fate, Portion

42. Bakhtawara


43. Bakura

Coming early.

44. Balbala

Name of Bird, Bulbul

45. Baleegha


46. Baligha


47. Balqees

She was the daughter of Ahmad bin Mishqar, and a distinguished woman of her times

48. Balqis

Name of the Queen of Sheba

49. Balsam

Balsam, balm

50. Banafsha

A kind of flower

51. Banafsheh

A flower (Violet)

52. Banan

Delicate, finger tips

53. Bano

Lady, Miss, Princess

54. Banou


55. Banu

Princess, Miss, lady

56. Banujah

The daughter of al-Mahdi

57. Baraah


58. Baraka

White one

59. Barakah


60. Barat

Innocence, guiltlessness.

61. Bareea

Innocent, blameless

62. Bareerah

Pious, The freed slave of Sayyidina Ayshah RA a well-known women companion, she lived upto the times of Khalifah Yazid bin Muawiyah RA

63. Baria

Excelling, originator

64. Bariah


65. Barika

Bloom, be successful

66. Barirah

Faithful, devoted

67. Barjaa

Of beautiful eyes

68. Barkat

Blessing, sing. of Barakat.

69. Barkha


70. Barraqa

Bright, brilliant, shining

71. Barsala


72. Barzah

She was a narrator of hadith

73. Basaaria

Beautiful, Prior

74. Basbas

She was a slave girl of Ibn Nafees

75. Baseema


76. Baseema


77. Basemah


78. Basha

bashaaer-good tidings

79. Bashair

Good news, good omens

80. Basharat

Good news, glad tidings.

81. Bashasha


82. Basheera

Bringer of good tidings, Joy

83. Basheera

Bringer of good tidings, joy

84. Bashira

Bringer of good news, fem.

85. Bashirah

Bringer of good tidings, joy

86. Basila

Brave, fearless, intrepid.

87. Basilah


88. Basima

Smiling, fem. of Basim.

89. Basimah


90. Basinah

Kitty, kitten

91. Basira


92. Basma


93. Basma

A smile

94. Basmah

A smile

95. Basoos

She was the daughter of Munziq at-Tamimah AN

96. Bassama

Smiling, fem. of Bassam.

97. Batina

Hidden, Inner.

98. Batinah

Hidden, Inner

99. Batool

Virgin, A title of Hazrat Fatimah (R A )

100. Batrisyia


101. Batul

Pure and chaste.

102. Bayan

Clearness, eloquence

103. Baydah

Worshipper, Servant of Allah

104. Baysan

to walk with pride

105. Bazala

Generous woman.

106. Bazegha


107. Bazla

Reward, generous.

108. Bazm-ara

Beauty of company.

109. Bazriqa

Exalted, great.

110. Beena

Seeing, clear sighted

111. Beenish

Intelligent, genius

112. Begum

Honorific title, queen

113. Behmard

Good man

114. Behnaz

Best coquetry.

115. Benazeer

Matchless, Unique

116. Benazir

Matchless, unique.

117. Berka

Increase, Breeding

118. Bhajat

Splendour, magnificence

119. Bibi

Lady of rank

120. Bilqis

Queen of Sheeba

121. Binesh


122. Binish

Clever, Intelligent

123. Birrah

Good Deed

124. Bisar


125. Bisharah

A narrator of Hadith

126. Bisma


127. Bismal


128. Bolour


129. Budur

Full moons

130. Buhaysah

A narrator of hadith

131. Buhayyah

The name of a freed women slave

132. Buhjah

Joy, delight

133. Buhthah

Happy, delighted when seeing others

134. Bulbul


135. Bunanah

Yazid al-Abshamiyahs daughter

136. Buqayrah

A narrator of Hadith

137. Burdah

She was al-Suraymiyah, and a very dutiful worshipper She wept often so she finally lost her eye sight When every thing was quiet and motionless, she used to call out in a melancholy voice, O! Habib O loved one! AN

138. Burum

Bud, blossom, sing. of Baraim.

139. Busaina

Diminutive of Basna

140. Busayrah

She was a female companion

141. Bushra

Good omen, good news

142. Busr

Unripened dates

143. Busrah

She was a companion who lived until the era of Muawiyah

144. Bustan

Garden, orchard.

145. Buthayna

Of beautiful and tender body

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