Muslim Girl Names Starting With G

Muslim Girl Names Starting With G And Meanings Of Popular Arabic Names For Pakistani Girls Indian List

Pure Arabic Girl Names Meanings: Muslim means a person -woman, kid, man who submit all wishes and follow according to Islam, Mostly Muslim girl names are a part of Arabic dictionary and some Islamic girl names that are procured from disparate type of tribes and cast origins globally. Do you like to check the list of baby girls names Islamic that start with “G” similar to popular Arabic girl names -Gazala, GhamzaH, Ghashia, Gul bano, Gulalai.

New Names For Islamic Girl: No doubt, Newborn baby girl Islamic knocks as naimat – a great gift of God to become a family member in Islam, Parents invite relatives to welcome their princes with latest, modern Muslim girl name as cute as Gulshan. We all like beautiful baby girl with a sweet Arabic name that keeps worth and values in meaning. Why not, a list of unique Islamic girl names starting from G English letter to look forward the final selection for name of little heart. Share your virtuous ambitious at Getnames for new names listing with meaning that you want such as Urdu.

Choosing a trendy Islamic girl name with English meanings is on your behalf but providing the online Islamic names dictionary as a book or pdf file, we’ll try to do better job. Here you go to get Muslim girls names that begin with G then next in order. We have Islamic Arabic girl names meanings in Urdu, Bengali, Hindi, Malay, Turkish, Spanish, English.

Muslim Boys Names:

Muslim Girls Names:

1. Gabina


2. Gabriella

An angel

3. Galai


4. Galila

Variant transcription of JALILA

5. Gamal


6. Gamila

Variant transcription of JAMILA

7. Gathbiyya

Variant transcription of JATHIBIYYA

8. Gauhar

Variant transcription of JAWAHIR

9. Gawahir

Variant transcription of JAWAHIR

10. Gazala

Intelligent, charming

11. Gazbiyya

Variant transcription of JATHIBIYYA

12. Ghaada


13. Ghaada


14. Ghaaliya


15. Ghaaliya

Dear, beloved, fragrant, expensive

16. Ghada

Delicate young girl

17. Ghadah


18. Ghadeer

Brook, rivulet, small stream.

19. Ghadia

Morning, cloud.

20. Ghafira

One who hides others sins.

21. Ghaida

Young and delicate, soft.

22. Ghalia

Precious, priceless

23. Ghaliba

Conqueror, victor, winner

24. Ghalibah


25. Ghaliya

precious, valuable in Arabic.

26. Ghaliyah

Fragrant, beloved, valuable

27. Ghamza


28. Ghaneemah

Spoils, booty

29. Ghania


30. Ghaniya

Rich, wealthy, prosperous

31. Ghaniyah

Pretty girl, beautiful woman, beauty

32. Gharam


33. Ghareebah

Strange, foreign

34. Gharra

Noble lady

35. Ghashia


36. Ghasna

Bud, blossom.

37. Ghatiya

Dynamic, moving.

38. Ghatola


39. Ghayda

Young and delicate

40. Ghayda, Ghaydaa

Young and delicate

41. Ghaydaa

Young and delicate

42. Ghazaal

Gazelle, deer

43. Ghazaala

A young deer (fawn, gazelle), Beloved, Delicate young person

44. Ghazal

Flirt, words of love

45. Ghazala

Gazelle, a young deer

46. Ghazia

Conqueror, Striver (in the defence of true faith)

47. Ghaziya

Female Warrior.

48. Ghina

Singing, song.

49. Ghitbah

She was a narrator of hadith

50. Ghizlan

From gazzalle

51. Ghotai


52. Ghufayrah

This was the name of a very pious woman who kept vigil in the night

53. Ghufran

Forgiveness, pardon

54. Ghufrana

Forgiveness, Remission of sins

55. Ghumaysa

Her kuniyah was Umm Sulaym

56. Ghuncha

Bunch of flowers.

57. Ghunwah


58. Ghusn

Branch, twig, sing.

59. Ghusoon

Branches of a tree

60. Ghusoon

Branches of a tree

61. Ghusoun


62. Ghusun

Pl. of Ghusn, branch, twig.

63. Ghuzayyah

She was a narrator of hadith

64. Grace


65. Grana


66. Guadalupe

river name

67. Guhika

Voice of a bird

68. Gul badan

Beautiful body resembling rose.

69. Gul bahar

Rose spring.

70. Gul bano

Princess of Flowers.

71. Gul barg

Rose petal.

72. Gul chehra

Beautiful like flower

73. Gul e rana

Sweet-Smelling Rose

74. Gul izar


75. Gul jan

Flower Life

76. Gul mehtab

Moon like flower.

77. Gul mina

Lovely Flower.

78. Gul nasreen

Forest Flower.

79. Gul panrha

Flower Petal.

80. Gul rang


81. Gul ru


82. Gul rukh


83. Gul-e-rana

Sweet-smelling rose

84. Gulab

Rose, rosewater.

85. Gulala


86. Gulalai


87. Gulali


88. Gulchin

Name of flower.

89. Guldin

Out of flowers.

90. Guleen

One with beautiful smile.

91. Gulika

A pearl

92. Gulistan

Rose garden, garden.

93. Gulnar

A plant whose flowers

94. Gulnaz

cute like a flower

95. Gulrez


96. Gulsana

Unbelievable Flower.

97. Gulshan


98. Gulzaar


99. Gulzar

Rose garden

100. Guzeeda

The chosen one

101. Guzeena

Selecting, Adopting

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