Muslim Girl Names Starting With R

Muslim Girl Names Starting With R And Meanings Of Popular Arabic Names For Pakistani Girls Indian List

Pure Arabic Girl Names Meanings: Muslim means a person -woman, kid, man who submit all wishes and follow according to Islam, Mostly Muslim girl names are a part of Arabic dictionary and some Islamic girl names that are procured from disparate type of tribes and cast origins globally. Do you like to check the list of baby girls names Islamic that start with “R” similar to popular Arabic girl names -Rabia, Radhiya, Raeefa, Rida, Rifaat, Riham.

New Names For Islamic Girl: No doubt, Newborn baby girl Islamic knocks as naimat – a great gift of God to become a family member in Islam, Parents invite relatives to welcome their princes with latest, modern Muslim girl name as cute as Roobi. We all like beautiful baby girl with a sweet Arabic name that keeps worth and values in meaning. Why not, a list of unique Islamic girl names starting from R English letter to look forward the final selection for name of little heart. Share your virtuous ambitious at Getnames for new names listing with meaning that you want such as Urdu.

Choosing a trendy Islamic girl name with English meanings is on your behalf but providing the online Islamic names dictionary as a book or pdf file, we’ll try to do better job. Here you go to get Muslim girls names that begin with R then next in order. We have Islamic Arabic girl names meanings in Urdu, Bengali, Hindi, Malay, Turkish, Spanish, English.

Muslim Boys Names:

Muslim Girls Names:

1. Raabia

Name of Residing peacefully, Name of a Sahabiyyah(RA), Name of a saint who is known as Rabiah Basriyyah.

2. Raabiah

A bounding in green foliage. Name of a Sahabi who took part in the battle of Badr.

3. Raabitah


4. Raaem


5. Raafiah


6. Raahilah

A travelling woman.

7. Raahima

Merciful, Compassionate, Pitying

8. Raaida


9. Raaida


10. Raaina

Beautiful princess

11. Raakiba

Horse rider

12. Raameen


13. Raana

Of elegant, statue, soft

14. Raani

A queen.

15. Raashida

Rightly guided, Having the true faith

16. Raashidah

Pious, follower of the right path.

17. Raawiya

Transmitter (of ancient Arabic poetry)

18. Raazia

Pleased, Satisfied, Willing

19. Raaziyah

(Raadiyah) Agreed, willing, satisfied, pleased.

20. Rabab

White cloud in the sky

21. Rabah

Name of a Sahabi(RA).

22. Rabee


23. Rabeea

Springtime, garden

24. Rabeea

Garden, springtime

25. Rabeeah

A bounding in green foliage.

26. Rabia

Spring, Springtime

27. Rabiah

Garden, springtime

28. Rabih

Winner, gainer.

29. Rabiha

Winner, gainer, fem. Rabih.

30. Rabita

Band, bond, link nexus.

31. Rabitah

Bond, tie

32. Rabiya

Princess, Queen

33. Rabiyah


34. Rabwa


35. Rachida

well guided

36. Radeyah

Content, satisfied

37. Radhiya

Content, satisfied

38. Radhiyaa

Content, Satisfied

39. Radhwa

Name of mountain in Medina

40. Radhwa

A mountain in Medina

41. Radhwaa

a mountain in Medina

42. Radifa

One who is full of shame.

43. Radiya

Veiled, covered.

44. Radiyah

Content, satisfied

45. Radiyyah

(Raziyyah), Pleased, delighted, contented.

46. Radwa


47. Raeefa


48. Raeesa

Leader, chief, princess

49. Raeesah


50. Raeha

Fragrance, perfume, scent.

51. Raeleah

Rays of sunshine

52. Raem

Affectionate [mother], sespectful

53. Rafa

Happiness, prosperity.

54. Rafah

Pleasant, luxurious life

55. Rafal

to trail a garment

56. Rafat


57. Rafat

Mercy, compassion, pity.

58. Rafee

means High

59. Rafeeah

Sublime, high.

60. Rafeeqah


61. Rafia

High, Sublime

62. Rafiah

Sublime, exquisite

63. Rafida

Support, prop.

64. Rafidah


65. Rafif

to gleam, shimmer

66. Rafiqa

Intimate friend, companion

67. Rafiqah

Friend, companion

68. Rafraf

Cushion, eyeshade.

69. Raghad


70. Raghada

Comfort opulence, affluence.

71. Raghd

Pleasant, plenty.

72. Raghiba

Desirous, wishful, willing

73. Raghibah

Desiring, desirous

74. Raghid

Comfort, opulence

75. Raghidah


76. Raha


77. Rahaf

Delicate, fine

78. Rahana

Sweet basil

79. Rahat

Rest, comfort, ease, relief.

80. Raheema

Merciful, companionate, kind.

81. Raheemah


82. Rahiba


83. Rahifa

Sharp, fem. of Rahif.

84. Rahil

Wife of the Prophet Yaqub

85. Rahila

One who travels

86. Rahilah

One who travels

87. Rahima

Kind, compassionate

88. Rahimah


89. Rahimah

Merciful, compassionate

90. Rahiq


91. Rahla

Happy, mirth, joyous.

92. Rahma


93. Rahmaa

To have mercy upon

94. Rahmah


95. Rahma, Rahmah


96. Rahmat

Mercy, compassion, kindness.

97. Raida

Explorer, guide, leader

98. Raidah

Leader, pioneer

99. Raifah


100. Raiha

Smell, fragrance.

101. Raihaana

A sweet-smelling flower

102. Raihana

The fragrance of a rose

103. Raim

Affectionate [mother]

104. Raima


105. Raina

Peaceful Queen.

106. Raiqa

Pure, clear, tranquil

107. Raiqah

Clear, Pure, Undisturbed

108. Raisa

Feminine form of RAIS

109. Raitah

A narrator of Hadith

110. Raja


111. Rajab

The seventh month of the Islam.

112. Rajah


113. Rajeeyah

Hoping,Full of hope

114. Rajia

Hopeful, hoping

115. Rajiha

Superior, predominant

116. Rajini

Kingly, very exclusive.

117. Rajiya

Hope, expectation, wish.

118. Rajiyah

Hoping, full of hope

119. Rajwa


120. Rajya

Variant transcription of RAJIYA

121. Rakhas

Soft and delicate, supple.

122. Rakheelah

Name of a Sahabiyyat(RA).

123. Rakhima

soft, pleasant, melodious

124. Rakhshaan


125. Rakhshan

Dazzling, bright.

126. Rakhshi

Beautiful-faced, charming.

127. Rakhshinda

Resplendant, bright.

128. Rakhshindah

(Persian) Bright, resplendent

129. Rakina

Firm, steady, fem. of Rakin.

130. Rama

Beautiful women &great dress

131. Rameen

Successful woman.

132. Rameesah


133. Rameesha

A bunch of roses

134. Rameethah

Name of a Sahabiyyah (RA).

135. Ramia


136. Ramiza

Intelligent, level headed.

137. Ramla

Indication of the future

138. Ramlah

Old Arabic name

139. Ramlasand

140. Ramsha

Face like moon

141. Ramza


142. Ramzia


143. Ramziyah


144. Rana

To gaze, look

145. Ranaa


146. Rand

Bay laurel

147. Randa

Tree of good scent

148. Raneem

To recite in a sing song voice

149. Rania


150. Ranim

Singing, song, music.

151. Raniya


152. Raniya


153. Raniyah


154. Ranrha


155. Ranya


156. Raodah

(Raozah) Park.

157. Raoom

Loving, tender.

158. Raqeebah


159. Raqia


160. Raqiba

Guardian, supervisor.

161. Raqiqa

Delicate, fine, soft

162. Rasee

Life full of happiness.

163. Rasha

Young gazelle

164. Rashad


165. Rashaqa

Graceful, grace

166. Rasheeda


167. Rasheedah

Intelligent one, Sober

168. Rashida

Intelligent, Sober

169. Rashidah

Wise, mature

170. Rashiqa

Graceful, elegant

171. Rasikha


172. Rasima

Planner, designer

173. Rasina

Calm, composed.

174. Rasmiya

Ceremonial, ceremonious

175. Rasmiyah

Official, formal

176. Ratiba

Well-arranged, well-ordered.

177. Raudah

(Rauzah), Paradise.

178. Rauhah

Happy Contented

179. Raunaq

Beauty, grace, glamour

180. Raunaq jahan

Lustre of the world.

181. Raushan

Light, luminous, bright

182. Raushan ara

Adorning light (female).

183. Raushan jabin

Of radiant forehead.

184. Raushani

Light, splendour.

185. Rawa

Satisfaction with drink

186. Rawah

Charm, beauty, splendor

187. Rawaha

True Happiness

188. Rawan


189. Rawda


190. Rawdah


191. Rawdha


192. Rawhah


193. Rawhiyah


194. Rawia

Narrator, reciter

195. Rawiah

Transmitter of ancient Arabic poetry

196. Rawiyah

Transmitter of ancient Arabic poetry

197. Rawya

Variant transcription of RAWIYA

198. Rawza


199. Raya

Sated with drink

200. Rayan

One of the doors of heaven.

201. Rayann

Its the door of heaven that opens in the month of ramadhan

202. Rayhanah

Aromatic sweet basil

203. Rayia

Guardian, custodian, patron

204. Rayna

Pure, Clean

205. Raytah

Daughter of Hurayth

206. Rayya


207. Razaanah

One who is calm

208. Razan


209. Razana

Calm, composure

210. Razeen

Gentle, Noble, Name of a Sahabi.

211. Razeenah

Name of a Sahabiyah (RA)

212. Razia

Content, Satisfied

213. Razina

Calm, composed

214. Raziqa

One who feeds others, feeder.

215. Raziya

Delighted, satisfied

216. Razwa

Name of a mountain in Madina.

217. Reeha


218. Reem

Beautiful Gazelle

219. Reema

White antalope

220. Reham

Rain drops

221. Rehana

A handfull of sweet basil

222. Rehemat


223. Reja

Good News

224. Resha


225. Resham

Silk, softness.

226. Reshma

Golden Silk

227. Reshmina


228. Reshtina


229. Reyah


230. Reyhana

Sweet smelling flower of paradise

231. Ribqah

The wife of Prophet Ishaaq peace be upon him, a Prophet of Allah Almighty.

232. Rida

Favored by God

233. Ridaa, Rizaa


234. Ridwaanah

(Rizwaanah), Pleasure, delighted, content.

235. Ridwana

Feminine form of RIZWAN

236. Rifa

Happiness, prosperity.

237. Rifaat

Altitude, Height, High

238. Rifah

Name of twenty three companions of Muhammad.

239. Rifat

Greatness, high, superiority

240. Riffat


241. Rifqa

Kindness, gentleness.

242. Rihaana

sweet basil

243. Rihab

Vastness, expanse

244. Riham

A drizzle

245. Rihana

Sweet basil

246. Rihanah

A flower,Wife of rassole

247. Rija

Desire, Hope

248. Rijja

Heavens beauty

249. Rima

White, gazelle, antelope.

250. Rimsha

Bunch of flowers

251. Riqbah

Name of the wife of Prophet

252. Riswana

Satisfaction, Pleasure

253. Riyaz

Pl. of Rawza, garden.

254. Rizeen

Dignity, heavy and precious

255. Rizqin

Good fortune

256. Rizwan

Satisfaction, acceptance

257. Rizwana

Beautiful, Guardian of heaven

258. Robeena

Happy, girl.

259. Roha

Soul, life.

260. Rohaan

A river in paradise

261. Rohama

262. Roheen


263. Rohi

Life, soul

264. Rohin


265. Romaana

Variant Of Romana: Romantic

266. Romana


267. Romeesa

Heavens beauty

268. Rona

Shining light

269. Ronaq


270. Roobi

Ruby, pearl.

271. Roshan


272. Roshanak

Small light.

273. Roshani


274. Roshina

One who gives light.

275. Roshini

Light, noor

276. Roshna


277. Roshni


278. Roya


279. Rozina


280. Rozinah

Daily wages, pension, reward.

281. Ruaa


282. Ruba

Pl. of Rubwa, Rabwa, hill.

283. Rubaa

Hills, height

284. Rubaba


285. Rubadah

Ash colored

286. Rubi

Red gem

287. Rubina

Blessed with love, waterfall

288. Rubiya

Spring season

289. Rudainah

Old Arabic name

290. Rufaidah


291. Rufayah

An early student of Hadith.

292. Rufayda

She was a female companion

293. Ruhab

Our who keeps ones promise.

294. Ruhani


295. Ruhaniya


296. Ruhee

Soul, a flower, who touches the heart

297. Ruhina

Sweet Fragrance.

298. Ruhiya


299. Ruhma

Kind, merciful.

300. Rukan

Steady, confident

301. Rukhailah

Name of a Sahabi who took part in the battle of Badr.

302. Rukhsaar

Cheek, Face.

303. Rukhsana

The beautiful cheeks

304. Rukhsar


305. Rukhsara

Loving, charming face

306. Rukhshana


307. Rukiyyah

It is the name of one of the daughters of the Prophet(SAW)

308. Ruksha


309. Rumailah

Old Arabic name.

310. Rumaisa

Bunch of flowers

311. Rumaisaa

Peace maker,Sahabiya

312. Rumaithah

Name of a Sahabiyah(RA).

313. Rumana

Romantic, Fascinating

314. Rumaylah

Old Arabic name

315. Rumaysa

She was Umm Sulaym

316. Rumeha

Beautiful Stone

317. Rumman

Pl. of Rummana, pomegranate.

318. Rummana


319. Rummanah

A pomegranate.

320. Runa

Sixth month

321. Ruqa

Pretty, beautiful.

322. Ruqaiya

Spell. Superior.

323. Ruqaya

Daughter of the Prophet SAW

324. Ruqayya


325. Ruqayyah

The daughter of the prophet Muhammed SAW

326. Ruqayyah

Gentle, Daughter of the Prophet (pbuh)

327. Rushd

Sensible conduct

328. Rushda

Most rightly guided.

329. Rushdiya

Rightly guided

330. Ruwa

beauty in Arabic.

331. Ruwaa

Beauty, grace, prettiness

332. Ruwaida

Walking gently.

333. Ruwaidah

Walking gently

334. Ruwayda

Walking gently

335. Ruwaydah

Walking gently.

336. Ruya

Seeing, viewing, looking.

337. Ruyaa

Dream, vision.

338. Ruyah

Dream, vision

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