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Pakistani Boys names in Urdu meanings as well Pakistani baby girls names with Urdu writing names that start from G alphabetically. Now you can avail a to z Pakistani traditional Islamic names in Arabic and English meanings for boys and girls names at one spot that is called hub of Muslim kids names. Most popular Pakistani babies names with their meanings. Whether you wish to get meaning of local cute Punjabi names, Pashto names, Sindhi names or Balochi names for boys and girls that are kept in beautiful Pakistan. Stay with hope for best naming of your little moon.

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Most famous, unique PK kids names, Let’s have a first glance to seek new list of favorite modern Pakistani names and meaning in Urdu way. Scroll and pick your cute Pakistani girls names and Pakistan boys names at Getnames to grasp the real Islamic culture, ancestors’s customs and more if include beauty of land, sincere people and pure nature. Find top Pakistani male names for boys and female baby names to enrich ancient history, local ways of livings and specially beauty of uniqueness in greeting with all. Pakistani Muslim names in Arabic and book free online a-z names listing.

Gaus name meaning in Urduغوث
 (Gaus), Helper or defender.
Ghaalib name meaning in Urduغالب
 Pre dominant.
Ghaalibah name meaning in Urduغالبه
 Pre dominant.
Ghaazi name meaning in Urduغازی
Ghaaziyah name meaning in Urduغازیه
 Woman warier.
Ghaffaar name meaning in Urduغفار
 Allah’s attribute meaning, Most Forgiving, Most Merciful, Name, Abdul Ghaffaar.
Ghailaan name meaning in Urduغیلان
 Name of a Sahabi and of a scholar of Hadith.
Ghaith name meaning in Urduغیث
Ghaneemah name meaning in Urduغنیمه
 Spoils, booty, loot, prey, something acquired without labour.
Ghani name meaning in Urduغنی
 (Ghaniyy), The Self sufficient, Name, Abdul Ghani.
Ghannaam name meaning in Urduغنام
 Shepherd, name of a Sahabi who took part in the battle of Badr.
Ghareebah name meaning in Urduغریبه
 Strange, unusual, amazing, rare.
Ghassaan name meaning in Urduغسان
 Name of a scholar of Hadith.
Ghayyoor name meaning in Urduغیور
Ghazalaan name meaning in Urduغزلان
Ghazalah name meaning in Urduغزاله
 Female gazehe, doe, (rising) sun, rise of the sun.
Ghazawaan name meaning in Urduغزوان
 Warrior, name of a Sahabi.
Ghfoor name meaning in Urduغفور
 Allah’s attribute, meaning, Most Forgiving, Most Merciful. Name, Abdul Ghafoor.
Ghufraan name meaning in Urduغفران
 Forgiving, much forgiving (esp. for Allah), to cover, hide.
Ghulaam name meaning in Urduغلام
 Lad, Slave, servant. Name, Ghulaamullah, Ghulaam Muhammad.
Ghunaim name meaning in Urduغنیم
 Name of a Sahbabi.
Gohar name meaning in Urduگوھر
 (Persian), Diamond, precious stone.
Gohar name meaning in Urduگوھر
 (Persian) Diamond, precious stone.
Gul-e-Ranaa name meaning in Urduگل رعنا
 (Persian), A beautiful flower.
Gul-e-Ranaa name meaning in Urduگل رعنا
 (,Persian), A beautiful delicate scented rose.
Gulaab name meaning in Urduگلاب
 (Persian) Rose.
Gulfaam name meaning in Urduگلفام
 (Persian), Red colored, rosy faced.
Gulshan name meaning in Urduگلشن
 (Persian), A rose or flower garden.
Gulshan name meaning in Urduگلشن
 (Persian), A rose or flower garden.
Gulzaar name meaning in Urduگلزار
 (Persian), A bed of roses, a garden, a well populated town.
Gutaif name meaning in Urduغُطیف
 A well of a person, well to do.