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Pakistani Boys names in Urdu meanings as well Pakistani baby girls names with Urdu writing names that start from L alphabetically. Now you can avail a to z Pakistani traditional Islamic names in Arabic and English meanings for boys and girls names at one spot that is called hub of Muslim kids names. Most popular Pakistani babies names with their meanings. Whether you wish to get meaning of local cute Punjabi names, Pashto names, Sindhi names or Balochi names for boys and girls that are kept in beautiful Pakistan. Stay with hope for best naming of your little moon.

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Most famous, unique PK kids names, Let’s have a first glance to seek new list of favorite modern Pakistani names and meaning in Urdu way. Scroll and pick your cute Pakistani girls names and Pakistan boys names at Getnames to grasp the real Islamic culture, ancestors’s customs and more if include beauty of land, sincere people and pure nature. Find top Pakistani male names for boys and female baby names to enrich ancient history, local ways of livings and specially beauty of uniqueness in greeting with all. Pakistani Muslim names in Arabic and book free online a-z names listing.

Laaiq name meaning in Urdu. لائق
  Skillful, eligible. capable of, able.
Labeeb name meaning in Urdu. لبیب
  Intelligent, brilliant.
Labeebah name meaning in Urdu. لبیبه
  A wise woman, Name of a Sahabiyyah.
Labeed name meaning in Urdu. لبید
  Intelligent, brilliant. Name of a Sahabi(R.A).
Laeeq name meaning in Urdu. لئیق
  Skillful, subtle, eligible. capable of, able.
Lailaa name meaning in Urdu. لیلیٰ
  Name of a Sahabiyyah.
Lateef name meaning in Urdu. لطیف
  Delicious, delicate, subtle agreeable, fine, courteous, elegant, benevolent, also an attribute applied to Allah Almighty.
Latifah name meaning in Urdu. لطیفه
  Delicious, delicate, subtle, agreeable, fine, courteous, elegant, benevolent.
Layyah name meaning in Urdu. لیه
  Name of a Sahabiyyah.
Leena name meaning in Urdu. لینا
  Hame of a Sahabiyyah.
Liyaqat name meaning in Urdu. لیاقت
  Worth, ability, fitness, capability, capacity, aptitude, merit, skill.
Loot name meaning in Urdu. لوط
  (Lut) Name of a prophet of Allah.
Lubabah name meaning in Urdu. لبابه
  Name of a Sahabiyyah.
Lubnaa name meaning in Urdu. لبنیٰ
  Storax, Styrax. Name of a Sahabiyyah.
Luqmaan name meaning in Urdu. لقمان
  Name of a well known person as a sage, philosopher.
Lutf name meaning in Urdu. لطف
  Enjoyment, entertainment, bounty. Name, Lutfullah.

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