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98 Top Sanskrit Baby Boys Names » Most Popular Sanskrit Names For Boys & Meanings

Top Sanskrit Boys Names: Sanskrit is the most ancient language in Indian history as language of Hindu and Buddhist chants and hymns and pre-Classical form of Sanskrit is still used and spoken in some areas of Indian states such as Karnataka. If you wanna include the taste of Sanskrit ancestry well known cultural traditions by naming your cute boy with Hindi meanings. We at Getnames make sure to show the best and top Sanskrit baby names for boys, Yeah, you can find here the most popular Sanskrit boy names out of 98 Sanskrit names for moon of your eyes with regal meanings in English.

1: Aadit

Aadit, meaning ‘peak’, is a wonderful name and will be perfect if you are looking for something that is not run of the mill.

2: Aagam

Some Sanskrit names for boys may sound ordinary and common, but hide great meaning inside them. One of these names is Aagam, which means ‘arrival’.

3: Aagneya

The name Aagneya means the ‘son of fire’.

4: Adi

Are you looking for a Sanskrit name that is not too complex? Try Adi, which means ‘first’.

5: Adhrit

Vishnu is part of the holy trinity mentioned in the Hindu mythology. If you want your son to be like him, name him Adhrit, another name for Lord Vishnu.

6: Advaita

Most parents today look for a name that will set their child apart in a crowd. If that is what you are looking for, Advaita will be perfect. It means ‘unique’.

7: Agni

Since ancient times, the fire has held an important place in mysticism and religion. For Hindus, the fire symbolizes purity and strength. Name your son, Agni, which means ‘fire’.

8: Ajit

Here’s a short Sanskrit boy name that is both strong and humble. Ajit means ‘unbeatable’.

9: Akash

Some names just don’t seem to grow old. Take Akash, for example. It means ‘sky’.

10: Amit

Amit is a popular baby name in India. This beautiful name means ‘endless’ and is worth considering.

11: Anish

You did not expect the birth of your son to change your life so much, did you? Today, your little prince rules the roost! So, give him a piece of royalty! Name him Anish, which means ‘sovereign’.

12: Anuj

Here’s a unique Sanskrit baby name for a second child, Anuj means ‘younger brother’.

13: Apoorva

There are billions of humans on earth, but each one of them is unique. So is your son. Name him Apoorva, which means ‘rare’ in Sanskrit.

14: Archan

You don’t need to be a religious person to appreciate this beautiful name. Archan means ‘devoted to worship’.

15: Asav

Asav means ‘essence’. This beautiful and unique name is still uncommon in India.

16: Ashvath

Ashvath sounds masculine and is a great choice for little boys. It means ‘strong’ in Sanskrit.

17: Balaaditya

The name Balaaditya means the ‘young Sun’.

18: Bandhul

A very unique baby boy name in Sanskrit, Bandhul means ‘pleasing’.

19: Chahel

The name Chahel is attractive. The sweet and short name means the one who is ‘good cheer’.

20: Chandak

The name Chandak means the one who is like ‘the moon’.

21: Chandan

Sandalwood is an important part of Hindu rituals. The aroma of sandalwood is not just pleasing, but is also considered a symbol of purity and chastity. Chandan means ‘sandalwood’.

22: Chandra

The endlessness and mystique of the space may just be the inspiration your son needs. Chandra means ‘moon’.

23: Daiwik

The name Daiwik for your baby boy means the one who is here ‘by the grace of god’.

24: Daksh

The name Daksh means the one who is ‘capable’. It also refers to the son of Lord Brahma, one among the holy trinity.

25: Dakshesh

According to Hindu mythology, Daksh was a powerful country, ruled by a kind and just king. Dakshesh means ‘ruler of Daksh’.

26: Darshan

Darshan, meaning ‘perceptive one,’ is one of the fastest rising Sanskrit names.

27: Deepak

Deepak Chopra, the Indian American author and spiritual thinker can be credited for taking this name to the global level. Deepak means ‘light’.

28: Deo

Are you looking for a short and unique name? Deo is what we suggest. It is short, sweet, and means ‘Godlike’.

29: Deodar

Deodar is the name of the ‘god tree’, native to India. It means ‘divine wood’.

30: Deva

Deva, the term used for a deity in Hinduism, is also a popular name with Indians. It means ‘one who wishes to excel’.

31: Deval

Here’s another name for believers. Deval too means ‘Godlike’. It is a simple Hindu baby name in Sanskrit, fit for families who believe in brevity.

32: Dharma

Dharma, embodying the principles of the cosmic existence, would make a fitting name for your son. It means ‘truth’.

33: Dhanush

Dhanush is a popular name in South India, but remains obscure in the rest of the country. The name means ‘bow’.

34: Divit

Here’s another beautiful choice for your son. Divit sounds good, is easy to pronounce and has a great meaning too! It means ‘immortal’.

35: Dvij

Dvij means ‘born twice’. It is a short name that encapsulates all that’s beautiful in the Sanskrit language. Elegant and concise, Dvij is the perfect name for boys.

36: Eashan

If you are looking for a name that is unique, but has a traditional meaning, go with Eashan, which is one of the names of Lord Shiva.

37: Edi

The very short, sweet and unique name Edi means ‘healing’.

38: Ehimay

This unique and beautiful sounding name Ehimay means the one who is ‘all pervasive’.

39: Falit

Looking for a Sanskrit name with the letter F? Falit means ‘productive’.

40: Gautam/Gotam/Gotama

No matter the version you decide to use, here’s a name that will never lose its charm. Gautam refers to Gautama Buddha, and means ‘the bright one in darkness’.

41: Gandhik

The name Gandhik means ‘fragrance’.

42: Ganesh

The name of one of the most revered Hindu gods is used widely in India. It refers to the ‘god of the multitude’.

43: Girik

Girik is another name for Lord Shiva.

44: Gyan

This traditional name will teach your child the importance of education from early years. It means ‘filled with knowledge’.

45: Hanan

The name Hanan means the one who is full of ‘mercy’.

46: Harij

Here’s another interesting name for parents who like to be offbeat. Harij means ‘the horizon’.

47: Harish

Harish is a very common name. It means ‘King of the Apes’.

48: Harit

If you do not care too much about meanings, this will be a good bet. Harit means ‘green’.

49: Harshad

Your son is the very symbol of joy and happiness. His smiles can make your day and soothe your soul. Harshad is the perfect name for your little prince as it means ‘felicity’.

50: Idhant

The bright name Idhant means ‘luminous’.

51: Inas

The short and very different name Inas means the one who is ‘capable’ and ‘sociable’.

52: Jagrav

The name Jagrav means the one who is ‘awakened’.

53: Jai

A simple name, Jai is very popular in India. Moreover, there is a very good reason for its popularity. Jai is easy to spell and has an awesome meaning. It means ‘victor’, ‘win’ or ‘success’.

54: Jaiman

The lovely name Jaiman means the one who is ‘victorious’.

55: Jitendra

Jitender or Jitendra is an old-fashioned name, made popular by Bollywood. It means ‘winner of senses’.

56: Kairav

The name Kairav means a ‘white lotus’.

57: Kaivalya

The very different name Kaivalya means the one who is in ‘perfect isolation’.

58: Karma

Karma is the guiding principle of Hinduism. It is also a popular name in India. Karma means ‘destiny’.

59: Kiran

Did you know that this traditional name was chosen by actress Kelli Williams for her son? Kiran means ‘ray of light’.

60: Kumar

This exotic name got a boost in the US through the movie Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle. It means ‘a boy’.

61: Kunala

Who says all male names need to be overtly masculine and strong? Boys too are sensitive. Name your son Kunala, which means ‘water lily’.

62: Lakshanya

The name Lakshanya means the ‘one who achieves’.

63: Lohit

The name Lohit means the one who is ‘made of copper’ or the one who is as bright as ‘red’. It also means ‘Mars’.

64: Madhava

Was your son born during spring? Name him Madhava. It means ‘born in springtime’. It is also a name of Lord Krishna.

65: Madhuk

The beautiful name means the one who is like ‘a honey bee’.

66: Madhup

The interesting name Madhup means the one who is like a ‘bee’.

67: Manan

This beautiful name is finally finding takers! Grab it before it becomes too common. Manan means ‘thought’.

68: Mandeep

If you want a time-tested name, Mandeep is the one for you. It means ‘light of the mind’.

69: Manish

You’ll find a Manish in every corner of India. Yes, it is a very common name, but its popularity refuses to abate. Manish means ‘lord of the mind’.

70: Mitul

Mitul is a good choice and means ‘being measured’.

71: Naren

Naren sounds peppy, modern and exotic. It means a ‘superior man’.

72: Nihit

All life is sacred as it is a gift of god! Nihit is a good name if you believe in the power of the divine. Nihit means ‘God’s gift’.

73: Nishant

Nishant means ‘end of night’.

74: Pallav

Meaning ‘new leaf’, Pallav symbolizes life, rejuvenation and hope.

75: Rachit

The name Rachit means the one who is like an ‘invention’. It also means ‘written’.

76: Rajiv

Rajiv, meaning ‘one whose eyes are like lotus flowers,’ is one of the few names that could easily cross the cultural boundaries.

77: Ram

Ram is one of the most familiar and assertive Sanskrit names. It means ‘pleasing’.

78: Ranjit

Ranjit is an intriguing Sanskrit name, meaning ‘charmed’ or ‘beguiled’.

79: Ritvij

Ritvij means ‘priest’. It is a very strong name.

80: Rishi

In India, the sages and seers are referred to as rishis. This one has its namesake in Rishi Rich, the British-born musician.

81: Ruchir

Here’s a name that meets all the criteria of a good name. It is pretty to hear, simple to spell and has a great meaning too. Ruchir means ‘beautiful’.

82: Sachin

Sachin is another name for God Shiva and means ‘pure’. Its most famous bearer is cricketer Sachin Tendulkar.

83: Sanjay

Sanjay was the name of the charioteer of King Dhritarashtra. The name also featured in the television series Eastenders.

84: Shlok

Shlok means ‘a saint’s saying’. The depth that is innate to this name is incomparable.

85: Siddhanath

This elaborate variation of the familiar name Siddhartha is another name of Lord Shiva.

86: Siddhartha

The real name of Gautama Buddha, Siddhartha means ‘one who has accomplished a goal’.

87: Tarak

This moniker, with the ‘Tara’ in it, has a sci-fi vibe to it. It means ‘star and protector’.

88: Tathya

Tathya has a wonderful and symbolic meaning. It means ‘truth’.

89: Tushant

Here’s another baby boy name that is not typically masculine. Tushant means ‘flower’ in Sanskrit.

90: Vasant

If you want your son’s name to reflect the culture of India, name him Vasant, which is inspired by a Hindu festival that celebrates the arrival of spring.

91: Ved

Ved means ‘sacred knowledge’ and represents the Vedas, which are the source of wisdom, tradition, and religion for most Hindus.

92: Veer

We’d suggest you this name for its meaning. Veer means ‘brave’ or ‘warrior’.

93: Vijay

How would VJ sound like a short form for this one? This Sanskrit name means ‘conquering’ or ‘victory’.

94: Vihaan

This Sanskrit moniker, meaning ‘dawn,’ would make a fantastic pick for the first baby in the family.

95: Vivaan

The sound of the name Vivaan spreads an aura of happiness. Some names are like that! Vivaan means ‘full of life’.

96: Yaju

Yaju represents the ‘Yajur Veda’, one of the sources of Hinduism.

97: Yuvan

Looking for a truly masculine name for your son? Yuvan, meaning ‘strong,’ will fit your family perfectly.

98: Yatin

Yatin means ‘ascetic’. It is a common name with a rather old-fashioned meaning, but it is beautiful.