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Unique Hindu Girls Names Meanings: India, the second largest populated country with land of rich traditions, ancient culture and heritage has also an unique status in naming of babies especially for females kids. Hindu religion has special important and regal position in way of life among others all in beautiful Indian motherland. If you’r in search of stylish, unique and modern Hindu baby girls names with meaningful Hindi meanings, We at Getnames lead you a latest list of modern and unique Hindu baby names for girls which are usually picked for new comer family member a cute Hindu baby girl who is whole world for parents. Select your favorite Hindi girl name out of 188 names..

1: Aadarshini

Aadarshini is a Hindi name meaning ‘Idealisitic.’ Aadarshini is perfect for the neo-Indian family looking for a different name for their one-in-a-million daughter.

2: Aaloka

All parents want their children to live a bright life. Aaloka is the perfect name as it means ‘Lustrous.’

3: Aamani

Was your daughter born in the spring season? Even if she wasn’t, the name Aamani still is a great choice. It means ‘Spring.’

4: Aapti

Your daughter is the fulfillment of a lifelong dream. There cannot be a better name than ‘Aapti’ for your little mean, which means ‘Fulfillment’ in Hindi.

5: Aarushi

Aarushi is an Indian Hindu baby girl name; sounds poetic yet rooted in Indian culture. It means ‘First rays of the sun.

6: Aashita

The secret to a successful life is to remain hopeful. You can bless your child with the same message with the name ‘Aashita’, which means ‘One who is hopeful.’

7: Aashrita

Are you looking for a spiritual yet latest baby girl name for your daughter? Try Aashrita! It means ‘One who has taken refuge in the Lord.’

8: Aatmaja

Here’s an elegant name with a simple meaning. Aatmaja means ‘Daughter’ in Hindi.

9: Ahaana

Ahaana is another popular name of today’s generation. It means ‘dawn’.

10: Abhijishya

Today, we all want our daughters to grow up free and fearless. Abhijishya reflects the change in Indian thought and means ‘Independent girl.’

11: Abhikhya

Another interesting name that you can give a try. The name means ‘Beauty’ in Hindi. It also means ‘Fame.’

12: Abhinivesha

Meaning ‘Long cherished dream, faith, determination,’ Abhinivesha is a winner, whichever way you look.

13: Abhitha

Another perfect name for the girl of the twenty-first century! Abhitha means ‘Fearless’ in Hindi.

14: Abirami

If you are looking for a religious name, which sounds modern and trendy, go for Abirami. It means ‘Goddess Lakshmi.’

15: Adhya

A simple name with a powerful meaning, that’s Adhya for you! It means ‘First Power or one of ten Durgas.’

16: Aditi

In the Hindu religion, Aditi is the name of the Goddess of sky and consciousness. The name means ‘free and unbounded’.

17: Akshi

A short and sweet name, Akshi is the name for you if you want an easy to spell and pronounce the name. It means ‘Existence.’

18: Ananya

A popular name, Ananya means ‘Matchless’ in Hindi. The name is easy on the ears but has an amazing meaning.

19: Anvi

Anvi or Aanvi is the name of the Goddess of the forest.

20: Akshara

Akshara is another name of Goddess Lakshmi. It means ‘invincible’.

21: Anika

Anika is a unique name to consider for your baby. It is another name of Goddess Durga. The name Anika means ‘grace’.

22: Anokhi

We all want our children to stand out in a crowd. With a name like Anokhi, that’s just what your daughter will do! It means ‘Unique’.

23: Anusha

Anusha is another popular name that remains a favorite among new parents. Anusha means ‘Beautiful morning or a star’ in Hindi.

24: Archisha

Looking for a latest Hindu baby girl name that doesn’t scream ‘religion’? Opt for Archisha. It means ‘A ray of light’.

25: Aryahi

The perfect name for the religiously inclined, Aryahi means ‘Goddess Durga’.

26: Aaradhya

Some names never go out of fashion and Aaradhya is one of them. It means the one who is worth worshipping.

27: Aadhya

If you are a devotee of Goddess Durga, then you can consider naming your baby Aadhya. It is another name of Goddess Durga.

28: Asmita

Your daughter is the apple of your eyes and your family’s pride. Asmita means ‘Pride’ in Hindi.

29: Atreyi

Atreyi is an elegant, unique, and very Indian name. It means ‘The name if a river’.

30: Avani

A simple and latest Hindu girl baby name with a deep meaning, Avani is a good choice for parents looking for a short name for their daughter. It means ‘Earth’.

31: Avni

The name Avni is very popular in India. It means the ‘mother earth’.

32: Anaisha

The name Anaisha comes from a Hindu word meaning ‘special’. The other meaning of Anaisha is ‘unique’. The name has a stylish Russian flair to it.

33: Alisha

Alisha, meaning ‘protected by God’, is a phonetic variation of the name Alicia.

34: Arushi

The meaning of Arushi is red. The color red plays an important role in Hindu mythology. It refers to the rising sun that is worshiped by most Hindus.

35: Aishwarya

The modern name spells prosperity and wealth. The name became popular thanks to the former Miss World and Bollywood actor Aishwarya Rai.

36: Anjali

The name Anjali means ‘offering with both the hands’. It was the name of many ancient Indian Queens and is still very popular.

37: Anala

Anala is an elegant Indian name. The name means one who is expressive.

38: Aaravi

The unique name means peace. It is perfect for your daughter who has brought joy and harmony in your life.

39: Anushka

Anushka is the Indian form of the Russian name ‘Hannah’. It means ‘grace’.

40: Adah

If you like over-the-top baby names, then you can go for Adah which is more like a modern girl name. Adah comes from a Hebrew word that means an ‘ornament’. The name is finding great patronage among modern Hindu parents.

41: Banhi

In Hinduism, fire reflects power, purity, and spirituality. You can try the name Banhi for your daughter as it means ‘Fire’.

42: Bhaumi

Looking for a name with a twist? How about Bhaumi? It means ‘Goddess Sita’ in Hindi.

43: Bhavya

Meaning ‘Grand or splendid’, the name Bhavya is a popular choice amongst parents looking for modern Hindu girl names.

44: Bhuvana

A catchy name with a very earthy meaning, Bhuvana is a name you should definitely consider. It means ‘The Earth’.

45: Bhuvi

If you want to keep things simple, try Bhuvi. It means ‘Heaven’ in Hindi and is a beautiful name for your pretty angel.

46: Bipasha

If you don’t mind naming your daughter after the dusky actress, Bipasha is a sure shot winner. It means ‘A river’.

47: Chaitali

If your daughter were born in the month of Chaitra (March-April), you could try the name Chaitali. A popular name in Bengal, it means ‘One born in the month of Chaitra’.

48: Chhaya

Your daughter is your reflection, and the name Chhaya is the perfect name to portray this beautiful emotion. It means ‘Shadow’ in Hindi.

49: Charita

Like all parents, you too want your daughter to become a good human being, above all else. Set her on the right path with the name Charita, which means ‘Good’.

50: Charu

A cute little name for your darling daughter! Charu means ‘Beautiful’ in Hindi.

51: Chhavi

A beautiful, artistic name, Chhavi means ‘Reflection or painting’.

52: Chintanika

If you are a spiritual person and want your daughter to walk the same path, opt for the name Chintanika. It means ‘Meditation’.

53: Chitrani

Rivers are the giver of life. For Hindus, rivers, especially River Ganga, is a divine being. Chitrani means ‘River Ganga’ and is your homage to the divinity of nature.

54: Charvi

Charvi is a lot more distinctive name than its derivative Chavi. In Indian mythology, Charvi was the name of Kubera’s wife. It means ‘a beautiful lady’.

55: Drishya

Drishya sounds like a royal name, isn’t it? The name Drishya means ‘sight’.

56: Dhriti

If you want your baby girl to be courageous, then name her Dhriti. It means ‘courage and endurance’.

57: Diti

Diti is a stylish name meaning ‘idea’. Its simplicity adds to its appeal among modern Hindu parents.

58: Damini

If you grew up in the 80s or 90s, the name Damini should be familiar to you! A powerful name, it means ‘Lightening’ in Hindi.

59: Darika

A modern sounding name with a traditional meaning! Darika means ‘Maiden’.

60: Darshana

If you don’t mind a quint name, Darshana will be a good option for you. It means ‘Observation’. A great name for a-would be nerd!

61: Dayanita

Dayanita means ‘Merciful’. It is a great name for families with modern sensibilities.

62: Dayita

Another beautiful name worth a dekko, Dayita means ‘Beloved’ in Hindi.

63: Devina

Most new parents search far and wide for a name that reflects their Hindu culture but sounds modern and unique. Devina is a good bet for such parents. It means ‘Like a goddess’.

64: Devishi

Another name steeped in culture and religion but uniquely modern! Devishi means ‘Goddess Durga’.

65: Dharini

Humble and strong – that’s what our beautiful planet signifies. Dharini means ‘Earth’ in Hindi.

66: Dhristi

Your daughter changes your world so much that you see things in a new perspective. She is the vision of your life. Name her Dhristi, which means ‘vision’ or ‘sight’.

67: Dishita

Dishita means ‘Focus’. It is a great name that reflects ambition, strength, and farsightedness.

68: Drishya

A trendier option for the more common name Drishti, Dhrishya means ‘Sight’.

69: Dyumna

A rather uncommon name, Dyumna means ‘Glorious’ in Hindi. If you are looking for a name that is not run of the mill, this is the right choice!

70: Dyuti

Classy, short, and beautiful, this is the name fit for the queen of your heart! Dyuti means ‘Light’.

71: Ela

The name Ela means ‘cardamom tree’. It will make an intriguing choice for naming your baby.

72: Eva

Eva means life. It is perfect for your delicate darling who adds life to your existence.

73: Edha

Here’s another short name with a beautiful meaning. Edha means ‘Sacred’ in Hindi.

74: Eila

It is a little difficult to find good names with the letter E. But here’s one that is perfect if you are looking for a short and sweet name. Eila means ‘The Earth’.

75: Ganika

May your daughter’s life be filled with a million blooming flowers! Yes, Ganika means ‘Flower’ and is perfect for your little one.

76: Gitashri

Gitashri refers to the ‘Bhagvat Gita’. If you want a name that is drenched with spirituality and wisdom, this is the name you should pick!

77: Grishma

Your little princess has filled your life with light and joy. The warmth she brings is incomparable. Yes, Grishma means ‘Warmth’.

78: Gunita

Looking for a latest Hindu girl baby name that reflects your culture? Opt for Gunita! It means ‘Virtous’.

79: Giva

Giva will make an attractive choice for your baby. It has an international appeal to it. It is a variation of the name Jiva, which means a living being.

80: Haiya

It means heart. The name suits your daughter perfectly, as she rules your heart now.

81: Hyma

Hyma is an attractive Indian mythology name. It is another name of Goddess Parvati.

82: Hara

Hara is one of the 1008 names of Lord Shiva. Even parents of other ethnicities can consider this spiritual name for their daughters.

83: Haimi

Who says that you cannot find a unique Hindu girl name for your princess? Try Haimi. Different yet melodious, the name means ‘Golden’.

84: Harsika

Fill your daughter’s life with laughter. Harsika means ‘Laughter’ in Hindi.

85: Henna

A name that is delicate, colorful, and feminine, Henna means ‘Mehendi’ in Hindi.

86: Hradini

Hradini means ‘Lightening’. It is a strong name with a feminine sound.

87: Hiya

Our children don’t just rule our home, they rule of heart and soul too! Hiya means ‘Heart’ in Hindi.

88: Idika

Finding a name with the letter ‘I’ is often difficult. One of the options you can try is Idika. It means ‘The Earth’.

89: Ihita

Your baby girl is the fulfillment of your desire for a family. Ihita means ‘Desire’ in Hindi.

90: Ikshita

Ikshita means ‘Visible’. It is an interesting option if you are looking for a name with the letter I.

91: Ira

Do you want to keep your daughter’s name short and sweet? Try Ira. It means ‘Earth’.

92: Inika

A beautiful name for a beautiful little girl! Inika means ‘Small Earth’.

93: Ishya

Children born in spring are lucky! What better time for a party than the beautiful months of spring? If your daughter was born in this beautiful season, name her Ishya, which means ‘Spring’.

94: Ishana

The meaning of Ishana is ‘desire’. It is the variant of another popular name Ishaani.

95: Ishanvi

Ishanvi is a modern variation of the name Parvati. Indian astrologers say that the name helps improve the baby girl’s knowledge.

96: Jhanvi

Indian folklore is full of tales of legendary queens and goddesses. In Indian mythology, Jhanvi was the daughter of Yaksha, the wise. The other variation of Jhanvi is Jahanvee and Janvi.

97: Jivika

Jivika is one of the most appealing modern names. It means ‘source of life’.

98: Jivanta

Jivanta is a regal Indian name for girls. It is perfect for your little princess.

99: Jagvi

Jagvi means ‘Worldly’. It is a nice name, worth a try if you need to name your daughter with the letter J.

100: Janya

The existence of your daughter is the evidence of the divine, we are sure you agree! Janya means ‘Life’.

101: Jignasa

Are you someone who believes that being academically inclined defines success in life? Then, Jignasa will be the perfect name for your baby. It means ‘Academic curiosity’.

102: Joshika

A name with a difference! Joshika means ‘Young maiden’ in Hindi. If you are not looking for a name with a deep meaning, this one will fit the bill.

103: Kakoli

Another popular name from Bengal, Kakoli means ‘Art’. It sounds pretty and has a beautiful meaning, just what your daughter deserves.

104: Kalini

Looking for a one in a million name for your newborn baby girl? Try Kalini. It means ‘Flower’.

105: Kani

Parents today are increasingly looking for beautiful names that are not too long or complicated. And it makes sense, what with the world becoming smaller. If you want to give your daughter a name that is as easy to pronounce for an Indian as it is for an American, go for Kani. It means ‘Girl’.

106: Karabi

Another name that is sure to fill your little girl’s life with beauty and bloom. Karabi means ‘Flower’ in Hindi.

107: Karuli

A unique name for a unique baby! Karuli means ‘Innocent’ in Hindi.

108: Kashika

What is it that you wish for your child? We are sure that like all parents, you too pray for your daughter’s happy and luminous life. A name like Kashika can be your blessing for her. The name means ‘The shiny one’.

109: Kashvi

Little babies are cuddly and adorable. But they do grow up! Here’s hoping that your little daughter will grow up to shine the light of peace in this world. The name Kashvi means ‘Shining’ in Hindi.

110: Kavika

Is your family artisitically inclined? Do you want your daughter’s name to reflect your love for art and literature? How about Kavika? It means ‘Poetess’.

111: Kavya

Kavya means ‘Poem’ in Hindi. It is a popular name in The Southern parts of India but has universal appeal.

112: Keshini

Not all names have to have deep and powerful meaning. Some can simply be an ode to your child’s beauty. Keshini means ‘One with beautiful hair’.

113: Keya

Looking for an uncomplicated name for your daughter? Keya will be a great choice for you. It means ‘Flower’.

114: Kiara

Kiara is an Indian variation of the English name Ciara. It comes from the Gaelic word ‘ciar’, which means ‘black’ or ‘dark’.

115: Khushi

The birth of the baby brings unparalleled joy to the lives of the parents. The name ‘Khushi’ beautifully captures the emotion.

116: Kshamya

A beautiful name, Kshamya means ‘Earth’. It is perfect for all families, even for those looking for non-religious names.

117: Kshirin

Are you looking for a Hindi name that is not religious? Go for Kshirin. It means ‘Flower’.

118: Kuvam

The Sun holds a special place in the Hindu way of life. What better way to honor this beautiful relation than by naming your daughter Kuvam, which means ‘Sun’.

119: Kerani

Kerani is a lovely Hindu name. It is both exotic and simple.

120: Kalinda

Kalinda is a lovely, rhythmic name. It relates to the mythical Kalinda Mountains, from where a holy river flows.

121: Larisa

The name means cheerful or light-hearted. It is perfect for your little darling who has added so much love and cheer to your life.

122: Lopa

The name Lopa is rapidly climbing the popularity charts. It means ‘learned’.

123: Laranya

A name that not just sounds beautiful and feminine but has a pretty meaning too! Laranya means ‘Graceful’ in Hindi.

124: Latika

Latika means ‘Small Creeper’. It is a popular name in India and will be a good choice if you don’t want a name that is too exotic.

125: Mahi

Here’s a name that’s fast climbing the popularity charts! Mahi means ‘The world’. Your little angel is your world after all, isn’t she?

126: Mahika

Another beautiful name that will definitely appeal to your sense of poetry! Mahika means ‘Earth’.

127: Mayukhi

An uncommon name with a common meaning! Mayukhi means ‘Peahen’ in Hindi.

128: Mayra

The feminine name Mayra means beloved. It is a lovely name for your precious darling.

129: Mira

Mira was the devout follower of Lord Krishna. Meera Bhajans, the songs sung by Meera are still very popular.

130: Mishka

The name Mishka originates from an Indian word that means ‘gift of love’. The name has been climbing the popularity charts of late.

131: Menaha

Menaha means ‘Celestial damsel’. It is a pretty name for a baby who will grow up to be a beautiful woman!

132: Miraya

Are you a religious person? Then you should consider Miraya. It means ‘Devotee of Lord Krishna’.

133: Mritsa

A down to earth name, Mritsa means ‘Good Earth’. It is a non-fussy name but does sound beautiful.

134: Mitra

Mitra has unisex appeal. It sounds feminine enough to work for a girl. Mitra is the name of the Hindu God of friendship.

135: Neysa

Neysa is a modern Hindu name. It means ‘pure’.

136: Nitya

Nitya will make a unique choice for naming your baby. The name Nitya means ‘regular’.

137: Navya

This is literally a new name for baby girls. Navya is another option for modern parents. It means ‘young or new’.

138: Neila

Thanks to the celebrities, parents these days are turning to unique spelling for common names to make their babies stand out in the sea of humanity. Neila is a variation of the name Nila and means ‘sapphire blue’.

139: Nima

Nima was the name of the mother of Saint Kabir. It means ‘to adjust’.

140: Naisha

Naisha means ‘Special’. If you don’t mind a name that is fast becoming common in India, go for it.

141: Navya

A pretty common name, Navya can still hold its own! Navya means ‘New’.

142: Nimisha

Here’s a name that’s not just beautiful to hear but is also philosophically meaningful. Nimisha means ‘Momentary’.

143: Ninarika

Another name that will surely speak to the poet in you! Ninarika means ‘Misty’.

144: Ojasvi

Looking for a unique name with the letter O? Look no further! Ojasvi means ‘Bright’ in Hindi.

145: Omisha

Here’s another winner! Omisha means ‘Goddess of life and Death.’

146: Oja

Oja is a dramatic and exotic name. It means ‘vitality’. It will provide a fresh spin to the name Oorja.

147: Pavati

Pavati is an American Indian name with spiritual overtones. It means ‘clear water’. Do not mistake it for Parvati.

148: Pihu

The name Pihu means peahen. It is a short and sweet name for your darling daughter.

149: Pooja

The literal meaning of the Hindu name Pooja is ‘worship’. It is an evergreen choice.

150: Priya

The name Priya denotes a beautiful and beloved girl. It is perfect for the little fairy at home.

151: Paakhi

A pretty little name for your darling baby girl! Paakhi means ‘Bird’.

152: Parnika

An interesting name for parents looking for something different. Parnika means ‘Small leaf’. It is also a name that means ‘Goddess Parvati’.

153: Prisha

It goes without saying that children are God’s gift to parents. The name Prisha signifies the same. It means ‘beloved, God’s gift’.

154: Ranhita

Ranhita means ‘Quick’ in Hindi. It is a pretty name, fast becoming popular among new parents.

155: Ranya

A little name with a beautiful meaning, that’s Ranya for you! It means ‘Pleasing’.

156: Riya

Today, many Indian parents are opting for the name Riya for their darling daughters probably due to the glamorous Bollywood star Riya Sen. The name means ‘singer’.

157: Rishima

Rishima means ‘Moonbeam’. The perfect name for your beautiful as the moon daughter.

158: Roop

Roop is a name that carries a captivating charm. It means ‘looks’.

159: Ryka

The name Ryka means ‘born out of a hymn or prayer’. It is a unique name for your baby.

160: Sadhika

Another name of ‘Goddess Durga’, Sadhika is a great name for parents looking for a spiritual name with a modern twist.

161: Sahima

Sahima means ‘Snow’. It will be a great name for your princess. After all, she is no less than Snowhite!

162: Saanvi

If you are looking for a modern name for the Goddess Lakshmi, then Saanvi can be your pick.

163: Saumya

Saumya is a name of Sanskrit origin. It means ‘pearl’. It is also another name for Goddess Durga.

164: Shivani

Shivani is a powerful name for girls. It means ‘life and death’.

165: Shakti

Shakti is a traditional, yet modern Hindu name. It is the female equivalent of Lord Shiva in Hinduism.

166: Suha

Suha is the trendiest of all the versions of Suhana. Suha is the name of a star in Indian mythology.

167: Tuhi

Tuhi is a soft and sweet variation of the name Ruhi. It means ‘bird sound’. The modern hindu girls names are just so unique.

168: Tiya

If you are a nature lover, then you can name your child Tiya. Tiya means ‘bird’.

169: Trisha

The name Trisha may have a Latin origin, but it is equally popular in India. It is a short form of the name Patricia. It comes from a Latin word ‘patrcius’, which means ‘nobleman’.

170: Tanvi

Tanvi is a delicate baby girl name. It is also another name for Goddess Durga.

171: Talika

Names that get their meaning from nature are really special. They not only teach us to respect our environment but also to learn from it. Talika means ‘Bird.’

172: Tisya

The Hindu religion is rich in history and tradition. If you are looking to gift a bit of this vast heritage to your daughter, name her Tisya. It means ‘Auspicious’.

173: Trayi

Girls today are taking giant strides in every field-be it sports or academics. If you want to encourage your daughter to make a mark in this world, you can start with her name! Trayi means ‘Intellect’.

174: Udgita

A modern name, but steeped in culture. Udgita means ‘Hymn’ and is derived from ‘Bhagvad Gita’.

175: Udyati

Life is all about moving ahead, rising from one’s circumstances to reach for the stars. If that is your life philosophy, Udyati will be a great choice. It means ‘Elevated’ in Hindi.

176: Urmika

Sometimes a name may not mean something earth shattering but is yet beautiful. Take Urmika, for example. It means ‘Small wave’.

177: Ura

The popular name Ura has been enticing many modern Hindu families of late. Ura means ‘earth’.

178: Viti

Viti is a delicate name meaning ‘light’. Some of these hindu modern baby girl names sound so special.

179: Vaneet

The unique and powerful name spells intelligence. You surely want your daughter to be a beauty with brains!

180: Veda

Veda is a name with religious resonance. The Vedas, as most of you know, are the sacred scriptures of the Hindus.

181: Vanya

Vanya is one of those ultimate, super cool names. It means ‘gracious gift of God’.

182: Vritika

The name Vritika derives from a Sanskrit word meaning ‘thought’. The modern Hindu names for girls are perfect for your little one.

183: Vedika

Vedika is a traditional name with modern charm. It means ‘consciousnesses’.

184: Vaidehi

A very popular name, Vaidehi means ‘Sita’. It is a good name for parents looking for a historical name for their daughters.

185: Valini

The sight of the night sky swarmed with stars can fill anybody with wonder. But you have a beautiful star of your own now! Name your little one Valini, which means ‘Stars’.

186: Vedanti

Looking for a name that reflects the Hindu religion at its purest? If yes, then Vedanti is a good option for you. It means ‘Knower of Vedas’.

187: Yashashvi

While Yashvi is the traditional form of the name, twisting it a little makes it more feminine. Yashashvi means ‘fame’.

188: Yutika

Last but not the least, we have the name Yutika. Pretty, classy, and unique, the name has it all. Yutika means ‘Flower’ in Hindi.