Top English Girl Names And Meanings

Top Unique English Girl Names And Meanings


  • Amelia (Industrious, Defender)
  • Ava (Bird, the living one, life)
  • Alice (Noble, Of nobility)
  • Abigail (Father rejoiced, father’s joy)
  • Avery (Ruler, power)
  • Aria (air and the melody)
  • Amber (Jewel)
  • Aubrey (Power
  • Addison (Son of Addie)
  • Audrey (Noble and strength)
  • Aurora (The Sleeping Beauty)
  • Anna (Grace)
  • Aaliyah (Rising)
  • Allison (Truth)
  • Alexa (Defender of human)
  • Ariana (Very Holy)
  • Autumn (Fall, autumn)
  • Aubree (Elf ruler, Var)
  • Angelina (Angel, messenger of God)
  • Arianna (Chaste, very holy)
  • Adalynn (Of Magdala)
  • Annabelle (Favor, grace, lovable,beautiful)
  • Alexandra (Defender, helper of men)
  • Ashley (Lives in the ash tree grove)
  • Athena (Goddess of wisdom)
  • Andrea (Brave, Manly)
  • Alyssa (Rational, alyssum flower, sanity)
  • Adalyn (Noble)
  • Arya (Lioness, Noble)
  • Anastasia (One who will be reborn, resurrection)
  • Ariel (Lion of God)
  • Alexis (helper, defender)
  • Amy (Beloved)
  • Ashley (One who lives in the ash tree grove)


  • Brooklyn (One who lives near a brook)
  • Bella (Beautiful)
  • Brielle (God Is My Strength)
  • Brianna (Strong)
  • Bailey (berry clearing, bailiff, city fortification)
  • Brooke (Little stream)


  • Charlotte (Free man, petite)
  • Chloe (Blooming, Young green shoot)
  • Camila (Perfect)
  • Claire (Bright, Clear)
  • Caroline (Strong )
  • Cora (Maiden in Greek)
  • Clara (Bright, clear)
  • Cecilia (Blind)


  • Daisy (Day’s eye, the daisy flower)
  • Delilah (Delight, temptress)
  • Daniella (God has judged)
  • Dorothy (Gift of God)


  • Emma (Whole, universal)
  • Emily (Striving, Industrious)
  • Ella (Light, beautiful fairy)
  • Evie (Life, living, lively)
  • Evelyn (Desired, light, hazelnut, give life)
  • Elizabeth (God is my oath)
  • Eleanor (Bright, shining one)
  • Ellie (God is my light)
  • Elena (Shining, Bright One)
  • Eva (Life)
  • Emilia (Rival)
  • Everly (From The Boar Meadow)
  • Eliana (God has answered)
  • Emery (Grazing meadow)
  • Eden (Delight)
  • Eliza (God is satisfaction)
  • Emerson (Brave; powerful)


  • Freya (Lady)
  • Faith (Happiness, good fortune)
  • Fiona (White, fair)


  • Grace (Kindness, mercy, beauty)
  • Genesis (Birth)
  • Gabriella (Woman of God, God is my strength)
  • Gianna (God is gracious)


  • Harper (One who plays the harp)
  • Hannah (Favour, grace)
  • Hazel (Hazel tree, hazelnut)
  • Hailey (wood, clearing, meadow)
  • Hadley (Heather field)
  • Holly (Clearing by the hollow, holly tree)


  • Isla (Island)
  • Isabella (Devoted to God, someone who is pious)
  • Isabelle (Devoted to God, someone who is pious)
  • Ivy (Faithful)
  • Isabel (God is perfection, God is my oath)
  • Iris (Based on the Iris flower)


  • Jessica (A person who has remarkable foresight)
  • Jennifer (Someone who is exceptionally fair skinned)
  • Julia (Youth, youthful)
  • Josephine (God shall grow, Jehovah increases)
  • Jade (Stone of the colic)
  • Jasmine (A flower which is white and has a sweet scent)
  • Juliana (youthful)
  • Jordyn (To flow down, descend like a river)


  • Kennedy (Helmeted chief)
  • Kinsley (King’s field)
  • Kaylee (One who is filled with purity)
  • Katherine (Pure)
  • Kylie (Beautiful)
  • Khloe (Blooming, verdant)
  • Kayla (Intoxicating, dark beauty, night)
  • KImberly (From the wood of a royal forest)


  • Lily (Lily flower, Pure)
  • Layla (Intoxicating, dark beauty, night)
  • Lillian (Purity, beauty)
  • Luna (Moon)
  • Leah (Weary, tired)
  • Lucy (Light, born at dawn)
  • Lydia (Beautiful one, noble one)
  • Liliana (Lily’ the flower)
  • Leilani (Heavenly flowers)
  • Lyla (Island Girl, Island Beauty)
  • Lauren (Laurel, bay tree)
  • Lilly (Purity and beauty)
  • Lucinda (Illumination)


  • Mila (Dear, pleasant)
  • Mia (Mine, wished-for child’)
  • Madison (Son of Matthew, Gift of God)
  • Maya (Illusion)
  • Madelyn (High tower)
  • Melanie (Black, dark, honey)
  • Mackenzie (Comely)
  • Madeline (Elevated, Magnificent)
  • Maria (Sea of sorrow, sea of bitterness)
  • Mary (Wished-for child, rebellion, bitter)
  • Margaret (Pearl)
  • Melody (Song, to sing)
  • Morgan (Who is a defender and champion of the sea)
  • Maisie (Child of light, pearl)


  • Nora (Light)
  • Natalie (Sunrise, Born)
  • Naomi (Sweetness, Delightful)
  • Nevaeh (Heaven, backwards)
  • Nova (Chases Butterfly)
  • Natalia (Christmas Day)
  • Norah (Honour)
  • Nicole (Victory of the people)


  • Olivia (Olive branch)


  • Poppy (Inspired by the poppy flower which are large and bright)
  • Penelope (Patient wife)
  • Paisley (Basilica, Church)
  • Piper (One who plays the pipes)
  • Peyton (Poega’s town, fighting man’s estate)
  • Priscilla (Ancient, Classical)
  • Pamela (All honey, all sweetness)


  • Quinn (Wisdom, Intelligence)
  • Queenie (Queen)


  • Riley (Wood clearing)
  • Ruby (Red, a type of precious stone)
  • Reagan (Little king, Regal)
  • Rylee (Courageous)
  • Raelynn (Beautiful lamb)
  • Rose (Rose flower)
  • Ryleigh (Courageous, valiant)
  • Rosemary (Dew of the sea, bitter rose)
  • Rachel (Ewe, Lamb)


  • Sofia (wisdom, skill)
  • Sophia (Wisdom)
  • Sophie (Wisdom)
  • Sienna (Orange-red)
  • Scarlett (Red)
  • Savannah (Treeless plain)
  • Stella (Star)
  • Skylar (Eternal life, Water giver)
  • Sarah (Princess)
  • Sadie (Princess)
  • Serenity (Calm)
  • Sydney (Riverside meadow)
  • Sara (woman of high rank)
  • Samantha (God heard, Listener)


  • Taylor (Cutter of cloth, clothed with salvation)
  • Trinity (Holy triad)
  • Tabitha (Gazelle, Beauty)


  • Victoria (Triumphant)
  • Violet (Purple, the violet flower)
  • Valentina (strong, healthy)
  • Vivian (Alive)
  • Valerie (Valiant)


  • Willow (Slender)
  • Winnie (Fair, blessed)


  • Ximena (Listener)


  • Yvonne (Yew tree)


  • Zoey (Life)
  • Zoe (Life)

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