Top American Baby Girl Names Unique 2018

Top 10 American Baby Girl Names With Unique Meaning 2018

Baby girl names so for 2018 that considered top, unique and short names for girls in beautiful American fertile land. The list of 10 popular baby girl names is known top trendy baby names of the year 2018 that parents want for their babies. Choose the best and sweet baby girl name with meanings for cute angle of your heart. Best wishes & good luck.

1: Amelia

industrious and striving, defender

2: Emma

Universal, Whole; complete

3: Ava

Iniquity, Living one

4: Mia

Feminine abbreviation of Michal

5: Isabella

Devoted to God or consecrated to God

6: Olivia

Olive, symbol of peace

7: Elizabeth

oath of God or God is satisfaction

8: Emily

Hard working, Industrious

9: Sophia

Wisdom, wise

10: Madison

gift of God

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