11 Cute Islamic Boy Names

Muslim Boy Name Starting With B – 11 Cute Popular Islamic Baby Names With Meanings For Boys

Muslim boys names with meanings starting from B in English, 11 cute Islamic male prince names put forward for searcher a list of popular and famous Muslim baby names like Baser and Bilal Arabic names for boys. Select your best trendy Islamic names to give your baby a gorgeous and unique personality for his bright future. We at Getnames have some new bundles of Arabic boys names from Quran and Arabic roots in Islamic names dictionary for children.

Parents want a beautiful Islamic baby boy name for newborn kid, why not a sweet name for him because baby boy is an eye of their heart and defender of all family members when he will be on peak of age. Search & get unique, most trendy Islamic name.

1: Babar

Courageous, Lion

2. Badr udeen

Full moon of the Faith

3. Basharat

Good news

4. Bashir

A messenger of good news

5. Basir

Bringer of glad tidings

6. Basit

One who stretches, enlarges

7. Bazir

Educated, a great personBehzad

8. Bilal

Water, moisture, freshness

9. Burhan


10. Burhan-ud-din

Proof of the religion Islam

11. Baqir

Beloved one, Close to heart

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