42 Top Muslim Boy Names

Muslim Boy Name Starting With A – 42 Top Trendy Islamic Male Names in Arabic With Meanings

Muslim boy names in Arabic, Islamic boys names with meanings starting with “A” letter in English. Well, if you are keen interested to find latest Muslim boys in Hindi as well Islamic boys names in Urdu, Search for Top trendy and most popular Islamic baby names for boys. Below mentioned 42 unique Arabic male names as some boy names from Quran and hadith are included here. You can get Islamic Bengali boy names with meanings in this baby name blog.

Naming an cute Muslim baby is on your behalf but giving you the list of unique Arabic names for boys is sincere mission of Getnames team members to provide you best platform to choose famous Islamic names for your little moon.

1: Aamir


2. Aasim

Protector, guardian

3. Aatif

Compassionate, Sympathetic

4. Aazim


5. Abaid

Worshipper of God

6. Abbas

Description of a lion

7. Abdallah

Slave of God

8. Abdul aleem

Servant of the Omniscient

9. Abdul baasit

Servant of the Extender and Creator

10. Abdul hadi

Servant of the Guide

11. Abdul hannan

Slave of the Merciful

12. Abdul muqeet

Slave of the Sustainer

13. Abdul qayyum

Servant of the Self Subsisting

14. Abdul salam

Servant of the Peace

15. Abdullah

Servant of God

16. Abdur rahman

Servant of the most Gracious

17. Abrar


18. Abraz

Show, unfolded divulged myst

19. Abubakr

Father of the young camel

20. Affan

Forgiving person

21. Afraz

Very Learned In Divine Law

22. Aftab


23. Ahmed

Most highly adored, or most praised

24. Ahsan

The best of all

25. Ahtesham


26. Akif


27. Aleem

Learned, expert, scholar

28. Ali

The highest, greatest, noble

29. Amaad

Pillar, post, support

30. Amir

Ruler, Prince, Rich

31. Anas

Very sociable

32. Anees

Intimate, friendly

33. Aqeel

Wise, Intelligent, sensible

34. Aqib

Successor, vice

35. Arbaaz


36. Arham


37. Asad

Happy, fortunate, lucky,Virtuous, Lion

38. Asif


39. Atif

United, Joined, Together

40. Ayaan

Gift of God

41. Azeem

Great, greater

42. Azhar

Most shining, luminous

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