41 Top Muslim Girl Names

Muslim Girl Names Starting With A » 41 Top Trendy Islamic Female Names & Their Meanings

List of forty one female Arabic baby names provides you The most famous and modern Islamic girls names that start with “A” alphabet and English meaning. To select a beautiful, cute Muslim name for girls is pretty hard, Team of Getnames has made combination of top Arabic girls names to facilitate parents for finding some handsome Muslim baby names of Arabic origin for girls with regal meaning beginning from a letter. Choose a similar baby girl name that match your family trend.

Ayesha is a most popular Arabic female name and Asma is Quranic name as well, This list of A category name is most affectionate and lovely in order to pick top trendy Islamic names in Arabic. Best of luck and have a nice day for your queen Muslim baby.

1: Aabidah

Worshiper of Allah

2. Aadila

Just, Honest, Equal, Upright

3. Aafiya

Health, The freedom from disease

4. Aafreen

Brave, Acclaim

5. Aaima


6. Aaleyah

Exalted, Highest social standing

7. Aamirah

A woman inhabitig in a place

8. Aasfa

Protector, guardian

9. Aasma

Excellent, Precious

10. Abeer

Fragrance, perfume

11. Abeerah

Rose, Sandal Saffron mixed together in fragrance

12. Adeena

Pious, good luck

13. Afeerah

Covered with soil or dust

14. Afrah

Happiness, joy

15. Afsa

Pretty. Know Religion, Prophet Mohammad(PBUH)wife

16. Afsheen

Shine like a star

17. Aimen

Most Congratulated

18. Aleena

Silk of heaven

19. Aleeza


20. Aliah

Exaulted, noble, highest social standing

21. Alisha

Honest, truthful, Protected by Allah

22. Alishba


23. Aliyah

Exalted, noble

24. Aliza

Joyful, happiness

25. Amana

Faithful, to believe

26. Ameena

Trustworthy, faithful

27. Ameera

Noble lady, princess

28. Amrah


29. Anaum

The blessing of Allah

30. Andleeb


31. Aneesa

Good friend

32. Anisah

intimate, friendly

33. Anoosha

Delighted, happy

34. Anya

A woman with large eyes

35. Areebah

Wise, smart

36. Ashna


37. Asifa


38. Asma

Loftier, precious

39. Asna

The one to be acknowledged or praised

40. Ayesha

Living, prosperous, youngest wife of the Prophet

41. Azeeza

Esteemed, precious, cherished

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