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Islamic girl names starting with B English letter along meanings, Blog of Arabic female names provide you online fifteen top modern Muslim girl names and their meanings. Parents search female Islamic baby names that begin from b or baa letter in Urdu. Have a nice day to find your desired top Indian and Pakistani girls names list at Getnames with best hope. These Arabic origin baby girls names probably meet your required unique and modern names for girls.

We all you beautiful guardian welcome you here to have your cute Islamic baby names that delight you with meanings and sound. Always prefer top modern baby Islamic names for queen heart as they are also gift of God.

1: Badrun nisa

Full moon of the women

2. Bahar bano

Blooming princess

3. Baheera

Dazzling, brilliant

4. Baiza

White, bright, brilliant

5. Baleegha


6. Banu

Princess, Miss, lady

7. Bareea

Innocent, blameless

8. Baseema


9. Basma

A smile

10. Batool

Virgin, A title of Hazrat Fatimah (R A )

11. Beenish

Intelligent, genius

12. Benazir

Matchless, unique

13. Binish

Clever, Intelligent

14. Bisma


15. Bushra

Good omen, good news

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