Albanian Baby Names

Albanian Baby Names in 2018 And Their Meaning, Popular Boy, Girl Names in Albania

Albanian girl names and boys 2018, Do you want to be proud of and steep in ancient heritage? Here is a combination of unique Albanian girl baby boy names that sound English. Albanian baby names are mostly in Russian, Balkans, Italian, Bosnian and Greece due to these countries influenced. We at Getnames proffer Beautiful, popular Albanian baby names for boys and girls with regal meaning.

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List Of: Modern Albanian Baby Names 2019

M/F Baby Names Meaning of Names Origin
F Aferdita dawn; morning Albanian
M Agim early riser; dawn Albanian
M Agon dawn Albanian
M Agron kingly; royal Albanian
F Albana original Albanian name Albanian
M Arben of the forest Albanian
F Arberie of the forest Albanian
M Ardi valley of the eagle Albanian
M Ardian valley of the eagle Albanian
F Ardiana valley of the eagle Albanian
M Ardit golden day Albanian
F Ardita golden day Albanian
M Arian bright and shining day Albanian
F Ariana golden life Albanian
M Arjan golden life Albanian
F Arjana golden life Albanian
M Arlind gold Albanian
F Arlinda gold Albanian
M Armend golden mind Albanian
F Arta from the city of gold Greek
M Bardhyl white star Albanian
M Bashkim alliance; union Albanian
M Behar summer Albanian
M Bekim blessing Albanian
F Besa oath Albanian
M Besart golden oath Albanian
F Besiana oath Albanian
F Besijana city oath Albanian
M Besim faith Albanian
M Besin oath Albanian
M Besmir has good faith Albanian
M Besnik faithful; loyal Albanian
M Blerim verdure; greenery Albanian
F Blerina green Albanian
F Blerta green Albanian
F Bora snow Albanian
M Brahim father of multitude Albanian
M Bujar generous Albanian
F Bujare generous Albanian
F Bukuroshe beauty Albanian
F Burbuqe bud; sprout Albanian
M Burim fountain; the source Albanian
M Dalmat of the Dalmatian tribe Albanian
M Dardan juicy pear Albanian
F Dardana sweet pear Albanian
F Dashurie intimacy; love Albanian
M Defrim entertainment Albanian
M Dhimiter good day Albanian
F Diellza sunny Albanian
M Ditmer good day Albanian
F Donieta zest for life Albanian
F Donjeta zest for life Albanian
F Drita light Albanian
M Dritan light Albanian
M Driton light Albanian
F Earta the golden one Albanian
M Edi guardian of prosperity Albanian
M Edon he loves Albanian
F Edona she loves Albanian
M Eduart guardian of prosperity Albanian
M Egzon enjoyment Albanian
F Egzona enjoyment Albanian
F Elira to be free Albanian
M Endrit light Albanian
F Endrita light Albanian
M Engjell angel Albanian
M Enver radiant Albanian
F Era wind Albanian
M Erion our wind Albanian
M Erjon our wind Albanian
M Ermir good wind Albanian
M Ervin honor friend Albanian
F Fatime abstainer Albanian
F Fatjeta lucky Albanian
M Fatjon our destiny Albanian
F Fatjona our destiny Albanian
M Fatlind lucky birth Albanian
F Fatlinda lucky birth Albanian
M Fatlum fortunate Albanian
M Fatmir lucky Albanian
F Fatmire lucky Albanian
M Faton our destiny, our fortune Albanian
M Fatos daring Albanian
F Fetije lucky Albanian
M Fisnik gallant; noble; generous Albanian
M Fitim gain; profit Albanian
M Fitore victory Albanian
M Flamur flag Albanian
F Flori a martyr Albanian
F Flutura butterfly Albanian
M Gazmend joy Albanian
F Genta the gentian flower Albanian
M Genti the gentian flower Albanian
F Gentijana the gentian flower Albanian
F Gezim joy Albanian
M Gjergj earth-worker; farmer Albanian
M Gjon God is gracious Albanian
M Ilir to be free Albanian
M Jak supplanter Albanian
F Jehona echo Albanian
M Jetmir good life Albanian
M Jeton life Albanian
M Jorgji earth-worker; farmer Albanian
F Kaltrina blue girl Albanian
M Konstandin steadfast Albanian
M Konstandini steadfast Albanian
M Kostandin steadfast Albanian
M Kreshnik knight Albanian
M Kushtim dedication; devotion Albanian
M Kushtrim battle cry; slogan Albanian
M Leka defender of mankind Albanian
M Leotrim brave Albanian
M Leutrim brave Albanian
F Lindita daybreak; birth of day Albanian
M Liridon free-willed; desire Albanian
F Liridona free-willed; desire Albanian
M Lorenc Laurence; of Laurentum Albanian
M Luan lion Albanian
F Lule flower Albanian
M Lulezim blooming; flowering Albanian
F Luljeta flower of life Albanian
F Majlinda born in May Albanian
F Manjola magnolia tree Albanian
F Marigona an historical figure Albanian
M Mergim foreign; stranger Albanian
F Mimoza mimosa tree Albanian
F Mirjeta good life Albanian
M Mirlind born well; birth Albanian
F Mirlinda born well; birth Albanian
M Nderim honor; respect Albanian
M Pellumb dove Albanian
M Perparim progress Albanian
M Pjeter rock; stone Albanian
F Pranvera spring Albanian
M Prek touch Albanian
F Qendrese attitude; bearing Albanian
F Qendresea bearing; pose Albanian
M Qendrim bearing; pose Albanian
M Rezar golden ray Albanian
M Rezart golden ray Albanian
F Rezarta golden ray Albanian
M Rilind birth; reincarnation Albanian
F Rilinda birth; reincarnation Albanian
M Rinor adolescent; youth Albanian
F Rovena holy lance Albanian
F Rozafa castle in Shkodra, Albania Albanian
F Rozafati beautiful rose Albanian
M Shkodran from Shkoder Albanian
M Shpend poultry Albanian
M Shpetim rescue; salvation Albanian
F Shpresa hope Albanian
F Shqipe eagle Albanian
F Shtjefen crown Albanian
M Skender defender of mankind Albanian
M Taulant tribe name. Albanian
F Tefta queen of the Illyrians Albanian
F Teuta queen Albanian
F Valbona wave Albanian
F Valbone vale; wave Albanian
M Valdete blue; sea Albanian
M Valdrin vale; wave Albanian
M Valmir good wave Albanian
F Valmira good wave Albanian
F Venera love Albanian
F Veton lightning Albanian
F Visare depository Albanian
M Vjollca viola Albanian
M Vjosa a river Albanian
M Xhemail highest honor Albanian
F Xhevahire jewel Albanian
M Ylli star Albanian
F Yllka star Albanian
M Zamir good voice Albanian
M Zamira good voice Albanian