Serbian Baby Names

Serbian Baby Names For Boy & Girl » Popular Serbian Baby Names 2018 From A To Z

Looking for and want to discover the most popular Serbian baby names for boy, girl in order to give special honor Serbian ancestry? Take a look at list of top trendy Serbian baby names that includes a to z Serbian boys and girls names so for 2017 and 2018. Unique Serbian baby names at Getnames are to pay tribute to your heritage.

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List Of: Modern Serbian Baby Names

M/F Baby Names Meaning of Names Origin
F Adrijana from Hadria Serbian
M Andeon heavenly messenger Serbian
F Andjela heavenly messenger Serbian
M Andrija manly; warrior Serbian
F Antonija invaluable Serbian
M Antonije invaluable Serbian
F Bastina* inheritance Serbian
F Biljana herb Serbian
F Bistrina* cleverness Serbian
M Blagoje gentle Serbian
M Bojan a battle Serbian
F Bojana a battle Serbian
M Bratislav brother of glory Serbian
F Casna* honorable Serbian
F Chasna* honorable Serbian
M Daro* talented one Serbian
M Dejan to take action Serbian
F Dejana to take action Serbian
M Dimitrije loves the earth Serbian
M Djordje earth-worker; farmer Serbian
M Dobrashin goodness Serbian
M Dobrasin goodness Serbian
M Dobrilo sees goodness in others Serbian
M Dragan dear; beloved Serbian
F Dragana dear; beloved Serbian
M Dragoslav precious glory Serbian
F Dragoslava precious glory Serbian
M Dusan soul Serbian
F Duga* rainbow Serbian
F Dusica soul Serbian
M Gavran raven Serbian
M Goran mountain man Serbian
F Gordana from Gordium Serbian
F Grana branch Serbian
F Grubana* tender Serbian
M Ilija the Lord is my God Serbian
F Jagoda strawberry Serbian
M Josif God shall add Serbian
M Jovan God is gracious Serbian
F Jovana God is gracious Serbian
F Jovanka God is gracious Serbian
F Karika* the link Serbian
M Kristijan follower of Christ Serbian
F Ljubica flower violet Serbian
M Ljubomir love’s peace Serbian
F Luka harbor Serbian
F Majka mother Serbian
F Malina raspberry Serbian
F Medeni honey Serbian
F Meki tender; nice person Serbian
M Mihailo who is like God? Serbian
M Mihajlo who is like God? Serbian
F Milinka grace Serbian
M Miljan charming Serbian
F Miljana charming Serbian
M Milun gracious Serbian
M Miomir scent Serbian
M Miran peaceful one Serbian
F Miriti to make peace Serbian
F Mirjana beloved Serbian
M Mochan physical power Serbian
M Mudar wise one Serbian
F Mudary wise woman Serbian
F Mudra wise woman Serbian
M Mudrac wise man Serbian
F Nada hope Serbian
F Nadanje the receiver Serbian
F Namena purpose Serbian
F Namera intention Serbian
F Natalija born on Christmas Day Serbian
F Natasa born on Christmas Day Serbian
F Nebesa the heavens Serbian
M Nebo the heavens Serbian
M Nebojsa fearless Serbian
M Nemanja having no possessions Serbian
M Nenad unexpected Serbian
M Obrad happiness Serbian
F Okean ocean Serbian
F Okeana ocean Serbian
F Padavina rainfall Serbian
M Pamet intelligence Serbian
F Pametan intelligence Serbian
M Pavle Paul; small Serbian
F Planina mountain Serbian
M Pravi truth Serbian
M Predan devoted Serbian
F Predany devoted Serbian
M Predrag precious; very clear Serbian
F Radmila happy favor Serbian
M Radmilo happy favor Serbian
F Radojka joy Serbian
M Radovan happy; joyful Serbian
F Rodan fertile earth Serbian
F Sanjati dream Serbian
M Sava Sabas; man Serbian
F Senka shadow Serbian
M Sidro anchor; stability Serbian
F Sila power; strength Serbian
F Slavica glory Serbian
F Slavna glorious Serbian
M Slavoljub glorious Serbian
M Slobodan freedom Serbian
F Snezana snow woman Serbian
F Sofija Sophia; wisdom Serbian
F Soko hawk Serbian
F Sova owl Serbian
F Srebrenka silver Serbian
M Srecko luck Serbian
M Stevan crown with laurels Serbian
M Stovan respected Serbian
F Sunce sun Serbian
F Tatjana father’s daughter Serbian
M Tihomir peace Serbian
F Tijana peace Serbian
F Ufanje hope Serbian
M Umeta one who is skilled Serbian
F Umeti one who is skilled Serbian
F Umilan one who is lovable Serbian
F Uzoran the ideal Serbian
F Valerija strong Serbian
M Vasilije king Serbian
F Vasiona universe Serbian
F Vedrana jolly; merry Serbian
F Vedrina brings clarity Serbian
F Veran true friend; faithful Serbian
M Veseo cheerful one Serbian
F Vidra otter Serbian
F Visina elevated one Serbian
F Vrstan excellent one Serbian
M Vuk wolf Serbian
M Vukasin wolf Serbian
F Zahvala gratitude Serbian
M Zaklon protection; shelter Serbian
M Zlogonje expels evil Serbian