Arabic Boy Names Z


Baby Name English meaning
Zaafir Victorious
Zaahid A devotee; an ascetic
Zaahid Abstemious, Ascetic
Zaahir A blooming flower; a bright and shining colour; lofty.
Zaahir Apparent; evident; one of the attributes of Allah Ta’ala.
Zaahir Bright, Shining
Zaakir One who constantly praises and remembers Allah Ta’aala.
Zackariya Name of a prophet.
Zaeem The leader.
Zafar Victory; triumph; name of a sahaabi (RA).
Zafar Victorious.
Zafeer Of firm and resolute intention.
Zafir Victorious.
Zafrul Honest, Reliable and very ambitous.
Zaheer An ally; an associate; a protector.
Zaheer Blooming; shining; luminous.
Zaheer Bright and shining.
Zahi Bright, shining.
Zahir Bright, shining.
Zaib Beauty.
Zaid Abundance; excess surplus; name of a sahaabi radhiyallaahu-anhu.
Zaighum Lion, Powerful.
Zaim Leader or General, someone who is demanded.
Zain Ornament; beauty; grace; honour; to beautify; to decorate.
Zain Friend, beloved.
Zair Pilgrim.
Zakaa Keen perception; sharpness of mind; deep insight; sagacity
Zakar Handsome, Kind hearted.
Zakariya A Prophet’s name
Zakariya Name of a Prophet (A.S).
Zakariyya The name of a Prophet.
Zakariyyaa Name of a prophet of Allah.
Zakee One who has a sharp mind and keen perception; intelligent.
Zakee Pure; virtuous; clean; truthful.
Zaki Intelligent, pure, chaste.
Zakir Someone who believes in Allah, faith.
Zakiy Pure
Zaman Time, destiny.
Zameer Conscience.
Zamil Friend, collegue.
Zarar Brave, Courageous.
Zaroon Visitor.
Zarrar A great muslim warrior.
Zayan Bright.
Zayd Superabundance
Zayd In abundance, plentiful.
Zayer Tourist, who visits holy places.
Zebadiyah Allah’s gift.
Zeeshan A high standard.
Zeeya Light.
Zeyad Prince, the honest and kind. Peace and truth.
Zia Wise.
Ziaud Splendor, light.
Zishan Peaceful.
Ziyaad Increase; surplus; plenty.
Ziyad Superabundance
Ziyad Abundance.
Zohaib Leader, king.
Zohair Best friend of the last prophet (S.A.W).
Zoran Dawn.
Zubaid The diminutive of zubd meaning cream, butter etc.
Zubair A brave and wise person
Zubair Proper Name.
Zubayr A proper name
Zuehb Clever Minded.
Zufar Lion; a brave person; an army; a flowing river
Zuhaib Star.
Zuhair The prophet.
Zuhayr Bright
Zuhayr Bright.
Zuhoor Appearing; arising, visibility.
Zuhoor Appearance, Manifestation.
Zukaa The sun; dawn; morning.
Zul-Kifl Name of a prophet of Allah.
Zulaym A narrator of Hadith.
Zulfaqaar A sword
Zulfaqar Sword that the Prophet (S.A.W) gave to Sayyidina Ali.
Zulfiqar Sword name of Hazart Ali.
Zulqarnain Someone with two beautiful eyes.
Zun-Noon The Man of the Whale
Zunnoon Appellation of Prophet Yunus (A.S).
Zuti Name of the grandfather of Imam Abu Hanifah.

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