French Baby Names

French Baby Names In 2018 And Meaning, Popular Boys, Girls Names In France

Searching For French Baby Names? French Baby Names and meaning that remained trendy in 2018, We at Getnames offer variety of top and popular French baby names that begin from A letter to Z letter of English. Scroll the list of French baby names boy and French baby name girl for your cute kid to keep elder French traditions.

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List Of: Modern French Baby Names

M/F Baby Names Meaning of Names Origin
F Eloise very healthy French
F Emilienne industrious Teutonic
F Emma universal Teutonic
F Emmanuelle God is with us French
M Etalon stallion French
M Etienne crowned with laurels French
F Etiennette crowned with laurels French
F Evonne Yvonne; young archer French
M Fabien bean farmer French
F Fancy whimsical; decorative French
F Fayana fairy; elf French
F Fayette fairy; elf French
F Feélicie lucky French
M Felicien lucky French
F Fifi God will add French
M Filberte very bright and famous French
F Florence blossoming French
M Florentin blossoming French
F Floriane flowering Latin
M Franchot free; from France French
F Francine free; from France French
F Francique free; from France French
F Gabie God is my strength Hebrew
F Gabriele devoted to God French
F Gage promise French
F Galetée white French
F Gallia from Gaul French
M Garland wreath of flowers French
M Geérard brave spearman French
F Geneva juniper tree French
F Geneviéve white wave Celtic
F Genie well-born; noble Greek
M Germain from Germany French
F Germaine sisterhood French
M Gervaise spear servant French
M Gilbert pledge-bright French
M Gilles shield bearer Greek
M Gillett young Gilbert French
M Giraud mighty with the spear Teutonic
M Gregorie vigilant Greek
M Guarin protection; shelter French
M Guifford chubby cheeks French
M Gustave meditation staff French
F Gwenaelle holy generous French
M Hamelet little village French
F Heélène torch or moon French
M Hervé army warrior Teutonic
M Herve battle worthy French
F Holland from the Netherlands French
F Igerne noble; light French
M Ilbert battle-bright French
F Ines gentle; pure Greek
F Iveta young archer French
F Ivon young archer French
M Jacques substitute French
F Jacyline substitute French
F Jaime love; affection French
F Jakqueline substitute French
M Jardan garden French
M Jasmin jasmine flower French
M Jasper ornamental stone French
M Jeérome holy name French
M Jean God is gracious French
M Jeannot God’s gracious gift Hebrew
F Jehanne God is gracious French
F Jocelyn substitute Hebrew
M Joel Jehovah is God Hebrew
F Joelle Jehovah is God Hebrew
F Johanne God is gracious French
F Josette God will add French
M Josue God is salvation French
F Julitte youthful French
M Juste fair; just Latin
F Justine fair; just French
F Lainey light French
M Lamon world French
M Lance of the land French
M Laurence of Laurentum French
F Laurene crowned with laurels Latin
M Laurent crowned with laurels Latin
M Lemar famous throughout the land French
M Leocadie lion French
M Leverett young hare French
M Lionel lion French
F Lise consecrated to God Hebrew
F Lourdes from Lourdes, France French
M Lowell little wolf French
M Luc light Latin
F Lucille bringer of light French
M Lucius bringer of light Latin
F Ludivine divine light French
F Madeleine woman of Magdala Hebrew
F Mado woman of Magdala French
M Mantel designer French
F Marais dweller near the marsh French
M Marc warlike Latin
M Marcelon warlike; little warrior French
F Marciane warlike Latin
F Mardi born on Tuesday French
F Marie Chantal Marie + Chantal French
F Marie Frances Marie + Frances French
F Marjolaine flower name French
M Markese nobleman French
M Markis nobleman French
M Martin warlike Latin
F Martine warlike Latin
F Marvella marvelous French
M Matthieu gift of God French
F Maude heroine Teutonic
M Maugier council spear French
F Maurelle dark; elfin French
F Megane pearl French
F Melisende strong worker French
F Michelle who is like God? French
F Mignon darling French
F Mignonette flower French
M Montaigu comes from the hill French
F Monteen from the mountain French
M Montre show French
F Nadeen received the call of God French
F Nadette brave as bear French
F Nadia hopeful French
M Narcisse daffodil Greek
F Necole victorious people French
F Nettie gracious French
F Nichelle victory of the people French
F Nicole victory of the people French
F Nicollette victory of the people French
M Noa peace; restful French
M Noe peace; restful French
F Odelette melody; song French
F Odette little wealthy one French
F Odiane wealthy German
F Orabelle golden beautiful French
F Oralia golden French
F Orane rising French
M Parfait perfect French
F Parisa capital city of France French
M Parnell little Peter French
M Paul little Latin
F Paulette little Latin
M Philbert very bright and famous French
M Philipe lover of horses French
F Philippine lover of horses French
M Prewitt brave little one; scrappy French
M Prosper fortunate Latin
M Quain clever French
M Ranger forest keeper French
M Raoul strong; wise counselor Teutonic
M Raphaël God has healed French
F Raquelle female sheep French
F Reine queenly Latin
M Remi from Reims, France Latin
F Renea born again French
F Renee reborn French
F Renelle born again French
M Rodolph famous wolf French
M Rodrigue famous power French
M Roger famous spear French
F Rosalie rose; beautiful flower French
F Rose rose; beautiful flower Latin
F Roselle rose; beautiful flower French
M Russell redhead; fox colored French
M Rustin redhead; fox colored French
F Sandrine defender of mankind French
F Sarah princess Hebrew
M Satchel small bag French
F Seraphyne burning; ardent French
M Serge servant French
M Severe stern French
F Sheree beloved; dearest French
F Sherell beloved; dearest French
F Sherice beloved; dearest French
F Sidonie follower of St. Denis French
M Siffre victorious peace French
F Silana solemn; dignified French
F Solange solitary; alone French
F Solen the sun French
M Somer born in summer French
F Sybille prophetess French
F Sydney follower of St. Denis French
M Sylvain from the forest French
F Tatiane fairy queen Russian
M Telesphore bearing fruit French
F Tempest stormy French
M Thierry ruler of the people Teutonic
M Tibault rules of humankind French
M Toussaint all saints French
M Tyce son of Ty French
M Tyson son of Ty French
M Ulrich ruler of all German
F Verna springtime French
F Veronique bringer of victory French
F Violetta violet flower French
F Virgine pure Latin
F Yseult ice ruler German
M Yves little archer French
F Yvette yew tree French
F Zoelie full of life French
M Zosime full of life French