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832Ma as-samaماءالسماءA noble hearted, generous lady, daughter of al-Muzaffar had this name.
833MabrookaمبروکهBlessed, prosperous, abundant; fem. of Mabrook.
834MadaniyaمدنیهCivilized, urbane, polished.
835MadihaمدیحهPraiseworthy, commendation, commendable.
837Mah Jabinماه جبینBeautiful, brow like the moon.
838Mah Liqaماه لقاMoon-like (face).
839Mah Nazماه نازHumble moon (that would disappear on touch).
840Mah Noorماه نورMoonlight.
841Mah Rukhماه رخFace as bright as the moon.
842MahaمھاWild cow (representing beauty).
845MahamماهمWife of mughal emperor Zahiruddin Baber, mother of Hamayun.
846Mahasinمحاسنbeauty, charm, charming, attraction, virtue, merit.
847MahbasahمحبسهA narrator of Hadith, al-Bahiliyah had this name.
848MahboobaمحبوبهDear, beloved sweetheart; fem. of Mahboob.
849MahdiyaمھدیهRightly guided; fem. of Mahdi.
850MaheenماهینLike moon.
852MahfoozaمحفوظهSafeguarded, well-protected; fem. of mahfooz.
853MahinمھینFine, subtle, thin.
854MahiraماھرهSkilled, skilful, proficient; fem. of Mahir.
855MahjoobaمحجوبهHidden, covered, screened; fem. of Mahjoob.
856MahmoodaمحمودهPraised, praiseworthy, elegant, lauded.
857Mahmoodatun NisaمحمودهانساءPraised (one) of the women.
858MahnazمهنازPride of the moon.
859Mahparahمه پارهPiece of moon
860MahrozمهروزOne who has a face like moon.
862Mahtalatمه طلعتMoon-faced
863MahveenمحوینLight of the Sun.
864MahwishمهوشMoon-faced, beautiful as moon.
865MaidaماﺋدهDining table, a chapter of Quran
866MailihaملیحهBeautiful, the one with darker shade.
867MaimanaمیمنهRight, right-hand side, right wing (of army).
868MaimoonaمیمونهAuspicious, prosperous, lucky, fortunate, blessed; fem. of Maimoon.
869MairaماﺋرهFavourable, admirable.
870MaisaماﺋسهWalking with a proud gait.
871MaisaaمیساءTo walk with a proud swinging gait.
872MaisaraمیصرهProsperity, abundance, wealth, affluence; left, left-hand side, left wing (of army).
873MaisoonمیسونOf beautiful face and body.
874Maisooraمیصورهsuccessful, fortunate, lucky, prosperous; fem.
875MajdaمجدهGlory, honour, nobility.
877MajeedaمجیدهGlorious, noble, sublime, exalted; fem. of majeed.
878MajidaماجدهGlorious, noble, respected, exalted, fem. of majid.
879MakarimمکارمOf good and honourable character.
880MaktoomahمکتومهName of a female singer of the past.
881MaktoonahمکتونهName of a singer and a beautiful lady of the past.
882MalahaملاحهBeauty, grace, elegance.
885MaleekaملیکهQueen; fem. of Maleek.
886MalihaملیحهBeautiful, pretty, good-looking; fem. of Malih.
887MalikaمالکهReigning, ruling.
888MalkaملکهFem. of Malik; queen.
889MamoonaمٔامونهTrustworthy, honest, faithful, reliable; fem of Mamoon.
890Manahilمناھلspring, of salubrious water, fountain.
891ManalمنالAttainment, achievement, acquisition.
892ManarمنارGuiding light, light-house.
893ManaraمنارهFem. of Manar: light-house.
894MandalمندلFragrant wood.
895Manfoosahمنفوصهa very pious woman, she wept often for fear of Allah.
896ManhalahمنھلهSpring; Name of many Arab women.
897MannمنGift, present, favour, benefit, boon.
898MannanaمنانهBountiful, generous; fem. of mannan.
899MansooraمنصورهAssisted, victorious, supported, triumphant; fem. of Mansoor.
900ManzooraمنظورهApproved of, chosen, promising; fem. of Manzoor.
901MaqboolaمقبولهAccepted, admitted, granted, approved; fem. of Maqbool.
902MaqsoodaمقصودهIntended, destined.
903MarabمأربWish, desire, purpose, use, aim; sing. of Marib.
904MaramمرامWish, desire, aspiration.
905MarghubaمرغوبهCoveted, desired.
906MariaماریهA lady with fair complexion, kind of bird.
907MariamمریمMother of the Prophet Isa (Jesus), the Biblical Mary.
908MaribمآربPl. of Marab, wish.
909MaridahماردهA slave-girl of Haroon Rashid had this name.
910MarihaمرحهJoyful, cheerful, lively.
911MariyaماریهA learned woman of Andulus had this name.
912MarjanمرجانSmall pearls, corals.
913MarjanahمرجانهPrecious stone.
914MaroofaمعروفهFamous, known, eminent, kindness, kind.
915MarqoomaمرقومهWritter, stated, well-defined.
917MaryamمریمPious, mother of Hazrat Isa (AS) i.e. Jesus.
918MarziyaمرضیهAccepted, well-pleased, one who is pleasing.
919Marzooqaمرزوقهblessed, fortunate, prosperous, successful.
920MasماسFor Almas; diamond. (only almas is used as name).
921MasabihمصابیحPl. of Misbah, lamp.
922MasarratمسرتJoy, delight, pleasure, gladness, happiness.
923MashalمشعلLight, bright fire, flame.
924MashhudaمشھودهPresent, manifest.
925Mashiaمشیٔهwish, desire, will (of Allah)
926MashmoolمشمولIncluded, sought, after, searched for.
928MasoodaمعصودهFortunate, happy, lucky, prosperous, gracious, favourable.
929MasoomaمعصومهInnocent, sinless, safe-guarded, protected.
930MasoonمصونSafeguarded, well-protected.
931MasrurahمسرورهGlad, happy, delighted.
932MasturaمستورهLatent, hidden, chaste.
933MatinaمتینهStrong, solid, of resolute mind.
934MausoomaموسومهNamely, viz.
935MavishaماویشأBlessing of life.
936MawaddaمودهFriendship, intimacy, affection, love.
937MawhibaموھبهGift, talent; sing. of Mawahib.
938MawhoobaموھوبهGifted, talented, favoured; fem. of Mawhoob.
939MawsoofaموصوفهWorthy of description, endowed with laudable qualities.
940MayaمایهNature, wealth, power, quantity.
941MayyadaمیادهTo walk with swinging gait.
942MaziyahمزیهExcellence, merit, virtue.
944MehrمھرSun, affection.
945MehreenمھرینLoving nature.
946MehrinمهرىنLoving, The sun, The moon.
947MehrinمهرینLoving, affectionate, sun, moon.
948Mehrun NisaمھرانساءSun of the women.
950MehvishمھوشShining Star
951MenaalمینالSpecial flower of heaven.
952MerwaمرواA mountain in mekkah.
953MidhatمدحتPraise, eulogy.
954MinaمناPearl, bead.
955MinnatمنتGrace, kindness, favour, gift.
958MisaalمثالExample, copy.
959MisamمیسمImpression, mark, beauty.
960MisbahمصباحLamp, Light.
961MishalمشالLightened, sparkling, shining.
962MishelمشعلA Light
964MohsanaمحصنهChaste, virtuous, protected, sheltered, pure, modest.
965MohsinaمحسنهBenevolent, beneficent, charitable, humanitarian.
966MominaمٔومنهBeliever (in Islam).
967MonaمنیٰPl. of Monya, wish, desire.
968MuazahمعاذهDaughter of Abdullah al-Adowiyah was a narrator of Hadith.
969MuazzaمعزٰیElevated, exalted.
970MuazzamaمعظمهExalted, respected, glorified; fem. of Muazzam.
971MubarakaمبارکهBlessed, fortunate, lucky, auspicious; fem. of Mubarak.
972MubashirahمبشرهBringer of good news.
973Mubassirahمبصره</tdOne who comments.
974MubinaمبینهClear, manifest, plain, distinct; fem. of Mubin.
976MueerahمعیرهThe sister of Hajjaj bin Hassan al-Jamimi had this name.
977MufazzalahمفضلهA poetess of the past had this name.
978MufidaمفیدهBeneficial, advantageous, favourable, useful, profitable.
979MugheesahمغیثهOne who helps.
980MughirahمغیرهDaughter of Hassan; she was a narrator of Hadith.
981MuhabbatمحبتLove, affection.
982MuharibaمحاربهFighter, one who entangles.
983MuhayyaمحیاCountenance, face, look.
984MuhjaمھجهHeart, soul.
985MuhraمھرهFilly, a female pony.
986MuidaمعیدهReviser, teacher, fem. of Muid.
987MujahidaمجاھدهOne who struggles, strives, or fights for the cause of Islam.
988MujibaمجیبهOne who answers or grants something.
989MukarramaمکرمهHonoured, revered, honourable.
990MukhlisaمخلصهDevoted, faithful, pure-hearted.
992MulaykaملاﺋکهDiminutive of Malaka, angel.
993MulookملوکPl. of Malik, king.
994MumtazممتازDistinguished, exalted, superior, outstanding.
995Mumtaz MahalممتازمحلWife of Mughal emperor Shah Jahan.
996MumtazaممتازهFem. of Mumtaz.
997MunaamمناعمSoft, delicate.
998Munas Sabahمنی الصباحWishes of the dawn.
999MunawwarمنورShining, Bright.
1000MunawwaraمنورهIlluminated, brilliant, full of light; fem. of Munawwar.
1001MunazzaمنزهDevoid of faults, pure.
1002MuneeahمنیعهName of a Slave-girl of Amr bin al-Ala.
1003MunibaمنیبهOne who turns towards Allah, one who repents.
1004MunifaمنیفهEminent, exalted, superior, high, lofty; fem. of Munif.
1005Muniraمنیرهbright, brilliant, shedding light, radiant, luminous, shining; fem. of Munir
1006MunisaمٔونسهSociable, friendly, kind, gentle; fem. of Munis.
1007MunjiyahمنجیهA woman who saves someone.
1008MuntahiمنتهیLast limit of height.
1009MunyaمنیهWish, desire, object of desire; sing. of Muna, wishes.
1010Munyatul Munaمنیه المنیٰWish of wishes.
1012MuqaddasaمقدسهSacred, holy.
1013MuqbalaمقبلهThis was the name of a narrator of Hadith, daughter of Ali al-Bazzaz.
1014MurdiyyahمرضیهChosen one.
1015MurihaمریحهRestful, soothing.
1016MurshidaمرشدهLeader, guide, adviser, counsellor; fem. of Murshid.
1017MusaddasمسدسA poem of six verses.
1018MusaddiqaمصدقهOne who affirms the truth.
1021MusaykahمسیکهShe was the mother of Yusuf bin Mahik .
1022MusfirahمصفراBright Face
1023MushahidaمشاهدهObservance, evidence, study.
1024MusharrafaمشرفهHonoured, elevated.
1025MushiraمشیرهCounsellor, adviser; fem. of Mushir.
1028MuslimaمسلمهFollower of the religion of Islam; fem. of Muslim.
1029MussahمسهShe was Mussah al-Azdiyah, mother of Bussah.
1030MustaeenahمستعینهOne who prays for help.
1031MutahharaمطھرهPurified, chaste.
1032MutazahمعتزهA narrator of Hadith of the later period.
1033MutiaمطیعهObedient, pious, devoted, faithful; fem. of Muti.
1034MuwaffaqaموفقهSuccessful, prosperous, lucky, fortunate; fem. of Muwaffaq.
1035MuyassarمیسرSuccessful, lucky, prosperous.
1036MuzainaمزینهDiminutive of Muzna, rain, clouds.
1037MuznaمزنهRain clouds.
1038NaazنازGlory, pride, elegance, gracefulness, fresh.
1039NaaziraناضرهOne with healthy and happy looks, flourishing, bright.
1040NabaنابهFamous, good, pious.
1041NabahaنباھهFame, nobility, intelligence, brightness, brilliance.
1043NabeehaنبیھهNoble, famous, eminent, distinguished, brilliant, intelligent; fem. of Nabih.
1044NabihaنابھهNoble, famous, eminent, distinguished, brilliant; fem. of Nabih.
1045NabilaنبیلهNoble, highborn, magnanimous, beautiful, intelligent, honourable.
1046NadaaندیDew, generosity, liberality, magnanimity.
1047NadiندیMoist, damp, tender, delicate.
1048NadiaنادیهThe caller.
1049NadidaندیدهRival, equal.
1050NadimaندیمهIntimate friend, companion; fem. of Nadim.
1051NadiraنادرهRare, extraordinary, choice, precious; fem. of Nadir.
1052NadiyyaندیهFem. of Nadi, dew, generosity, damp, tender, delicate.
1053NadraنادرهRadiance, bloom, glamour, brightness, opulence, wealth.
1054NadwaندوهCouncil, club.
1055NaeemaنعیمهHappiness, peaceful, comfort, ease, pleasure, smooth, tender, bliss; fem. of Naim.
1056NafasatنفاستPurity, refinement.
1057NafayنافعهOne who gets profit.
1058NafiaنافعهProfitable, beneficial, advantageous, useful, beneficial; fem. of Nafi.
1059NafisaنفیسهRefined, pure, precious, delicate, choice, exquisite.
1060NageenahنگینهPrecious Stone.
1061NaghmaنغمهMelody, song.
1062NaharنھارDay i.e. daytime.
1064NahidaناھیدهFem. of Nahid.
1065NahiyaناحیهOne who advises, adviser.
1066NahizaناھضهElevated, deligent.
1068NaifahناﺋفهThis was the name of a well-known, woman loved by the masses for her kindness and generosity.
1069NailناﺋلWinner, achiever, a boon, gift, acquirer.
1070NailaناﺋلهFem. of nail.
1071NaimaناعمهDelicate, soft, smooth.
1072NairaناﺋرهShining, glittering.
1074NajatنجاتSafety, rescue, salvation, deliverance.
1075NajdahنجدهCourage, bravery, help, succour.
1076NajiaناجیهSaved, liberated; fem. of Naji.
1077NajibaنجیبهNoble, exce4llent, generous, praiseworthy.
1078NajidaنجیدهBrave; a lady who accomplishes difficult tasks.
1079NajidahناجدهSuccor, Help.
1080NajihaناجحهSuccessful, prosperous; fem. of Najih.
1081NajiyaنجیهIntimate friend, bosom friend; fem. of Naji.
1082NajlaنجلاءLarge-eyed, wide-eyed.
1083NajmنجمStar, planet.
1084NajmaنجمهStar, a fine species of grass.
1085Najmus Saharنجم السحرThe morning star.
1086NajwaنجویٰConfidential talk, secret conversation.
1087NajwanنجوانSaved, liberated.
1089NamaنعماءGift, present, grace, favour, kindness.
1090NameeraنمیرهDelicious water, pious woman.
1091NamiaنامیهForce to move forward, force to expand
1092NaqaنقاءPurity, refinement, clarity.
1093NaqibaنقیبهMind, intellect, leader.
1094NaqiyaنقیهClear, pure, clean; fem. of Naqi.
1095NargisنرگسNarcissus (flower).
1096NarjisنرجسNarcissus (flower).
1097NarminنرمینA flower, delicate, soft, slender.
1098NaseeraنصیرهHelper, protector, friend, patron; fem. of Nasir.
1099NashaنشاءScent, perfume.
1100NashatنشاطLiveliness, vigour, cheerfulness, joy, sprightliness, energy, vivacity.
1101NasheemنشیمBreeze, morning air.
1102NashidaنشیدهRelaxation, joyance.
1103NashikaناشکهOne who forgives, forgiver.
1104NashirahناشرهPublisher; diffuser, spreader.
1105NashitaنشیطهEnergetic, dynamic, lively, fresh, vigorous.
1106NashwaنشوهFragrance, aroma.
1107NashwaaنشویٰElated, exultant, flushed, enraptured; fem. of Nashwan.
1108NasiaناصعهClear, pure; fem. of Nasi.
1109NasibaنسیبهNoble, highborn; fem. of Nasib.
1110NasifaناصفهJust, equitable.
1111NasihaناصھهAdvisor, sincere.
1113NasilaنسیلهHoney that flows from the comb.
1114NasimنسیمBreeze, gentle wind, fresh air, zephyr, fragrant air.
1115NasimaنسیمهFem. of Nasim, zephyr, gentle wind.
1116NasiqaناسقهOne who manages, organiser.
1117NasiqaناسکهOne who forgives, forgiver.
1118NasiraناصرهHelper, aide, assistant, protector.
1119NasoohنصوحAdvised, suggested.
1121NasreenنسرینJonquil, Narcissus, wild rose, Jericho rose.
1122NasyaناصیهReformer, advisor.
1123NatashaنتاشهGift of Allah
1124NatilaنتیلهRelation, way, sake.
1125NatiqaناطقهOne endowed with speech, eloquent, spokesperson; fem. of Natiq.
1126NaureenنورینBright light.
1128NawalنوالGift, present, grant, favour, grace, kindness.
1129NawarنوارFlower, bud, blossom.
1131NaweedنویدGood news.
1132NawfaنوفهExcess, surplus.
1133NawlaنولهGift, present, grant, favour, grace.
1134NawraنورهBlossom, flower.
1137NayyaraنیرهLuminous, shining; fem. of Nayyir.
1138NazahaنزاھهPurity, righteousness, chastity, virtue, honesty.
1139NazakatنزاکتDelicacy, subtlety.
1140NazanنازاںProud, vain, haughty.
1141NazaninنازنینElegant, delicate, beloved.
1142NazaraنضارهBloom, beauty.
1143NazaratنضارتFreshness of splendour.
1144NazeehaنزیھهPure, virtuous, honest; fem. of Nazih.
1145NazeeraنذیرهWarner, anything offered as a token of respect, anything given as sacrifice.
1146NazeeraنظیرهEqual, like, alike, resembling, match, comparable; fem. of Nazir.
1147NaziahنازیهCompanion, friend.
1148NaziahنازیهSharpness, cold, a large bowl.
1149NazifaنظیفهPure, clean, neat, chaste, innocent; fem. of Nazif.
1150NazihaنازھهPure, honest.
1151NazilaنازلهLovely, charming.
1152NazimaناظمهArranger, organizer, poetess; fem. of Nazim.
1153NazindahنازندهName of a liberal woman of Baghdad; she founded a college with religious school.
1154NaziraناظرهObserver, supervisor.
1155NazishنازشProud, lover.
1156NazliنظلیDelicate, feminine.
1158NazneenنازنینBeautiful, delicate.
1159NazpariنازپریA queen of ancient persia.
1160NazratنضرتPride, nice, great.
1161NazukنازکDelicate; The daughter of Muhammad bin Ibrahim had this name.
1162NeelamنیلمA precious stone of sky blue colour.
1163NeelmaنیلماBluish, Like blue.
1164NehlaنحلهPresent, gift; sing of Nihel.
1165NiazنیازDesire, urge to express love.
1169NigarنگارPicture, portrait, sweetheart.
1170NighatنگهتOdour, perfume, fragrance.
1171NihaنهاءBright one, naughty one.
1172NihelنحلPresents, gifts.
1173NihlaنحلهPresent, gift; sing. of Nihel.
1174NikhatنکهتSweet Smell
1176NiloferنلیوفرWild Mountain Rose.
1177NimaatنعماتBlessings, boons, bounties; pl. of Nimat.
1178NimatنعمتBlessing, boon, favour, a gift from Allah, grace bounty.
1179NimraنمراSoft, Lion.
1181NishatنشاطHappiness, intoxication.
1182NiyyatنیتIntention, determination, resolution.
1183NofalنوفلBlessing, donation.
1184NoorنورLight, illumination.
1185Noor JahanنورجھاںLight of the world.
1186NooraنورهLight; fem. of Noor.
1187NooraniyahنورانیهLuminous, brilliant.
1188NooruddunyaنورالدنیاLight of the world.
1189NoorulainنورالعینPeace of eyes, light of eyes.
1190Noorun NisaنورالنساءLight of the women.
1192NoreenahنورینهA sweet dish.
1193NoshiنوشیOf pleasant taste.
1194NoshinنوشینSweet, pleasant, (i.e. dream).
1195Nu’aymahنعیمهName of a woman narrator of Hadith.
1196NubooghنبوعDistinction, eminence, excellence, superiority.
1197NudbahندبهLament, Scar; Mark.
1200NudraندرهRarity, rareness. .
1202NufaysahنفیسهName of the daughter of Munyah who arranged the marriage of the Prophet PBUH with Sayyidah Khadijah RA.
1203NuhaنھیٰIntelligence, intellect.
1204NumaنماءDisplayer, viewer.
1205NuriyaنوریهLight, luminous, radiant, brilliant; fem. of Noori.
1206NusaibaنسیبهDiminutive of Nasiba, noble.
1207NusratنصرتHelp, aid, assistance, support.
1208NuwairaنویرهPetals of flowers
1209NuwwarنوارPl. of Nuwwara, blossom, flower.
1210NuwwaraنوارهBlossom, flower.
1211NuzarنضارPure gold.
1212Nuzhatنزھتpleasure trip, freshness, promenade, excursion, recreation, cheerfulness

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