Muslim Girl Names Starting With W

Muslim Girl Names Starting With W And Meanings Of Popular Arabic Names For Pakistani Girls Indian List

Pure Arabic Girl Names Meanings: Muslim means a person -woman, kid, man who submit all wishes and follow according to Islam, Mostly Muslim girl names are a part of Arabic dictionary and some Islamic girl names that are procured from disparate type of tribes and cast origins globally. Do you like to check the list of baby girls names Islamic that start with “W” similar to popular Arabic girl names -Wabisa, Wadeedah, Wafia, Waheeda, Wajeeha.

New Names For Islamic Girl: No doubt, Newborn baby girl Islamic knocks as naimat – a great gift of God to become a family member in Islam, Parents invite relatives to welcome their princes with latest, modern Muslim girl name as cute as Waniya. We all like beautiful baby girl with a sweet Arabic name that keeps worth and values in meaning. Why not, a list of unique Islamic girl names starting from W English letter to look forward the final selection for name of little heart. Share your virtuous ambitious at Getnames for new names listing with meaning that you want such as Urdu.

Choosing a trendy Islamic girl name with English meanings is on your behalf but providing the online Islamic names dictionary as a book or pdf file, we’ll try to do better job. Here you go to get Muslim girls names that begin with W then next in order. We have Islamic Arabic girl names meanings in Urdu, Bengali, Hindi, Malay, Turkish, Spanish, English.

Muslim Boys Names:

Muslim Girls Names:

1. Waabisah

Name of a distinguished Sahabi (RA).

2. Waahibah

Giver, generous.

3. Waahida

One, Alone, Unique

4. Waahidah

One, unique

5. Waajida

One whose wants are satisfied, wealthy, a lover or beloved.

6. Waajidah

One who acheives her goals in life, loved, beloved

7. Waaliyah

The female Governor, she who directs, conducts, governs, measures

8. Waarithah

(Waarisah) An heir, a master, a lord, an owner, a successor.

9. Waasifah


10. Waasilah

Joining, connecting

11. Wabisa

Something Bright

12. Wadaaat

Mildness, Gentleness, Peace

13. Wadaana


14. Wadad

Friendship, Love,

15. Waddia

Amicable, friendly.

16. Wadeedah

Lover, Friend, Beloved, Devoted

17. Wadha


18. Wadhaa


19. Wadi

Gentle, calm

20. Wadiah

Calm, peaceable

21. Wadida

Attached, devoted, friendly

22. Wafa

Faithfulness, fidelity

23. Wafaa


24. Wafeeqa

Successful, fem. of Wafiq

25. Wafeeqah


26. Wafia

Faithful, loyal

27. Wafiqa


28. Wafiqah


29. Wafiya

True, trustworthy, reliable

30. Wafiyah

Loyal, faithful

31. Wafiyya


32. Wafiyyah

Loyal, faithful

33. Wafiza

Fresh air

34. Wagma

Morning breeze, dew

35. Wahabah

This was the name of a poetess

36. Wahbiyah


37. Waheebah

One who gives

38. Waheeda

One, exclusive, unique

39. Waheedah

Unique, singular, unparalleled, alone.

40. Wahiba


41. Wahibah

Giver, donor

42. Wahida

One of its kind

43. Wahidah

Exclusive, unique

44. Wahuj

First light of day, Dawn

45. Waiya

Guardian, watchguard

46. Wajahat


47. Wajd

Passion, strong emotion

48. Wajee

Happy, jolly, pleasant

49. Wajeeda

One who is noble

50. Wajeeh

Appearance, handsome, respectable.

51. Wajeeha

Beautiful woman, Fearfully

52. Wajia


54. Wajida

Achiever, excited, finder

55. Wajidah

One who acheives her goals in life, loved, beloved.

56. Wajiha

High, eminent

57. Wajihah

Eminent, distinguished, notable

58. Wajna

Happy, jolly, pleasant

59. Wakalat


60. Wakee

Name of the teacher of Hazrat Imam Shaafi

61. Wakeela

Agent, who acts on behalf of another person

62. Wakeelah

Who acts on behalf of another person, Agent

63. Wala


64. Walaa


65. Waleeya


66. Walia


67. Walidah


68. Walihah

Name of a poetess

69. Waliyah


70. Wallada

Prolific, fertile, fruitful.

71. Walladah

Frequently producing, prolific

72. Waniya

Gift of Allah (swt)

73. Waqar

Dignity, quality

74. Waqeea


75. Waqia

Lofty, Wise, Forceful, Respectable

76. Waqida

Torch burning, kindled

77. Waraqa

Rich, paper-made.

78. Warda

Guardian, Protector

79. wardah


80. Wareesha


81. Warisa


82. Warqa

to do with paper, leaf

83. Warqah

Petal of a flower.

84. Warsan

True news, wonderful news

85. Wasama

Beauty, gracefulness

86. Waseefah


87. Waseema

Beautiful, pretty, charming.

88. Waseemah


89. Wasfiyah


90. Washida

Bloomed, fresh.

91. Washma


92. Wasia

Expansionist, vast, spacious.

93. Wasifa


94. Wasifah

One who describes

95. Wasifi


96. Wasila

Inseparable friend

97. Wasilah

Inseparable friend

98. Wasima

Beautiful, pretty, graceful

99. Wasimah

Pretty, beautiful

100. Wasiqa

Confident, sure, certain

101. Wasma

A pretty face, beautiful

102. Wasna

A narrator of Hadith

103. Wateeb


104. Wawrina

Snow white.

105. Wazeera

women Minister

106. Wazeerah

Female minister.

107. Wiam

Harmony, agreement

108. Widad

Love, friendship

109. Wided


110. Wifaq

Harmony, consent

111. Wijdan

Ecstacy, sentiment

112. Wisaal

Communion in love

113. Wisaal

Reunion, being together, communion in love

114. Wisaam

Medal, badge of honor

115. Wisal

Communion in love

116. Wisam

Decoration, medal

117. Wranga

Ray of Light

118. Wrashmin


119. Wurud


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