Muslim Girl Names Starting With Y

Muslim Girl Names Starting With Y And Meanings Of Popular Arabic Names For Pakistani Girls Indian List

Pure Arabic Girl Names Meanings: Muslim means a person -woman, kid, man who submit all wishes and follow according to Islam, Mostly Muslim girl names are a part of Arabic dictionary and some Islamic girl names that are procured from disparate type of tribes and cast origins globally. Do you like to check the list of baby girls names Islamic that start with “Y” similar to popular Arabic girl names -Yalaa, Yamaamah, Yamina, Yashfeen, Yasmeen.

New Names For Islamic Girl: No doubt, Newborn baby girl Islamic knocks as naimat – a great gift of God to become a family member in Islam, Parents invite relatives to welcome their princes with latest, modern Muslim girl name as cute as Yusra. We all like beautiful baby girl with a sweet Arabic name that keeps worth and values in meaning. Why not, a list of unique Islamic girl names starting from Y English letter to look forward the final selection for name of little heart. Share your virtuous ambitious at Getnames for new names listing with meaning that you want such as Urdu.

Choosing a trendy Islamic girl name with English meanings is on your behalf but providing the online Islamic names dictionary as a book or pdf file, we’ll try to do better job. Here you go to get Muslim girls names that begin with Y then next in order. We have Islamic Arabic girl names meanings in Urdu, Bengali, Hindi, Malay, Turkish, Spanish, English.

Muslim Boys Names:

Muslim Girls Names:

1. Yaani

Ripe, Scarlet

2. Yaaqoot

Ruby, a precious stone, a garnet.

3. Yafiah


4. Yafita


5. Yakootah


6. Yakta

Unique, incomparable

7. Yalaa

Exalted, high.

8. Yalqoot

An early woman who gave much in charity

9. Yamaamah

Intention, Design, Maiden who could see a person at a distance of three days

10. Yamamah

Valley in Arabia

11. Yamana


12. Yamha


13. Yamina


14. Yaminah

Right and proper

15. Yamna


16. Yaqaazah

Watchful, Providant

17. Yaqoot

Ruby, sapphire, topaz

18. Yara

Little Butterfly

19. Yarah


20. Yariqa

Bright, white, fair

21. Yaser


22. Yasharah

Intelligent, precious stone

23. Yashfeen


24. Yasim


25. Yasira

Rich woman

26. Yasirah


27. Yasmeen


28. Yasmeen


29. Yasmeenah

Jasmine Flower

30. Yasmin

Flower of Jasmine

31. Yasmina

A beautiful flower that shines

32. Yasmine


33. Yasna

White rose in arabic

34. Yasra

Affluent, rich, prosperous.

35. Yelda

Dark night

36. Youmna

Good Fortune, Success

37. Yousra


38. Yumn

Good fortune, success

39. Yumna

Good fortune, success

40. Yumnaa

Right side, blessed, grace.

41. Yumnah

Happiness, success, fem.

42. Yusairah

Name of a Sahabiyyah (RA).

43. Yusayrah

Easy One of the first two swear allegiance bayah to the Prophet SAW among the Ansar but it is also said that she was among the Muhajirs Emigrants

44. Yusra


45. Yusra, yusraa

Most prosperous

46. Yusraa

Left side,easier

47. Yusriyah

Most prosperous

48. Yusriyya

easy, kind, smooth, sahabia

49. Yusur


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