Arabic Boy Names A

Arabic Boy Names

Arabic Boy Names Starting With A And English Meaning

Are you in search of Islamic baby names in Arabic for newborn cute Muslim boy? We have lead you toward our latest, Unique and modern names list in Arabic for boys with beautiful meaning in English. Pick up your favorite and popular Arabic names for your God blessing baby by scrolling up A to Z Arabic names list for Muslim Boys. Arabic names are most popular in Muslim society in World.

Arabic Baby Boy Names Starting With AArabic Names English meaning
A’zamMost great; most pious; most exalted.
AaaqilWise; intelligent; sensible.
AabanName of the Angel.
AabidWorshiper; devotee; devout.
AadamName of the first man and prophet of Allah; father of mankind.
AadilJust; upright; sincere
AadilJust, Upright.
AafiyaGood Health.
AalamThe world; the universe
AaleeSublime, high.
AalimReligious Scholar.
AamilDoer, Work man.
AamirOne who inhabits; one who performs Umrah; of a sahaabi.
AamirPopulous, Full, Prosperous
AarifAcquainted, Knowledgable
AarifOne who possesses knowledge of Allah and His kingdom; a devotee.
AarifKnowing, aware.
AarizRespectable man.
AaryanOf Utmost strength.
AashifBold, courageous.
AasifName of a courtier
AasifAn able minister.
AasimChaste; protected; safe; name of a great Imaam of Tajweed.
AasimPerson who keeps away from sins.
AatifKind Affectionate.
AatiqFree; liberated; independent.
AausName of a tree.
AayanGod’s gift.
AbaanOld Arabic name
AbbaasA furious lion that mauls its prey to pieces; pomp;
AbbasDescription of a lion
AbbasGloomy look.
AbdA servant; a devotee; a slave.
Abd Al-AlaSlave of the High.
Abdul AaleeServant of the Most High.
Abdul AdlSlave of the just.
Abdul AfuwSlave of the one who pardons.
Abdul AhadSlave of he who is one (Allah).
Abdul AleemServant of the Omniscient.
Abdul AliSlave of the High one.
Abdul AlimSlave of the All knowing.
Abdul AwwalSlave of the First One.
Abdul AzeemServant of the Mighty
Abdul AzeezThe servant of the most powerful.
Abdul AzimSlave of the great.
Abdul AzizServant of the powerful one.
Abdul BaariServant of the Creator.
Abdul BaasitServant of the Extender and Creator.
Abdul BadeeSlave of the originator.
Abdul BaithSlave of the one who raises death.
Abdul BaqiSlave of the Eternal.
Abdul BariSlave of the creator.
Abdul BaseerSlave of the All-seeing.
Abdul BatinSlave of the unseen.
Abdul FattahSlave of the opener, slave of the giver of victory.
Abdul GhafaarServant of the Forgiver
Abdul GhafoorServant of the Forgiver
Abdul HafeezSlave of the Protector.
Abdul HafizSlave of the Guardian.
Abdul HakamServant of the Arbitrator
Abdul HakeemServant of the Wise
Abdul HaleemServant of the Mild and Patient
Abdul HalimSlave of the Wise.
Abdul HameedServant of the Praiseworthy and the Ever-Praised
Abdul HamidSlave of the Praiseworthy.
Abdul HannanSlave of the Merciful.
Abdul HaqServant of the Truth
Abdul HaseebServant of the Respected and Esteemed
Abdul HasibSlave of the Reckoner.
Abdul HayySlave of the Living.
Abdul JabaarServant of the Mighty.
Abdul JaleelServant of the Great and Revered
Abdul JawwadSlave of the Bountiful.
Abdul KabirSlave of the Great.
Abdul KareemServant of the Noble and Generous
Abdul KarimSlave of the Gracious.
Abdul KhabirSlave of the one who is aware.
Abdul LateefServant of the Kind
Abdul MaajidSlave of the Excellence.
Abdul MaalikSlave of the Master, the Lord.
Abdul MajeedServant of the Glorious
Abdul ManiSlave of one who prevents.
Abdul MannanSlave of the Benefactor.
Abdul MateenSlave of the Firm.
Abdul MubdeeSlave of the Originator.
Abdul MueedSlave of the Restorer, the Reproducer.
Abdul MuhaiminServant of the Supervising, the Guardian and the Protector
Abdul MuhayminSlave of the Protector.
Abdul MuhsinSlave of the Benefactor.
Abdul MuhyeeSlave of the one who gives life and sustains it.
Abdul MuizServant of the Giver of Might and Glory
Abdul MujeebServant of the Responder
Abdul MunimSlave of the Generous.
Abdul MuntaqimSlave of him who punishes wrongdoings and seizes retribution.
Abdul MuqeetSlave of the Sustainer.
Abdul MuqsitSlave of the Just.
Abdul MusawwirSlave of the Fashioner.
Abdul MutaalServant of the Most High
Abdul MutiSlave of the Giver.
Abdul MuzanniHe was a narrator of Hadith.
Abdul NafiSlave of the Propitious.
Abdul NaseerSlave of the Helper.
Abdul NoorSlave of the one who is Light.
Abdul QaadirServant of the Capable
Abdul QadeerSlave of the Powerful.
Abdul QadirSlave of the Powerful.
Abdul QahaarServant of the Subduer and the Almighty
Abdul QayyumSlave of the Self-Subsistent.
Abdul QudoosServant of the Most Holy
Abdul RaafiServant of the One Who Raises (intellect, esteem), One who Elevates
Abdul RabbSlave of the Lord.
Abdul RafiSlave of the Exalter.
Abdul RaheemServant of the Most Compassionate
Abdul RahimSlave of the Compassionate.
Abdul RahmanServant of the merciful one.
Abdul RaqibSlave of the Vigilant.
Abdul RaufServent of the merciful.
Abdul TawwabSlave of the Acceptor of repentance, the relenting.
Abdul WaaliSlave of the Governor.
Abdul WahidSlave of the Unique.
Abdul WajidSlave of the Finder, the Perceiver.
Abdul WakilSlave of the Trustee.
Abdul WaliySlave of the Protecting Friend.
Abdul WasiSlave of the All Embracing.
Abdul-AaleeServant of the Most High
Abdul-AaleeServant of the Most High.
Abdul-AdheemServant of the Most Great.
Abdul-AleemServant of the Omniscient
Abdul-AleemServant of the All-Knowing.
Abdul-AzeezServant of the Mighty, the Powerful
Abdul-BaaqiServant of the Everlasting.
Abdul-BaariServant of the Creator
Abdul-BaariServant of the Evolver.
Abdul-BaasitServant of the Extender, Creator
Abdul-BaasitServant of the Expander.
Abdul-BarrServant of the source of Goodness.
Abdul-DhahirServant of the Manifest.
Abdul-FataahServant of the Opener (of the gates of sustenance)
Abdul-GhafaarServant of the Forgiver
Abdul-GhafoorServant of the Forgiver
Abdul-GhafurServant of the All-Forgiving.
Abdul-GhaniServant of the Self-Sufficient.
Abdul-HaadyServant of the Guide
Abdul-HaafizServant of the Protector
Abdul-HadiServant of the Guide.
Abdul-HafeedhServant of the Preserver.
Abdul-HakamServant of the Arbitrator
Abdul-HakeemServant of the Wise
Abdul-HakeemServant of the Wise.
Abdul-HaleemServant of the Mild, Patient
Abdul-HaleemServant of the Forbearing One.
Abdul-HameedServant of the Praiseworthy, the Ever-Praised
Abdul-HameedServant of the Praiseworthy.
Abdul-HaqServant of the Truth
Abdul-HaqqServant of the Truth.
Abdul-HaseebServant of the Respected, Esteemed
Abdul-HaseebServant of the Reckoner.
Abdul-JabaarServant of the Mighty
Abdul-JabbarServant of the Compeller.
Abdul-JaleelServant of the Great, Revered
Abdul-JaleelServant of the Sublime One.
Abdul-KareemServant of the Noble, Generous
Abdul-KareemServant of the Most Generous.
Abdul-KhaaliqServant of the Creator
Abdul-KhaliqServant of the Creator.
AbdullahServant of God
AbdullahServant of Allah.
Abdul-LateefServant of the Kind
Abdul-MajeedServant of the Glorious
Abdul-MajeedServant of the Most Glorious.
Abdul-MajidServant of the Noble.
Abdul-MalikServant of the Sovereign Lord.
Abdul-MateenServant of the Firm, Strong
Abdul-Mu’eidServant of the Restorer.
Abdul-MughniServant of the Enricher.
Abdul-MuhaiminServant of the Supervising, the Guardian, the Protector
Abdul-MuizServant of the Giver of Might and Glory
Abdul-Mu’izzServant of the Honourer.
Abdul-MujeebServant of the Responder
Abdul-MujeebServant of the Responsive.
Abdul-MuminServant of the Guardian of Faith.
Abdul-MuqtadirServant of the Powerful.
Abdul-MutaalServant of the Most High
Abdul-Muta’aleeServant of the Most Exalted.
Abdul-NasserServant of the Helper, Granting Victory
Abdul-NurServant of the Light.
Abdul-QaadirServant of the Capable
Abdul-QaadirServant of the Able.
Abdul-QahaarServant of the Subduer, the Almighty
Abdul-QahharServant of the Subduer.
Abdul-QaiyoumServant of the Self-Sustaining.
Abdul-QuddusServant of the Holy.
Abdul-QudoosServant of the Most Holy
Abdul-Raafi’Servant of the One Who Raises (intellect, esteem), Elevates
Abdul-RaheemServant of the Most Compassionate
Abdul-RahmaanServant of the Mercifully Gracious
Abdul-RaoufServant of the Most Merciful
Abdul-RasheedServant of the Rightly Guided
Abdul-RasheedServant of the rightly guided.
Abdul-RashidServant of the rightly guided.
Abdul-RazaaqServant of the Maintainer, the Provider
Abdul-SaboorServant of the Patient
Abdul-SalaamServant of the Peace
Abdul-SamadServant of the Eternal
Abdul-Samee’Servant of the All-Hearing
Abdul-ShakoorServant of the Most Thankful
Abdul-TawaabServant of the Forgiver
Abdul-WaahidServant of the One
Abdul-WaajidServant of the Finder.
Abdul-WadoodServant of the Loving
Abdul-WadoodServant of the Loving.
Abdul-WahaabServant of the Giver
Abdul-WahhabServant of the Best-ower.
Abdul-WarithServant of the Supreme Inheritor.
Abdur RahmanSlave of Allah.
Abdur RashidSlave of the Guide.
Abdur RazzaqSlave of the provider
Abdur-RaheemServant of the Most Merciful.
Abdur-RahmanServant of the Most Gracious.
Abdur-RaqeebServant of the Watchful.
Abdur-RasheedServant of the Guide to Right Path.
Abdur-RaufServant of the Compassionate.
Abdur-RazzaqServant of the Provider.
AbdusName of the narrator of one of the hadith.
Abdus SaburSlave of the Forbearing.
Abdus SalaamSlave of the Giver of Peace.
Abdus SamadSlave of the Eternal, The Independent.
Abdus SamiSlave of the All Hearing.
Abdus SattarSlave of the one who conceals faults.
Abdus ShafiSlave of the Healer.
Abdus SubboohSlave of the Extremely pure.
Abdush ShahidSlave of the Witness.
Abdus-SabourServant of the Patient.
Abdus-SalaamServant of the Source of Peace.
Abdus-SamadServant of the Eternal.
Abdus-SameeiServant of the All-Hearing.
Abdus-ShaheedServant of the Witness.
Abdus-ShakurServant of the Appreciative.
AbisaliWarrior in Islam.
AbooAboo literally means father.
Aboo AyyoobA well-known Sahaabi
Aboo BakrName of the first Khalifah of Islam, and the first amongst men to embrace Islam.
Aboo HaneefahThe appellation of one of the four illustrious Imaams
Aboo HurairahName of an illustrious sahaabi
Aboo TaalibThe name of Rasoolullah’s sallallaahu-alayhi-wasallam uncle and father of Ali (RA).
Aboo TuraabThe appellation of Ali (RA).
Aboo UbaidhahName of one of the ten sahaabah (RA)
Abraarpious people; truthful persons; saints.
AbradHail, Mail.
AbrashSpotted, Speckled.
AbsiThe name of Abdullah ibn-Musa, a scholar and reciter of the Quran
Abt’hiOne who lives in Abtah, a place near Makkah.
Abu BakrThe companion of Prophet Muhammad
Abul KhayrOne who does good
Abul-HassanThe Son Of Ali.
AbyadA narrator of hadith was so named.
AbzariSeeds, spice, seedsman, one who sows
AdamA Prophet’s Name.
AdawiGrandson of Sayyindina Umer.
Adbul-QawiServant of the Most Powerful.
AdeebA writer, author; one who inculcates ethical behaviour; intelligent.
AdeebA literary Person.
AdeelOne who dispenses justice.
AdelHonorable Judge, One who Jugdes Fairly.
AdheemThe most great.
AdilJust, Honest.
A’dilHaving the highest caliber of justice.
AdiyA companion of the Prophet
AdnaanName of a leader of the tribe
AdnanProper name
AdnanA tribal ancestor of the Quraysh
Aduz ZahirSlave of the Manifest.
AdyanA nabee was named by this name.
AfaaqThe place where Earth & Sky meet.
AfdhaalPlural of fadl. Kindness; grace; favours; virtue.
AfdhalMost excellent; prominent; most venerable.
AfeefChaste, Modest
AfeefPure, Chaste, Pious.
AffanForgiving person.
AfifChaste, Modest.
AfrazStanding tall like a mountain,ability to withstand all that is thrushed upon it.
AfzalBest, top most.
AgharrHandsome, beautiful
AhadOne; unique; without partner; one of Allah’s attributes.
AhadThe one.
AhmadCommendable, Praiseworthy
AhmadThe praised one; one worthy of praise; one who praises Allah abundantly
AhmadMost highly adored.
AhmarRed Coloured.
AhnafName of one of the narrators of hadith.
AhsanThe best of all.
AhwasHaving narrow, contracted or squinting eye
AhyanGift of God.
AhzabName of one of the narrators of Hadith.
AidanHelp, intelligent.
AidhName of a reciter of the Holy Quran.
AishahLife, Vivaciousness, Living Prosperous
AjlahA narrator of hadith had this name.
AjmalExtremely beautiful; handsome.
AkbarThe greatest; most pious; honourable.
AkdasMost holy book.
AkhasA narrator of hadith.
AkhdanBest Friend.
AkhfashName of a grammarian
AkhlaaqMorals; virtue; good qualities; good manners; ethics.
AkhtarA Star, good man.
AkifAttached, Intent.
AkramMost Generous
AkramMost gracious; benevolent; bountiful; most kind.
AkramMore Generous.
Al AbbasDescription of a lion
Al hakeemThe Wise.
AlaaNobility, Excellence
Alaa UdeenExcellence of Religion
Alaa’Glory; sublimity; superiority.
AleemWise; learned; omniscient
AliExcellent, Noble
AliNoble, sublime.
Al-KareemEducator, teacher.
AlmanKind, willing and wiseman.
AltaafPlural of luft meaning kindness; grace; favours; gift.
AltamashName of a famous king.
AmaanSafety; Security; protection.
AmaanThe most lovelable.
AmaarOne who prays 5 times and fasts.
AmamSafety, Protection.
AmeenFaithful, Trustworthy
AmeenTrustworthy; faithful; honest
AmeerCommander; chieftain; ruler; a nobleman; a wealthy person.
AmeerRuler, Prince
AmeerCommander, Prince, Khalifah.
AminFaithful, trustworthy, custodian.
AmjadMore Glorious
AmjadMost glorious; most noble; most venerable; one with grandeur.
AmjadMore glorious, more illustrious.
AmmaarOne with strong Imaan. Also a Sahabi , one of the early muslims, son of Yasir and Sumaya Rad.
AmmarThe builder, constructor, one who prays and fasts a great deal
AmmarLong age.
AmrName of a well-known sahaabi radhiyallaahu-anhu.
AmrOld Arabic name
AmrBy my life
AnasA group of people
AnasMan; friend; one with bonds of intimacy exist.
AnasLove, affection.
AnasahThe freed slave of the Prophet had this name.
AneesClose friend
AneesOne who makes acquaintances; friend; companion.
AneesIntimate, friendly.
AneesahCompanion; an affectionate friend; name of a sahaabi (RA).
AnisClose friend, companion.
AniyaConcern, Loving
AnjumPlural of Najm. Stars.
AnsarThe people of Ansar.
AntarahThe name of the freed slave of Sulaym.
AnwaarPlural of noor meaning light; luster; brilliance.
AnwaarLight, glow, gleam.
AnwarMost bright; most brilliant; most beautiful.
AnwarMore radiant.
AnzarAngel of paradise.
AqdasHoly, pure.
AqeelA wise, intelligent and sensible man: name of Ali’s (RA) brother.
AqeelWise, Intelligent
ArbabWho looks after someone or takes care.
AreebWise; intelligent; expert.
AreebSkillful, Adroit.
ArifAcquainted, knowledgeable.
ArishA brave soldier.
ArmaanDesire, hope.
ArmanArmy man.
ArqamPen, Speckled snake
ArsalThe one who was sent.
ArshDominion , Crown
ArshadMost upright and honest; a well-guided person; most obedient.
ArshadBetter guided, honest.
ArshaqHandsome; one with a befitting height and a well-proportioned body.
ArshaqHandsome, well proportioned.
ArtahA narrator of the hadith.
AryanOf utmost strength.
As’adVirtuous; pious; well-mannered; most fortunate.
AsarFourth Prayer of the day.
AsbaghColoured animal, huge flood, dyer.
AsbatA narrator of hadith.
AseedA narrator of Hadeeth.
AsfarThe morning’s light.
AsgarSmallest; minute.
AsgharShorter, Smaller, Junior.
Asha’athScattered, Spread about, humble.
AsharOne who has wisdom.
AshazOne in a million
AsherWise, knowledgable.
AshfaaqFavour; kindness.
AshfaqCompassionate friend.
AshikLover, Love.
AshiqA lover; a suitor.
AshmathCorrect path, Straight path.
AshrafMore Honorable
AshrafMost noble; most distinguished; most eminent; of noble birth; a cultured person.
AslamVery safe, safeguarded
AsrarSecret/Sacred relating to Islam.
AtaGift, Present.
AtaubaqHandsome, beautiful, helpful, generous and got a lot of love to share.
AteebVery pious.
AteeqAncient; antiquated; liberated; Title of Sayyidona Aboo Bakr (RA).
AtharMost pious; meticulously neat and clean; chaste.
AtharNeat, Clean.
AthazazUnknown, Mystery, Maze.
AthierLion hearted.
AtifUnited, Joined, Together.
AtikThe black cloth of the kaaba.
AtiqAncient, Noble.
Atta’A gift; present; favour; bounty; generosity.
AtyabScrupulously clean; refined; most noble; excellent.
AwadReward, Compensation
AwfGuest, fragrance
AwnTo help, assist.
AwsName of a tree
AwsTo give.
AyaanGod’s gift.
AyazA sincere slave of mehmood the king once upon a time.
AybakIbn-Aybak was a leading historian.
AydinBrilliant, Enlightened, Intelligent, Light of the moon.
AymanLucky, On the right
AymanRight Hand.
AyoobA Prophet’s name
AyubA prophet of Allah (swt).
AyyashBread seller.
AyyoobName of a prophet of Allah
AyyubAyyub was a Prophet of Allahascetic; both had this name.
AzaanCall for the prayer.
AzeemGreat; dignified; exalted. An epithet of Allah Ta’ala.
AzeemGreat, greater.
AzeezDear; beloved; respected; esteemed; precious; powerful; rare;
AzharEvident; most apparent; most illuminated.
AzharThe most shining, Luminous
AzharWhite; glittering; blooming; a face full of light.
AzmatRespect, honor.
AzraqBlue, name of a companion of the Prophet.
AzraqiHe was an authority on the history and geography of Makkah.
AzzaamDetermined, Resolved
AzzamDetermined, resolved.