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Arabic Boy Names

Arabic Boy Names Starting With B And English Meaning

Arabic Boy Names: Islamic names list is most popular for Muslim guardian to find unique and modern names for boys in Arabic with English meanings. Get names facilitates most popular Arabic boy names for people of Islamic community in Asia, Europe, Africa and America. Select your cute, famous Arabic names for your God gifted boys starting with B alphabet and English meaning.

Arabic Baby Boy Names Starting With BArabic Names English meaning
BaahirDazzling, Brilliant
BaaizeedName of a walee (saint) of Allah who lived in Bustaan.
BaaqeeThe Everlasting; perpetual; an epithet of Allah.
BaaqirFierce lion; deeply; learned; a very wealthy man; the title of Imaam Aboo-Ja’far (RA).
BaareeDeity; creatorused as a prefix, as Abdul-Baaree meaning the slave or servant of the Creator or Deity.
BaasitConferer of prosperity
BaberCourageous, Lion.
Badee’Novel; strange; rare; wonderful
BadrThe full moon of the fourteenth night of the lunar month.
Badr UdeenFull moon of the Faith
BahaBeautiful, Magnificent
Baha UdeenThe magnificent of the Faith
BahaaBeauty, shining.
Bahaa’Beauty; elegance; excellence. It also means value in Persian.
Bahiy UdeenThe magnificent of the Faith
BaleeghEloquent; learned; one who is qualified in the art of speech.
BaqarInevitable, lion, powerful.
BaqirBeloved one, Close to heart.
BarrJust, Pious.
BaseerWise; sagacious; Allah’s epithet.
BashaarBringer of glad tidings
BashaaratGood news; glad tidings.
BasharBringer of glad tidings.
BasharatGood news.
BasheerOne who gives glad tidings
BasheerahOne who gives glad tidings
BasimSmiling, Happy.
BasirBringer of glad tidings.
BatoolVirgin; pure and chaste
BazamIt was the name of the Tabiee, Abu Salih.
BehzadHonest and caring.
BilaalWater; moisture; freshness; river; sea; ocean
BilalThe Prophet’s Muezzin(person who calls to prayer)
BilalName of the Prophet’s Muezzin.
BilqeesName of the queen of Sabaa during the days of Sulaimaan (AS).
BinyaameenName of the brother of Yoosuf (AS).
BishrJoy, solved.
BulhutA narrator of hadith had this name.
BurakHorse like animal
BuraydCold, Mind.
BurhaanProof; evidence
BushraaGlad tidings; good news.