Arabic Boy Names D

Arabic Boy Names Starting With D And English Meanings

Get your most favorite and cute Islamic boy names in Arabic with meaning in English, Muslim boy names are most common in Islamic regions especially in Asia like India, Pakistan and Afghanistan. If you are in search of boy names in Arabic with Urdu, Hindi and English, take a look at get names to find your most popular Arabic names For baby boys starting with D alphabet in English.

Arabic Baby Boy Names Starting With D Arabic Names English meaning
Da’wud A Prophet’s Name.
Daamin Guarantor, Surety.
Daanish Wisdom, Learning, Science.
Daanyaal Name of prophet of Allah Ta’ala.
Daawood A prophet to whom the Zaboor was revealed
Dabbah Latch, door lock.
Dabir Judge.
Daghfal Name of first Islamic geologist.
Daiyaan A mighty ruler; judge; guard; protector
Dakhil Foreigner, stranger.
Dameer Heart, Conscience.
Damurah Sparkle of light, fire.
Daniel Intelligent.
Danish Intelligent.
Daniyal Intelligent.
Darim Name of a narrator of hadith.
Daulah Riches; happiness; felicity; prosperity.
Dawid Prince.
Dawlah Riches, happiness.
Dawoud A Prophet’s name
Dayyan A mighty Ruler.
Dean Religion.
Deen Faith; religion.
Deen Religion.
Dhaamin One who stands surety for another; one who helps.
Dhiya Light, splendour.
Dhiyaa’ Light, splendour; brilliance.
Dhul Fiqaar The name of the Prophet’s Sword
Dhul Fiqar Name of the Prophet’s sword.
Dilawar Brave, Courageous.
Dildar Charming, beloved.
Dinar Name of the grandfather of Abu Bin Thabit.
Diya Light (Also pronounced Ziya).
Diyaa Udeen Brightness of the Faith
Diyari A gift, or a present.
Dizhwar Mean, strong.
Duha Fore noon.
Durrah A large or precious pearl; name of a sahaabi (RA).

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