Arabic Boy Names I

Arabic Boy Names

Arabic Boy Names Starting With I And English Meaning

Arabic Names For Boys: Are you looking for a beautiful Islamic for your new born baby boy? Right, We lead you toward latest list of Arabic baby names for boys which are most popular and famous in Islamic regions to have their Arabic names with good meaning. Arabic boy names site provides here a list starting with I letter in Arabic meaning in English and Hindi too for male baby childern.

Arabic Baby Boy Names Starting With IArabic Names English meaning
I’zaazTo respect and honour; to raise to an exalted position; to strengthen.
IbaadA worshipper.
IbnSon of.
IbraaheemName of an illustrious prophet of Allah
IbraheemA Prophet’s name
IbrahimA Prophet’s name.
IdreesA Prophet’s name
IdreesName of an illustrious prophet of Allah.
IdrisA Prophet’s name.
IesaA Prophet’s name
IftikhaarHonoured; grace; glory; distinction; repute.
IhsaanBenevolent actions; favour; kindness.
IhteshamRespectable, honourable, present personality.
IhtiramHonour, hold in honour.
IhtishaamMagnificence; pomp; glory.
IjliThis was the name of the makes of astrolabes.
IkhlaasSincerity; purity; selfless friendship.
IkraamHonouring; veneration; to pay respect.
IkramahA female pigeon: name of an illustrious sahaabi radhiyallaahu-anhu.
IkrimahFemale of a pigeon
IkrimahA companions name.
IlanGood person.
IlifatFriendship, kindness, obligation.
IlyaasName of a prophet of Allah. He was called Ilyaaseen as well.
IlyasA Prophet’s name.
ImaadA pillar: a military envoy.
ImaadSupport, Pillar
ImaadPillar of strength, confident.
Imaad UdeenThe pillar of the Faith
ImaamLedder; guide; The Qur’aan, The Caliph.
ImadSupport, pillar, confidence.
ImdaadTo assist; to support; the spreading of light during the day.
ImraanA Prophet’s name
ImraanPopulation; civilization; careful observance of rules of etiquette; affibility.
ImranA Prophet’s name.
ImtiazDifferent, antique.
ImtiyaazDistinction; to distinguish; wisdom; intelligent sense.
In’aamTo confer favour; to present a gift; prize; reward.
InaamReward, favour, Prize.
InaayatFavour:, bounty; kindness.
InayatBounty, Kindness, favour.
InsafTo Judge with Justice.
IntajKing, magnificent.
IntikhabSelection, choice.
IqbaalProsperity; good fortune; luck; success; felicity; blessings.
IqraamTo be of assistance, respect.
IqritA man of early Islam about whom amusing tales are told.
IqtidarPower, Office, Authority.
IrfaanKnowledge; discernment; science; wisdom
IrshaadTo guide on the right path; to enjoin what is good; to instruct.
Is-haaqA Prophet’s name
IsaA Prophet’s name.
IshaqA Prophet’s name.
IshratSociety, Familiar and pleasant talk, happiness.
IshtiyaaqYearning desire; fondness; eagerness.
IshtiyaqLonging, craving.
IskandarName of a Greek king.
IslaamTo bow ones head in submission
IslamSubmission to Allah.
Isma’ilA Prophet’s name.
IsmaaelA Prophet’s name
Ismaa’eelName of a distinguished prophet of Allah
IsmahPreservation, infallibility.
IsmailA prophets name.
Israa’eelAnother name of Siyyidona Ya’qoob (AS)
IsrarInsist, never gives up.
IstakhriA shafaee jurist.
Istifaa’To choose; to prefer; to give preference to one over the other.
Is’haaqone who laughs
ItimadTrust, faith.
IzyanIntelligent, wise.
IzzGlory, honour, Prestige, High Standing.
Izz UdeenMight of the Faith
IzzatHigh rank, honour.
I’jaazMiracle; karaamah; an event out of the usual course of nature.